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@LATimes Asks The Wrong Question For The #ClimateCrisis They Still Don’t Report On Or Grok ##JoeTakesOnTheNews

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Does Under-Voltage Matter to a Golf Cart?

Electric Cars are for Girls

Will a 48 volt cart run or even move with only 36 volts? I'm using three 12v batteries. I guess I could come up with another but I would like to see

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#FailedJournalism In @LATimes Front Page Story About Traffic On Another Planet Where They Aren’t In A Climate Crisis With 10 Years To Change Everything #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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climate change Climate Emergency environment fossil fuels greenwashing News sea-level rise solar power Sustainability Truth & Reality Laura J Nelson Los Angeles Times

2019 130

New, more realistic simulator to improve self-driving vehicle safety before road testing

Green Car Congress

Scientists from the University of Maryland (UMD), Baidu Research and the University of Hong Kong have developed a photo-realistic simulation system for training and validating self-driving vehicles.

2019 100

10 lessons from the short life of the Chevy Volt, 2011-2019

Green Car Reports

On February 15, GM ended production of the innovative Chevrolet Volt with little fanfare. Over two generations and nine model years, the company sold more than 150,000 of the compact plug-in hybrid hatchbacks. In automotive time, nine model years isn’t that long. The best brand names live for decades: think Ford F-150, or Honda Civic, or. Plug-In Hybrids

2019 87

Japanese logistics provider Yamato Transport orders 500 StreetScooter EVs

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The Japanese logistics provider Yamato, which is celebrating its 100-year anniversary this year, has ordered 500 electric light utility vehicles from StreetScooter, a subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL Group.

2019 96

Global warming threatens global seed bank in Norway's Arctic

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Politicians may argue over the academic merits of global warming theories. But the arguments are no longer just academic. A recent report by the Norwegian Center for Climate Services shows that global warming in the Arctic region may pose a very direct threat to human well-being. As with most climate studies, the Climate in Svalbard 2100 report. global warming

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$35,000 Tesla Model 3 deliveries still delayed

Green Car Reports

Tesla finally introduced its long-promised $35,000 Model 3 earlier this month, but it still isn't delivering them according to numerous media and owner reports. In the call introducing the Standard Range Model 3, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the first cars would be delivered in two to four weeks, but buyers who have ordered Standard Range Model 3. Elon Musk

2019 76

Stanford team developing neural network system to help autonomous cars learn to handle unknown conditions

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Stanford University have developed a new way of controlling autonomous cars that integrates prior driving experiences to help the cars perform more safely in extreme and unknown circumstances.

2019 91

Recalls of older cars for excess emissions may get more sunlight this year

Green Car Reports

Earlier this month, the EPA announced a voluntary recall by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles of nearly 900,000 older vehicles for excessive emissions. The announcement may have raised eyebrows and prompted a few wagging fingers, but it was hardly new; last year automakers recalled more than 5 million vehicles in 85 separate recalls. Now, officials from. emissions

2019 66

Volkswagen and Amazon Web Services to develop Industrial Cloud; open industry platform

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen and Amazon Web Services (AWS) will develop the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud together. Both companies announced a multi-year, global agreement jointly to develop this project.

2019 88

Tesla Model 3 delays, Chevy Volt lessons, EPA emissions recalls: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

We look back at 10 lessons learned over eight years of Chevrolet Volt production. Owners are reported delays in delivery of the Standard Range Tesla Model 3. The EPA plans to publicize more emissions recalls. And global warming threatens to eat the global seed corn saved for just such a disaster. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Buyers who

2019 49

Daimler and Geely Holding form global JV for smart; new generation of electric models

Green Car Congress

Daimler AG and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group , the German and Chinese automotive groups, have formed a 50-50 globally focused joint venture to own, operate and further develop smart, the pioneer of small urban vehicles, as a leader in premium-electrified vehicles. Under the joint venture agreement, a new generation of smart electric models will be assembled at a new purpose-built electric car factory in China with global sales due to begin in 2022. For more than 2.2

2019 87

When and why do the clocks go forward, and could it be the last time?

Green Cars News

The end of March is nigh, which means only one thing – it’s time to put the clocks forward. Yes, British Summer Time (BST) officially starts at 1am on 31 March

2019 54

SEAT to launch 6 electric and plug-in hybrid models, develop smaller version of MEB for lower-cost EVs

Green Car Congress

SEAT, a member of the Volkswagen Group, presented its electric strategy which, until the beginning of 2021, includes six electric and plug-in hybrid models. The electric version of the Mii and el-Born will be the brand’s first two fully electric models, while the new generation Leon and the Tarraco will feature a plug-in hybrid version. The CUPRA Leon and the CUPRA Formentor will also have a plug-in hybrid variant.

2019 74

All-new 2019 Ford Kuga set for reveal

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The next-gen Ford Kuga will be revealed in full on 2 April, with the new range set to be available in the UK towards the end of 2019

2019 41

MAN Energy Solutions acquires 40% of electrolysis company H-TEC Systems; strategic investment in hydrogen

Green Car Congress

MAN Energy Solutions is acquiring 40% of the shares of the electrolysis technology company H-TEC Systems. The contract also makes provisions for a majority or complete takeover of H-TEC Systems at a later date. The company will continue to be independently represented on the market with no change in the level of commitment to its customers. The parties have agreed not to disclose the price of the acquisition.

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