Sun.Oct 13, 2019

KS Kolbenschmidt introducing 5th generation LITEKS piston system for improved fuel savings through friction reduction

Green Car Congress

Modern piston assemblies are subject to high demands in terms of both loading and lifetime; in addition, there is the environment-friendly demand for low engine emissions.

2019 108

Campaign pokes fun at sorry state of public charging signage

Green Car Reports

As electric-car technology matures, and the people driving EVs aren’t all patient, resourceful early-adopter types, the issues that sour people on the electric experience are evolving, too.

2019 58

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New porous coordination polymer captures CO2, converts it to useful organic materials

Green Car Congress

A new material that can selectively capture CO 2 molecules and efficiently convert them into useful organic materials has been developed by researchers at Kyoto University, along with colleagues at the University of Tokyo and Jiangsu Normal University in China. They describe the material in an open access paper in the journal Nature Communications.

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France’s high court rules in favor of ending tax benefits for palm oil diesel

Green Car Congress

France’s Constitutional Council, the highest constitutional authority in the country, ruled in favor of excluding palm oil from the list of biofuels that enjoy tax incentives. The decision enters into force on 1 January, 2020. Oil company Total has estimated it is worth between €70 million and €80 million per year. In March, the European Commission decided that palm oil is not a green fuel and should not be promoted because it causes deforestation.

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