Mon.Mar 21, 2022

Mercedes-Benz and Bosch showcase automated valet parking with EQS at InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown hotel

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz and Bosch showcased automated valet parking at the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown featuring the all-electric EQS sedan from Mercedes-EQ. Automated valet parking technology from Bosch and Mercedes-Benz is at the core of the demonstration in Los Angeles.

Americans are driving a lot less: Did we reach a gas-price tipping point?

Green Car Reports

With high gas prices dominating the news, Americans have been driving less over the past few weeks, according to the data analysis firm Inrix. Last week, Inrix reported that nationwide weekday vehicle trips fell 2% for the previous week versus the week prior.

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Researchers find capillary-fed electrolysis cell can deliver hydrogen at 98% cell energy efficiency

Green Car Congress

In an open access paper published in Nature Communications , researchers from the University of Wollongong in Australia report that their capillary-fed electrolysis cell demonstrates water electrolysis performance exceeding commercial electrolysis cells, with a cell voltage at 0.5 A cm ?2

Crypto Mining for a More Stable Grid?

Energy Institute at HAAS

Is cryptocurrency the magical route to resource adequacy? Or just magical thinking? Of all the proposals to avoid another Texas electricity crisis like February 2021, surely the most outside-the-box is … Continue Reading Crypto Mining for a More Stable Grid? Uncategorized featured

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Researchers from Korea’s IBS suggest quantum charging could cut EV charge time to 3 minutes at home

Green Car Congress

In a new study published in Physical Review Letters , researchers from Korea’s Institute for Basic Science ( IBS ) suggest that quantum charging of EV batteries will cut the charging time from ten hours to three minutes at home.

OLA Electric Scooter Ownership Blog - Dark Knight

Plug In India

Guest Post By Parvez Scott eBike and OLA electric scooter owner Patiala, PB Here is my ownership blog of the OLA S1 Pro. ​Ola S1 Pro : A Locked ? Potential !! Ola S1 Pro : A Locked ? Potential !!

Joby completes initial FAA Systems, Compliance Reviews for eVTOL aircraft

Green Car Congress

Joby Aviation, a California-based company developing all-electric aircraft for commercial passenger service, announced the completion and subsequent approval of its first Systems Review and its first Compliance Review by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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Sandia team develops GaN diode that is significant step toward protecting grid from EMPs

Green Car Congress

Scientists from Sandia National Laboratories have developed a new gallium-nitride (GaN) diode that can shunt excess electricity within a few billionths of a second while operating at a record-breaking 6,400 volts—a significant step towards protecting the nation’s electric grid from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). The team published the fabrication and testing results of their device on March 10 in the journal IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices.

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Maserati will offer fully electric versions of all its models by 2025, on the way to all-EV by 2030

Green Car Reports

Maserati plans to add all-electric versions of each of its models by 2025, and is aiming for an all-EV lineup by 2030, executives said in a recent press conference. Electric models will be designated Folgore (Italian for "lightning").

Sparkz to begin construction of gigafactory in West Virginia this year; cobalt-free battery

Green Car Congress

Sparkz, a battery startup with exclusive licenses from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to produce domestic cobalt-free lithium batteries ( earlier post ), will begin construction in 2022 of a Gigafactory in West Virginia to commercialize its zero-cobalt battery. Sparkz will focus on creating a strong and diverse workforce capable of competing against batteries made in China and securing the supply chain.

Mercedes EQE ride and EQXX up close, Maserati EVs, gas prices and driving less: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

This morning we consider Mercedes-Benz and its shift to electric vehicles—with a look at the efficiency-focused EQXX and a ride-along in the upcoming EQE sedan. Maserati is going all-EV by the end of the decade. Rivian stands out for outsourcing its electric motors.

Maryland, Georgia suspend state gasoline and diesel tax

Green Car Congress

On Friday, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed emergency bipartisan legislation ( SB1010 / HB1486 ) to suspend immediately the state of Maryland’s gasoline and diesel tax for 30 days. This action passed both the House and Senate with unanimous support. This emergency legislation applies to the 36.1 cents per gallon tax for gasoline, and the 36.85 cents per gallon tax for diesel fuel.

Tesla battery supplier CATL scouting sites for $5B cell plant in North America


Tesla China’s longtime battery supplier Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd (CATL) is scouting sites across North America for its $5 billion cell plant. CATL is considering sites in North America, Canada, and Mexico for a battery factory capable of producing up to 80 GWh per year.

Volkswagen announces generation 3.0 software update for ID. EVs including assisted driving and charging improvements


German automaker Volkswagen , has announced a long-anticipated generation 3.0 software update for its entire lineup of ID. electric vehicles. The 3.0 update includes a slew of new and optional upgrades to features like automated driving, charging performance, and the AR Heads-up Display. more….

Elon Musk’s Starlink has thousands of active terminals in Ukraine, confirms minister


Defense and space industry experts may have reservations about whether Starlink is useful in Ukraine as the country fights back against the Russian invasion, but Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov believes in satellite internet service’s effectiveness.

Ola invests in StoreDot in bid to bring its 5-minute charging batteries to Ola’s fast electric scooters


Ola Electric, one of the leading electric scooter manufacturers in India, has announced today that it has made a strategic investment in the Israeli battery company StoreDot. more….

