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To Hell With The Grownups. I’m Now With Greta & #FridaysForFuture

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This Is A Generational Battle & This Time The Greatest Generation Is Still In School – But The Climate Strikers Along With The Sunshine Movement & The #GreenNewDeal Are Ready To Kick Your Ass. I’ve had it with so-called “adults.”

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Nissan LEAF first electric car to pass 400,000 unit sales

Green Car Congress

The Nissan LEAF is the first electric car to surpass 400,000 sales. Introduced in 2010 as the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF has led the way in making the excitement and convenience of electric driving accessible to non-luxury buyers.

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Piëch electric car claimed to charge as fast as a fill-up

Green Car Reports

There's fast charging and then there's fast charging. Automakers seem to be in a race to develop lithium-ion batteries for EVs that can charge faster than the half-hour currently required for electric cars, and a new Austrian startup founded by the great grandson of Ferdinand Porsche plans to lead that race. Piëch's Mark Zero concept car that

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GlobalData: Global coal production set to grow to 2022, despite major players scaling down capacities

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Although Germany, the UK, US, Canada and Ukraine are phasing out domestic coal production capacity, expansion of production capacity in countries such as India and Indonesia is predicted to generate modest annual growth of 1.3% in coal production over the next four years, with output reaching 7.6

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What past name should Ford revive for a future electric vehicle? Twitter poll results

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From the Tesla Model Y to two upcoming Audis, the electric SUV looks to be the next big automotive trend. Like children, they'll all need names. Perhaps the most anticipated, if least known, is Ford's upcoming 300-mile, high-performance, off-road SUV, which the company originally dubbed Mach 1. MUST READ: 2021 Ford Mach E: What we know about. Polls

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Nissan unveils IMQ concept with next-gen e-Power system

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Nissan unveiled the all-new IMQ concept vehicle at the Geneva International Motor Show. At the heart of the IMQ is the next generation of e-POWER, a 100% electric motor drive system that delivers instant, linear acceleration.

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Honda plans all-electrified lineup for Europe by 2025

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At the Geneva auto show on Tuesday, Honda announced plans to bring a fully-electrified lineup to Europe by 2025. That's different, of course, than selling only fully electric cars. The plan includes hybrids, such as the CR-V Hybrid that Honda sells in Europe now, as well as plug-in and fully electric cars. Honda expects full hybrid technology to. Geneva Auto Show

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Audi Q4 e-tron, Honda electrifies Europe, Polestar and tariffs: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Audi reveals its third electric SUV in Geneva. Honda announces plans to electrify its European lineup. A startup automaker with Porsche connections plans to introduce an electric car with even faster charging than Porsche. Plans for Volvo's Polestar brand could be in flux due to trade tariffs. And readers weigh in on a potential name for Ford's

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Mazda unveils CX-30 compact crossover SUV with mild hybrid technology

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Mazda Motor Corporation staged the world premiere of the second model in its new-generation lineup, the Mazda CX-30 compact crossover SUV, at the Geneva International Motor Show. As a new core model, the CX-30 will be rolled out to global markets, with sales starting from Europe this summer.

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Volvo’s US Polestar electric-car plans are in flux over China tariffs

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Higher tariffs placed on cars made in China won't impact Polestar's future plans for the U.S. but could affect the future price of its cars, the brand said Wednesday. Responding to reports that its CEO suggested that the nascent electric carmaker, which is owned by Volvo, might pull the plug on cars in the U.S., a Polestar spokesman confirmed that. Production

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Teijin develops extra-light automotive side-door module made of advanced multi-material composites; 35% weight reduction vs steel

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Teijin Limited’s automotive composites specialty groups have developed a multi-material composite automotive door concept that maintains required crash specifications while reducing overall weight by 35% when compared to a conventional steel door.

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Top five concepts from the Geneva Motor Show 2019

Green Cars News

If the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show was defined by one thing, it’s the amount of concept cars that were on show

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Mercedes-Benz unveils concept battery-electric van Concept EQV; production version later this year

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Mercedes-Benz unveiled the first purely battery-electric people mover in the premium segment at the Geneva Motor Show. Mercedes-Benz Vans plans to release a series-production vehicle on the basis of the Concept EQV, to be presented to the public at this year’s Frankfurt Autoshow.

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Geneva Motor Show 2019: the key cars revealed so far

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The Geneva Motor Show is arguably the most important automotive event of the year anywhere in the world

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Volvo Buses and Singapore University NTU demo world’s first full size autonomous electric bus

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Volvo Buses and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore have demonstrated the world’s first 12-meter autonomous electric bus. The Volvo bus will soon begin trials on the NTU campus.

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ARPA-E awards $2M to Achates Power for opposed-piston engine for hybrids; U Mich, Nissan partners

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Achates Power was awarded $2 million in funding from the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) for the development of a Highly-efficient Opposed-Piston Engine (HOPE) for Hybrid Vehicles. Earlier post.) Achates Power has partnered with the University of Michigan and Nissan Motor Company., for the project. The project builds on the successful development of the OP Engine and expands our research and development into the hybrid and range-extender market.

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Federal agencies release framework for advancing the bioeconomy

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The federal Biomass Research and Development (BR&D) Board unveiled a multi-agency strategy to accelerate innovative technologies that harness the nation’s biomass resources for affordable biofuels, bioproducts, and biopower. The Bioeconomy Initiative: Implementation Framework was developed by the B&RD Board—an interagency collaborative which is co-chaired by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the US Department of Energy (DOE)—to guide such efforts.

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