Sun.Sep 24, 2017

PROSUME blockchain-based platform for new peer-to-peer energy models; EV platform

Green Car Congress

The PROSUME Energy Foundation has developed a blockchain-based platform to exchange electricity from renewable and fossil sources.

2017 97

Why better-battery startups fail in the US and how to fix it: report

Green Car Reports

Over the past decade, advances battery technology have progressed steadily, but not quite as quickly as impatient electric-car advocates might like. With electric cars and plug-in hybrids fast becoming part of every carmaker's lineup, durable, less expensive, and higher-capacity batteries are more important than ever. Yet despite growing. Batteries battery pack research and development Startups

2017 64

DOE announces $36M in funding for carbon capture technologies

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced approximately $36 million in federally-funded financial assistance to advance carbon capture technologies.

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