Sun.May 02, 2021

Umicore and Anglo American partner to develop PGM-based technology for LOHC hydrogen applications in FCEVs

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Umicore and Anglo American, through its PGMs business Anglo American Platinum, announced a research and development collaboration agreement to develop platinum group metal PGM-based catalysts for liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) applications on fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and other mobile applications.

Ford reportedly reviving F-150 Lightning for electric F-Series pickup

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Ford has reportedly decided to use the F-150 Lightning name for its upcoming fully electric F-Series models due starting in 2022. The report, originating from Car and Driver but not confirmed by Ford, cites a Ford document provided to the publication.

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Continental extends commitment to sustainability in natural rubber supply chain in Indonesia

Green Car Congress

Continental is extending its commitment to sustainability in the natural rubber supply chain. The tire manufacturer and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) have agreed on a significant expansion of their project to ensure full traceability of the natural rubber supply chain in the Indonesian province of West Kalimantan in Borneo. Here, 4,000 small farmers, rather than the previous 450, are now to be involved in the project by 2024.

Ford Mach-E Co-Pilot360 driver monitoring system needs an update ASAP


Ford currently has the chance to exhibit its software prowess, especially with regards to the Mustang Mach-E’s software updates. This is due to the behavior of Ford’s Co-Pilot360, or more specifically, its driver-monitoring systems and contingencies. .

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Pensana plans $125M rare earth separation facility in England

Green Car Congress

UK-based Pensana plans to build, subject to funding, a US$125-million sustainable rare earth separation facility at the Saltend Chemicals Park (“SCP”) in Humber, UK. Targeted production is around 12,500 annualized tonnes of rare earth oxides, including 4,500 tonnes of magnet metal rare earth oxides (NdPr), which would represent approximately 5% of 2025 projected world demand. The Saltend plant would purify rare earth sulfates, which would be imported from the company’s Longonjo mine in Angola.

Angola 235

SpaceX Dragon carries four astronauts home after record-breaking voyage


SpaceX’s first operational Crew Dragon spacecraft has safely returned its four-astronaut crew back to Earth after a record-breaking voyage in space.

Roskill: Indonesia to overtake China as top refined nickel producer this year

Green Car Congress

Materials supply chain intelligence company Roskill expects Indonesia to become the world’s largest producer of refined nickel this year, pushing China to second place. As recently as 2014, Indonesia produced only 24kt of refined nickel. In 2020, Indonesia produced 636kt of refined nickel, most of which was nickel pig iron (NPI) for the domestic and Chinese stainless steel industry. This level of production made the country the world’s second-largest nickel producer behind China.

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Aventon Aventure e-bike launched as awesome yet affordable fat tire electric bike


Aventon has long offered some of the sleekest e-bikes available in the realistic every-man’s price range. Until today, the company’s e-bikes all ranged from $1,199 to $1,699.

Tesla Robotaxi rollout gets supports from FL Mayor advocating for Boring Company tunnels


Miami Mayor Francis Suarez showed his support for Tesla’s Robotaxi fleet via Twitter recently. The Miami Mayor has been in talks with Elon Musk’s Boring Company for a tunneling project in his city. Now it seems he has also embraced another one of Musk’s companies.

Miami 89

German High Court Rules Delaying Climate Action Harms Youth

EV Obssesion

Germany’s highest court ruled Thursday that the country’s 2019 climate law unconstitutionally saddles young people with the burden of fighting climate change by “irreversibly offload[ing] major emission reductions burdens onto periods after 2030.”

Tesla vehicles debunk China’s ‘brake failure’ rumors in real-world multi-car collisions


Over the past weeks, Tesla China found itself involved in a controversy surrounding its vehicles’ alleged brake failures.

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Yadea Helps Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions by 30 Million Tons

EV Obssesion

MUNICH, April 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Yadea Technology Group Co.,

NIO EV Sales Near Record High In April 2021


The company delivered more than 100,000 electric cars so far

Is It Better To Drive With ECO On or Off?

Eco-mode was developed as a result of the demand for improved car efficiency and fuel-saving needs. Today, almost every car manufacturer is applying this technology. The post Is It Better To Drive With ECO On or Off? appeared first on Fuel Economy

Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales March 2021: Over Half A Million


Tesla and Model 3 set new all-time monthly records

Tesla 91

Rivian, Tesla, Auto Dealers, and Backwards State Laws — Part 1


In the first part of this two-part interview for CleanTech Talk, I talked with Vice President of Public Policy at Rivian James Chen for our CleanTech Talk podcast series.

Are Legacy Automakers Still Investing In ICE Cars?


According to Autoweek, only BMW appears to be staying the course and clinging to an ICE future

BMW 91

Electric Cars: What Do Women Want?


By Ellen Currey-Wilson As I walk around Portland, Oregon, these days, I see more electric cars on the road, and a fair number of them have female drivers. This is surprising based on what we know about electric vehicle sales in the past.

Tesla Returns To Top Sales Spot In Western Europe As A BEV Brand


but not as a manufacturer

Are Traditional Automakers Still Investing In Gas & Diesel Engines?


Originally posted on EVANNEX. Right now, Tesla is at the vanguard of an all-electric future. On Wall Street, the company’s market value has outpaced its auto industry counterparts who specialize in internal combustion engine (ICE) technology. Are things changing, though?

Tesla Would Have Delayed Giga Grünheide’s Production To 2022


It’s not only about the bureaucracy but also about the 4680 cells

Texas Bill SB 2718 Will Punish Tesla & EV Owners Unfairly In The Name Of “Fairness”


Proposed Texas Senate Bill 1728 (SB 1728) will make Tesla and EV owners pay an additional $200 EV tax if passed.

Europe: Plug-Ins Surge In March to 16%, While Diesel Fades


Tesla Model 3 was the 4th most popular model in March

Tesla 83

France April Plugin Vehicle Registrations Hit 14.8% Share — Up 2× Year On Year


France, Europe’s second largest auto market, saw 14.8% plugin electric vehicle share in April 2021, up 2× from 7.8% share in April 2020. Overall auto volumes remained subdued, down 25% from pre-COVID seasonal averages, continuing the same rate of weakness seen from January through March.

Lexus UX 300e Scores 8 And 18 In Bjorn's Banana Box Test


Lexus UX 300e lands between Polestar 2 and Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Tesla Model Y Big Family Test: Mostly Good, But There Might Be One Death Star–Type Weakness


I noticed recently that El Paso, Texas, got a Tesla showroom. This is good news for the whole region, because you’d previously have to drive to Phoenix, Dallas, or Denver to check one out in person.

Tesla Cofounder JB Straubel: “The largest lithium mine could be in the junk drawers of America.”


Originally posted on EVANNEX. by Charles Morris When it comes to batteries, recycling is a must. The raw materials that go into batteries come from all over the world, and the long supply chain — mining, refining, and transport — is far from green.

Video: “How Tesla Will Shock The World According To Elon Musk”


In his latest video, YouTuber and very early Tesla investor Dave Lee asked the question as to whether or not Tesla can deliver 1.5 million Model Y vehicles in 2023 and how to value this as a Tesla investor. Short disclaimer: I, too, hold a few shares in Tesla’s stock [NASDAQ: TSLA].

Sandy Munro Shares His Thoughts On Why Tesla Has No Competitors, Tesla Cybertruck & Octovalve & Gigapress, & More


In his latest video on Solving The Money Problem, Steven Mark Ryan shared his thoughts on Sandy Munro, who recently spoke about Tesla’s giant gigapress, its huge casting machine, the octovalve and heat pump, the Cybertruck’s exoskeleton, and the crash safety of the Cybertruck.