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SpaceX wins OneWeb launch contracts, demonstrating extreme flexibility


Demonstrating a level of flexibility that no other commercial launch provider on Earth can likely match, SpaceX and OneWeb have entered into a major launch contract barely three weeks after Russia kicked the satellite internet company off of its Soyuz rockets.

Police offer reward to find idiots behind dangerous stunt in Tesla Model S


The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is looking for the driver of a Tesla Model S who performed a dangerous stunt that resulted in hit and run. The police are even offering a reward to find the culprit. more….

Elon Musk excited for Tesla Giga Berlin’s first deliveries, Federal Minister shows pride in factory


It’s just a few hours away until Tesla Giga Berlin’s first Model Y delivery event, and Elon Musk seems excited to get the ball rolling. The Tesla CEO has been tweeting about Tesla Giga Berlin and the Model Y delivery event recently.

Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup gets better-than-expected 320-mile EPA range with extended battery pack


Ford received its EPA ratings for more versions of its upcoming F-150 Lightning electric pickup. The Extended Range versions with the bigger battery pack are getting a better-than-expected 320-mile EPA range. more….

Tesla Giga Berlin prepares for opening ceremony, Musk appears en route to Germany


It’s the eve of Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s first Model Y delivery event, and preparations are well underway in the company’s expansive Grunheide site.

First GM Ultium Cadillac Lyriqs roll off Spring Hill, TN Assembly line early, new orders begin in May


The one question we had when GM unveiled its Cadillac Lyriq SUV was “will GM make enough of them to meet demand?”. We’ll start to find out the answer starting today as GM celebrates its first Ultium powered Cadillac Lyriq rolling off the assembly line in its sprawling Spring Hill, Tennessee complex.

Tesla’s Elon Musk teases key portions of Master Plan Part 3 — it’s a lot more ambitious


It appears that Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s “Master Plan Part 3” will be his most ambitious yet. This time, the CEO’s Master Plan would not only be focused on Tesla’s capabilities as a single company.


Tesla hikes Megapack prices as backlog extends to next year


Tesla is significantly increasing the price of the Megapack – its utility-scale battery pack – as the backlog of new orders extends into 2023. more…. The post Tesla hikes Megapack prices as backlog extends to next year appeared first on Electrek.

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Ford F-150 Lightning completes final EPA tests, exceeds initial range target


Ford has announced that the F-150 Lightning has completed its final EPA testing, and its results are very encouraging.

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Elon Musk on what’s next for Tesla (TSLA): ‘scaling to extreme size’


Elon Musk revealed what is going to be the main subject of Tesla’s “Master Plan Part 3”: It’s going to be about scaling the company to an “extreme size.”. more…. The post Elon Musk on what’s next for Tesla (TSLA): ‘scaling to extreme size’ appeared first on Electrek.

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Clean Transportation in PA: Big Questions for 2022 (Part 2)

CleanTechnica EVs

This blog was co-authored with Will Bernstein, Climate Advisor to the City of Pittsburgh. Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles EV Charging EV Charging Stations Policy Research Research Pennsylvania public transportation

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We toured an eBike importer for a peek behind the curtain


Electrek had the chance to tour EUNORAU ’s main USA eBike facility earlier this month. This Chinese importer has undergone a transformation from a white-label startup to a recognized USA brand in its own right.

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Is the Metaverse Even Feasible?

Cars That Think

If you ask Meta , or its peers, whether the metaverse is possible, the answer is confident: Yes—it’s just a matter of time. The challenges are vast, but technology will overcome them.

GOLABS 204Wh portable power station is made for camping at $120, more in New Green Deals


Now that weather is starting to warm up across many parts of the country, and spring is officially here, you might be prepping for camping trips on the horizon. Right now, you can get the with 60W USB-C PD as well as 160W AC for $120 at Amazon, which is down from its normal going rate of up to $180.

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How Flyback Rocket Boosters Got Off the Ground

Cars That Think

In the popular conception of a technological breakthrough, a flash of genius is followed quickly by commercial or industrial success, public acclaim, and substantial wealth for a small group of inventors and backers. In the real world, it almost never works out that way.

JackRabbit review: This odd-looking 20 mph ‘micro electric bike’ is just funny enough to work great


The JackRabbit is unique in a number of ways, from its electric bike-shaped design to its stubby proportions and even its surprisingly lightweight build. Now on a second version and thus technically known as the JackRabbit 2.0,

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Chevrolet Teases Equinox EV Compact SUV


It looks very promising

EleutherAI: When OpenAI Isn’t Open Enough

Cars That Think

One of the most disconcerting things about artificial intelligence is that it transcends the power of nation states to control, contain, or regulate it.

Cadillac Lyriq Enters Series Production In Tennessee


Customer deliveries are expected in Q2

Smart Charging for EVs: How Does It Work?

EV Connect

Sustainability helps drive the electric vehicle (EV) market forward; however, there are aspects of EV transportation that still have room to grow more sustainable.

Electric Vehicle Cost May Go Up Due To Russian Invasion


One study predicts that it could cost manufacturers up to $8,000 more to make an EV battery pack by the end of 2022