Thu.Nov 22, 2018

The King Will See You Now

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For the 173nd installment of Cafe Plays at the Ruskin Group Theatre on Sunday, November 18, 2018 the theme was “Thanks for Nothing!” ” Joe Galliani’s “The King Will See You Now” was the 2nd of the five plays. It starred Sasha Venn & Jarad Kings.

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MIT proof-of-concept demo of ionic wind propulsion for aircraft

Green Car Congress

MIT researchers have demonstrated that an aircraft with a 5-meter wingspan can sustain steady-level flight using ionic-wind propulsion. The aircraft has no moving parts, does not depend on fossil fuels to fly, and is completely silent.

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DIY Electric Car

Quote: Originally Posted by dstevenslv. Most of the ad revenue is generated via 3rd party networks. I'm afraid the only response that will satisfy many of the users to to branch out and start another. That's a tall order. The tech is easy but building the content and getting people to participate is the lynch pin. Vertical Scope isn't interested in any particular niche. They are interested in the portfolio and being able to mine the existing content via search engines.

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Lithium Australia produces LFP cathode material and Li-ion batteries from mine waste

Green Car Congress

Lithium Australia NL reported that its wholly owned subsidiary VSPC Ltd has successfully produced Li-ion battery cathode material, and Li-ion batteries (LIBs), from tri-lithium phosphate produced directly from mine waste using the SiLeach process. SiLeach background.

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FBI Sting Video Captures Trump Offering Chief Justice Roberts Bribe Money #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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environment environmental justice, environmental racism Evil News News Media Trump Truth & Reality white privilege bribe crime Supreme Court

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Gas stations OK, electric-car chargers too ugly?

Green Car Reports

Delays in rolling out new electric-car charging infrastructure may not just be about economics. Aesthetics may be holding back installations in some places too, according to the manager of electric-car sharing company Zipcar in Britain Jonathan Hampson, general manager for Zipcar in the United Kingdom told the Sunday Times that local political. Charging Networks

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Arch Criminal Infiltrates American Justice System After Putin Orders Comrade Trump To Hire Him #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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Evil fascism News News Media politics racism Trump Truth & Reality white privilege

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Would you go on a cycling awareness course to get cheaper car insurance?

Green Cars News

The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced 50 new measures to protect vulnerable road users, combat road rage and ultimately encourage greater mutual respect

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Ford Focus Active: price and specs revealed

Green Cars News

Ford has revealed the Focus Active – the crossover-inspired variant of its new Focus – will be priced from £21,900

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