Mon.Nov 30, 2020

Mitsubishi Heavy invests in Monolith Materials to support clean hydrogen production

Green Car Congress

Monolith Materials, Inc. has received an investment from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc. to support its commercial-scale, emissions-free hydrogen manufacturing technology.

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Hyundai hydrogen fuel-cell system might power French-made Grenadier off-road SUV

Green Car Reports

The Ineos Grenadier is a throwback to a previous era of SUVs, when off-road capability was a given—along with poor fuel economy. But the Grenadier could soon get a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain from Hyundai.

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Alstom to supply Italy’s first hydrogen trains

Green Car Congress

Alstom will supply six hydrogen fuel cell trains, with the option for eight more, to FNM (Ferrovie Nord Milano), the main transport and mobility group in the Italian region of Lombardy, for a total amount of approximately €160 million.

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GM nixes Nikola Badger electric pickup and investment, will supply fuel-cell tech

Green Car Reports

General Motors and Nikola Corporation have finalized a partnership first announced in September. But unlike the deal originally discussed, the memorandum of understanding announced by the two companies Monday does not include plans for GM to manufacture the Nikola Badger electric pickup truck.

2020 80

Lotus Engineering launching new pilot containerized battery test facility

Green Car Congress

Lotus Engineering is launching a pilot containerized battery testing facility to assess energy storage solutions for the booming EV sector.

2020 117

Audi E-Tron EVs add urgency to plan making production sites CO2-neutral by 2025

Green Car Reports

Making battery-electric models emits more carbon dioxide than making internal-combustion models When you consider the massive CO2 reduction from plugging in—and that the emissions from driving and using a vehicle over its lifetime far exceeds the emissions from manufacturing it—the point about manufacturing should by no means keep you.

2020 79

Empa and partners exploring DME as fuel with new heavy-duty test engine

Green Car Congress

Empa, together with FPT Motorenforschung AG Arbon, Politechnico di Milano, lubricant manufacturer Motorex and other partners, is exporing the use of DME as a fuel for heavy-duty engines. A DME test engine has been in operation on a dynamometer in Empa’s Automotive Powertrains Technologies Laboratory.

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Benchhmark report: cobalt’s price rises highlight shift to battery-driven pricing dynamics

Green Car Congress

While cobalt prices have shown positive signs of late, there are nuances within the market which highlight the key fundamentals that will likely decide cobalt’s future price trend—which is taking its cues less and less from the industrial metal supply chain, according to a new report from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence.

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Hydrogen fuel-cell off-roader, Tesla suspension issue, diesel truck tampering: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Audi’s shift to fully electric vehicles is adding urgency to the carbon-neutral rethink it’s giving manufacturing. Hyundai’s hydrogen fuel-cell system could be destined for an SUV throwback.

2020 59

ArcelorMittal develops novel floor ring integrating battery and occupant protection for EVs

Green Car Congress

The Product Development group at ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks (AMTB) has developed a novel floor ring which integrates battery and occupant protection in battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

2020 88 secures Macclesfield FC stadium sponsorship deal

Green Cars News is thrilled to reveal that we have formed a new partnership with phoenix football club Macclesfield FC, creating a three-year stadium sponsorship deal that will see the Moss Rose fully rebranded as the Stadium