Fri.Dec 07, 2018

Alvant’s aluminum matrix composites deliver 40% weight saving for electric motor rotors

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Engineers seeking to significantly improve the efficiency and performance of electric motors could benefit from using aluminum matrix composites (AMCs), according to research from the Innovate UK ‘Make it Lighter with Less’ R&D competition.

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2019 Audi e-tron first drive: Redrawing the electric-vehicle boundaries

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Road-tripping along in the 2019 Audi e-tron, your passenger might not even know (or care) that you’re in an all-electric utility vehicle—rather than just an extraordinarily quiet gasoline one. And as the driver, you might even forget. It gets right to Audi’s point behind the e-tron, which is to make a vehicle that’s an Audi

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Researchers report advances toward room-temperature fluoride-ion batteries

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Rechargeable fluoride-based batteries could offer very high energy density. However, current fluoride batteries use molten salt electrolytes, and thus need to operate at high temperatures. Now, a team of researchers from Caltech, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (managed by Caltech for NASA), the Honda Research Institute and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory report two advances that could lead the way toward room-temperature fluoride batteries. Their paper is published in Science.

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Report: Global CO2 emissions at record levels in 2018

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Blame China—and India. Global carbon emissions are on the rise, and hit record levels in 2018, after remaining flat in 2016 and experiencing a small gain last year, a new report shows. The report by the Global Carbon Project came out just as world leaders gathered in Poland to discuss the next steps for reducing carbon emissions under the. global warming

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Volkswagen brand to spend more than €9B on electrification over next 5 years; expansion of platform model

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In total, the Volkswagen brand will invest more than €11 billion in e-mobility, digitalization, autonomous driving and mobility services from 2019 to 2023, of which more than €9 billion (US$10.2 billion) will be spent on Volkswagen’s electrification offensive. The brand currently has two fully-electric cars in its program. This number will increase to around 20 by 2025, with planned production set at more than one million units.

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Electric upstart Rivian plans for dealers, but not to sell trucks

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Electric cars worry traditional car dealerships. Tesla sells cars nationwide without dealers—even if buyers have to drive over state lines to get them in some cases. Electric cars eat into one of dealerships' main profit centers, service, because they don't need oil changes, spark plugs, or even air filters. And traditional dealerships have. dealerships

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ARPA-E announces $12M for five projects in nuclear materials science; first OPEN+ cohort

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The US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) is awarding $12 million in funding for 5 projects as part of its first OPEN+ program. Traditionally, ARPA-E OPEN solicitations issue an open call to scientists and engineers for transformational technologies across the entire scope of ARPA-E’s energy mission.

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Renmatix and Gevo to evaluate feasibility of cellulosic hydrocarbons for renewable jet and gasoline

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Gevo, Inc. and Renmatix, the leader in affordable cellulosic sugars, announced a joint development agreement to evaluate the commercial feasibility of creating renewable jet fuel by integrating Renmatix’s Plantrose Process ( earlier post ) with Gevo’s GIFT technology and alcohol to jet process ( earlier post ).

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Toyota Prius AWD-e: Going light on the rear motor helps it hit 50 mpg

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The all-wheel drive version of the Toyota Prius introduced last week at the LA Auto Show earns an astoundingly good EPA fuel economy rating of 50 mpg combined—nearly as good as the 52 mpg earned by much of the Prius lineup (LE, XLE and Limited). But the system isn’t nearly as capable as the one you might encounter in Toyota’s. Los Angeles Auto Show all-wheel drive

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Tesla Model 3: European prices and specs revealed, but how much will it cost in the UK?

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It’s finally here, sort of

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Weekly Wheelspin: Missing Christmas presents explained, FCA woes, gift ideas for all ages, Wrangler reviewed and more

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As 2018 draws to a close, and we attempt to make ourselves look pretty for the ContractHireAndLeasing Christmas party, it’s easy to feel a little underprepared for the festive period

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