Sun.Feb 06, 2022

Eneco to install 240 charging connections this year at Albert Heijn supermarkets in the Netherlands and Belgium; 2,000 by 2025

Green Car Congress

Albert Heijn and Eneco—a producer and supplier of natural gas, electricity and heat—will be working together on the installation of rapid charging stations at Albert Heijn stores in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Airstream eStream: Electric travel trailer could boost range or mpg, upgrade the whole experience

Green Car Reports

Airstream and its parent company Thor Industries surprised and excited RV enthusiasts and EV enthusiasts alike last month with an eStream electric travel trailer concept that might essentially go off the grid for days, boost the range or mpg of the tow vehicle, and potentially maneuver itself into a camping or charging spot. Now the company has.

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bp acquires 30% stake in Green Biofuels, UK’s largest provider of hydrogenated vegetable oil fuels

Green Car Congress

bp has acquired a 30% stake in Green Biofuels Ltd (GBF), the UK’s largest provider of hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO). GBF’s products are made from renewable feedstocks such as vegetable oils, animal oils and fat.

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The Boring Company’s Prufrock-1 TBM surfaces at Resorts World for Vegas Loop station


On Saturday, February 5, The Boring Company’s (TBC) Prufrock-1 surfaced at Resorts World after laying the groundwork for the Vegas Loop’s first station. . TBC published a video on Twitter of Purfrock-1 emerging from the ground near Resorts World over the weekend.

Verkor to build first gigafactory in Dunkirk

Green Car Congress

French industrial company Verkor has selected the port city of Dunkirk (Hauts de France) for the construction of its first Gigafactory for the development of low-carbon battery cells designed to support Europe’s net-zero goals. First delivery of low-carbon high performance batteries for electric vehicles is scheduled for July 2025; manufacturing capacity will expand from 16 GWh in 2025 to 50 GWh by 2030.

USPS announces plans to order 5,000 EVs & achieve 70% fleet electrification


On Sunday, February 6, the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced plans to submit an initial order for 5,000 electric delivery vans.

Nature Materials editorial urges reconsideration of approach to battery regulation in Europe

Green Car Congress

An open-access editorial in the journal Nature Materials observes that the porposed new regulations for the European battery industry could actually make the electrification of transport harder. The European Union (EU) … is planning to require that all new cars sold from 2035 have zero carbon emissions—a bold and valuable goal, but one that will demand the rapid development of both vehicle-charging infrastructure and battery production.

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SpaceX preparing the ultimate backdrop for Elon Musk’s Starship update


For the third time, SpaceX has installed Super Heavy Booster 4 (B4) on Starbase’s lone orbital launch mount, kicking off preparations for CEO Elon Musk’s upcoming presentation.

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New high-speed German electric scooter offers modern styling, breaks from competitors


In a sea of Vespa-styled electric scooters coming out across Europe, the newly unveiled Naon Zero-One electric two-wheeler offers a unique and fresh design. The fresh styling just may help differentiate it from the ubiquitous classically designed scooters still commanding significant market share.

Relativity Space “closer and closer” to first launch of a fully 3D-printed rocket


Relativity Space, a Long Beach, California-based aerospace startup, aims to alter the manufacturing process of rockets forever by 3D-printing almost every piece of their orbital-class Terran rockets. .

How Car Companies Bribe Journalists (Video)

EV Obssesion

Do car companies bribe journalists, and if so, how exactly do they do this?

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Opinion: Tesla Model S Plaid’s ‘packaging symphony’ shows need for a flagship design update


When rumors of the Tesla Model S Plaid started emerging, many were excited to see the company’s new flagship sedan. It takes something special, after all, to dethrone the Model S “Raven” Performance, a vehicle that is already capable of humbling supercars on the quarter-mile.

2022 Kia EV6 US Specs Compared: Battery, Range, Price And More


Let's take a deep dive into the numbers

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9 of 14 Major Travel Booking Sites Include a Search Filter for EV Charging

EV Adoption

In a recent EVAdoption analysis of 14 of the most popular travel and hotel booking sites, we found that 9 of them (64%) included some variation of “EV charging station” as an option in their amenity search filter.

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News: Tesla Announces Annual Earnings, New Focus on Production

Clean Fleet Report

New Products Delayed as Company Shifts to Delivering Current Vehicles. Tesla is starting to appear to be a major automaker in more ways every day.

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Tesla Model Y Vs Icy Incline: Better Than Jeep Gladiator Rubicon?


In this test, a Tesla Model Y beat a Jeep Gladiator

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Five EVA chapters receive funding

Electric Auto Association

NDEW grants total $13,000 to educate communities. Inland Empire Vehicle Association NDEW event.

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Watch BMW i4 M50 Range Tested In Cold Weather


Bjørn Nyland reports 385 km (239 miles) at 90 km/h (56 mph

MPH 83

What My Tesla Model Y Taught Me This Week


During my first real road trip with my Model Y, I learned a lot of cool stuff.

Report: Hyundai To Return To Japan, But Only With Electric Cars


Hyundai Ioniq 5 coming to Japan

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Eneco Installing 240 EV Charging Connections, Spirit of Ecstasy Redesigned — EV News Today


It’s the weekend, so news releases aren’t exactly flying left and right. However, we do have some stories for our new daily news roundup. See below for some EV stories you might have missed.

Check Out The 2022 BMW Plug-In Lineup In US, Without i3 And X3 PHEV


There are new all-electric models (i4 and iX), while the plug-in hybrids are now less expensive

Tesla Model Y Heat Pump And Range Test In Extreme Cold


Can the Model Y's heat pump handle frigid temps in Canada? What's the range loss at -27°C (-16.6

Rivian R1T Vs Toyota Tundra: How Far Can It Tow A Small Trailer?


The Rivian R1T was on track to exceed half of its EPA range rating

Tesla Updates Supercharger Map, 35% Growth In 2021


Meanwhile deliveries grew by 87% during the same period

Tesla 83

Tesla Model 3 At 100,000 Miles And Beyond: Here's What To Expect


The Model 3 came to market over four years ago, and owners are starting to rack up the miles. Let's see how this EV is holding up

BMW iX, i4 Come With 2 Years Of Free Charging At Electrify America


2022 model year cars will get two years of 30-minute complimentary charging sessions at all Electrify America public charging stations

1,070 HP Dongfeng Warrior M18 EV Coming As China’s Hummer EV


The Warrior is the Chinese reinterpretation of the original Hummer H1 and now they want to make it electric

UK: Plug-In Electric Car Sales Almost Doubled In January 2022


Rechargeable cars accounted for more than one fifth of the market