Sun.Nov 04, 2018

@LATimes I Used Your Wasted White Space To Better Illustrate Bill Clinton’s Real Story #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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Kanazawa University-led researchers recycle rare-earth elements from spent fluorescent lamps by chemical/mechanical treatment

Green Car Congress

A team led by Kanazawa University in Japan has developed a cleaner method for the recycling of several rare earths (REs) such as yttrium (Y) and europium (Eu) used as phosphors in fluorescent lamps (FLs).

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GM creates a global e-bike, looks for branding help with contest

Green Car Reports

General Motors is already shaping up to be second only to Tesla in blasting past the 200,000-vehicle ceiling for the federal EV tax credit; and it has plans to produce 20 new fully electric vehicles by 2023. Part of that EV-savvy strategy, apparently—or a parallel one, perhaps—involves e-bikes intended for “consumers around the. General Motors electric bikes Mobility

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