Wed.Dec 06, 2017

Continental will introduce fifth-generation automotive radar in 2019

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Continental is now developing its fifth generation of automotive short- and long-range radar sensors, which will enter series production in 2019. Not only does the new generation have greater capacity, it is also based on a scalable modular principle, which, with its graduated function scopes, flexibly supports vehicle manufacturers’ different requirements and electrical-electronic (E/E) architectures.

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UPS to deliver packages in Florida via electric bikes

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If you're the type of person that stays at home listening for the UPS truck to arrive as you wait for a delivery, we have bad news for you: that just got a lot more difficult. UPS has launched its first silent electric delivery trike along Las Olas Boulevard and the surrounding neighborhoods of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. UPS is deploying the trike. bicycle youtube Florida electric bikes UPS

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IBM scientists demonstrate 10x faster large-scale machine learning using GPUs

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Scientists at IBM Research, together with their colleagues at EPFL, have developed a scheme for training big data sets quickly.

Exxon isn't afraid of electric cars: only 6 percent of global vehicles by 2040, it says

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Despite a bit of typical oil-company bluster, Exxon may be a little bit worried about electric cars. Not a lot, perhaps, but if you read between the lines, then maybe a smidge. According to Energy Voice, Exxon vice president Jeff Woodbury said recently that EV demand isn't strong enough to put a dent in demand for gasoline. DON'T MISS: Big Oil

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Honda installs new bi-directional charging technology at European R&D center

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Honda has invested in advanced bi-directional charging technology at its European R&D site in Offenbach, Germany, which is helping to balance demand and store energy more efficiently across the facility.

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Rocky Mountain GTL to proceed with Canadian gas-to-liquids project; Greyrock technology

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Greyrock Energy, Inc. announced the final investment decision by the Rocky Mountain GTL Board of Directors to proceed with the construction of a commercial Gas to Liquids (GTL) plant 60 kilometers east of Calgary, near Carseland, Alberta, called the Caseland Enhanced GTL (EGTL) Project. The EGTL project will use Greyrock’s Direct Fuel Production system and GreyCat catalyst and will include enhancements by Expander Energy, Inc. Earlier post.).

Plug-in Jeep Wrangler, 15-minute fast charge, Exxon not scared, Model 3 sales: Today's Car News

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Today, we've got an update on a Tesla poll from six months ago, a plug-in hybrid Jeep we didn't expect, more support for 15-minute electric-car fast charging, and a new word: pretertype. All this and more on Green Car Reports. The UPS will use electric bikes for package delivery in Florida, as part of a local environmental and safety initiative. Today in Car News

Two new studies of road air pollution in London find detrimental effects on over-60s and unborn babies

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Exposure to air pollution on city streets is enough to counter the beneficial health effects of exercise in adults over 60, according to new research led by Imperial College London and Duke University. These findings, published in as open-access paper in The Lancet , show that short term exposure to air pollution in built-up areas such as London’s busy Oxford Street can prevent the positive effects on the heart and lungs that can be gained from walking.

How many Model 3s will Tesla deliver by Dec 31? Twitter poll results, again

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What a difference a few months makes. In June, one month before the delivery of the first 30 Tesla Model 3, we polled our Twitter followers on how many of the lower-priced electric cars Tesla would deliver by the end of this year. The view then was pretty rosy, with more than half the respondents saying the company would have sold more than 10,000. Production Tesla Motors plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Polls

Applications open for ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship for innovative electrochemical research; alignment with Toyota’s needs

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ECS (The Electrochemical Society), in partnership with the Toyota Research Institute of North America (TRINA), a division of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. TEMA), is requesting proposals from young professors and scholars pursuing innovative electrochemical research in green energy technology. Electrochemical research has already informed the development and improvement of innovative batteries, electrocatalysts, photovoltaics and fuel cells.

LeddarTech to showcase first 3D solid-state LiDAR IC for autonomous driving at CES 2018

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LeddarTech will present the LeddarCore LCA2, the industry’s first 3D solid-state LiDAR (SSL) integrated circuit (IC) enabling mass production of automotive LiDARs, in the Leddar Ecosystem pavilion at CES 2018 in Las Vegas next month. LCA2 IC engineering samples and LCA2-based 3D Flash LiDAR modules (A-samples) will be on display in the pavilion.

BYTON opens North American HQ; next-gen smart EVs for shared mobility and autonomous driving; iPhone on wheels

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BYTON, a China-headquartered automotive brand owned by Future Mobility Corporation, inaugurated its North American headquarters in Santa Clara, California last week, marking further progress in the company’s strategic effort to establish a global presence.