Sun.Mar 17, 2019

Researchers improve fast-charging performance of LCO cathodes with BaTiO3 nanodots

Green Car Congress

Scientists at Tokyo Tech and Okayama University have improved the performance of LiCoO 2 cathodes in Li-ion batteries by decorating them with BaTiO 3 nanodots.

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Will Aston Martin RapideE be James Bond's new electric ride?

Green Car Reports

To chase down criminals in a new carbon-constrained era, Agent 007 will need a new kind of Q Ship. But he won't stray far from the royal stable. Introducing the latest, kinder, gentler, reportedly less misogynistic Bond: James Bond, and his new all-electric Aston Martin RapideE, which will appear in the new movie with the working title. James Bond Movies

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ESA completes further design validation of Reaction Engine’s air-breathing SABRE rocket engine

Green Car Congress

UK-based Reaction Engines has received further endorsement of its SABRE (Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine) design ( earlier post ) via its collaboration with ESA and the UK Space Agency (UKSA).

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New sensor system for continuous in situ monitoring of H2 quality at fueling stations

Green Car Congress

For use in fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen has to be free of any contaminants that could damage the fuel cell. Professor Andreas Schütze and his research team at Saarland University are collaborating with research partners—the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and Hydac Electronic GmbH—to develop a sensor system that can provide continuous in situ monitoring of hydrogen quality at hydrogen fueling stations.

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