Sun.Jan 23, 2022

Parallel Systems raises $50M Series A to build autonomous battery-electric rail cars that move freight

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Parallel Systems, a company founded by former SpaceX engineers to reimagine the railroad system, has raised $49.55 million in Series A funds to build autonomous battery-electric rail vehicles that move freight.

Want to try life with an EV? Subscribe to a Tesla Model 3

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Adopting the electric-car lifestyle requires a change in mindset, especially with respect to charging. And if you think you’re ready for an EV but want to test how living with one works, there are now a few ways to try before you buy (or lease)—with a Tesla Model 3, of course.

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EIA forecasts US fossil fuel production to reach new highs in 2023

Green Car Congress

After declining in 2020, the combined production of US fossil fuels (including natural gas, crude oil, and coal) increased by 2% in 2021 to 77.14 quadrillion British thermal units.

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SpaceX static fires Falcon 9 rocket for Italian radar satellite launch


SpaceX has successfully tested a Falcon 9 rocket tasked with launching Italy’s CSG-2 Earth observation satellite as early as 6:11 pm EST (23:11 UTC), Thursday, January 27th. For any European Space Agency (ESA) member state, launching a spacecraft on a non-European rocket is a rarity.

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V2X company Fermata Energy raises $40M in recent round

Green Car Congress

Fermata Energy, a vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology services provider, recently raised $40 million to accelerate the company’s growth with investment from new partners, including funds managed by global investment firm Carlyle and Verizon Ventures. The company’s V2X software technology aims to transform electric vehicles into energy-storage assets, making EV ownership more cost effective.

SpaceX Dragon departs International Space Station to return to Earth


SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule C209 has undocked from the International Space Station (ISS) and is now on track to reenter Earth’s atmosphere and splash down in the Gulf of Mexico as early as Monday, January 24th.

TriEye collaborates with Tier 1 Hitachi Astemo to accelerate launch of SEDAR SWIR system for ADAS

Green Car Congress

Tel Aviv-based TriEye, a fabless semiconductor company that developed the first CMOS-based Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) sensing solution, is collaborating with Tier 1 automotive supplier Hitachi Astemo to enhance the capabilities of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for adverse weather and low-light conditions by accelerating the commercialization of TriEye technology.

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Behind the scenes look at Juiced’s low-cost 28 MPH RipRacer electric bike production in China


San Diego-based Juiced Bikes unveiled and then launched its newest e-bike model, the RipRacer, last November. Now the company’s founder and CEO Tora Harris is taking us on a behind-the-scenes look at how production is moving along in China.

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Volvo FH Electric Successfully Completes Green Truck Route Test


The truck drove fully loaded over 343 km (213 miles) at an average speed of 80 km/h (50 mph

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The best (and worst) US states for EV charging


The electric vehicle is here to stay. As EV sales grow year-over-year in the US and the rest of the world, charging infrastructure is growing with it. In the US specifically, certain states are far better equipped than others to support the rising number of EV drivers on their roads.

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Toyota’s Hydrogen Combustion Plans ‘Not Feasible’ Says Honda CEO


Toshihiro Mibe says Honda tried it until a decade ago when it was abandoned

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Letting Robocars See Around Corners

Cars That Think

An autonomous car needs to do many things to. make the grade , but without a doubt, sensing and understanding its environment are the most critical. A self-driving vehicle must track and identify many objects and targets, whether they’re in clear view or hidden, whether the weather is fair or foul.

Switzerland's Tesla Model 3 Story Is A Preview Of The Future


In 2021, the Tesla Model 3 not only ruled EV sales in Switzerland, but also outsold all types of cars

The ID. LIFE, Sustainable, Innovative & Timeless, Vehicle to Grid, Autonomous Battery-Electric Rail Vehicles

EV Obssesion

The ID. LIFE01 Sustainable, Innovative and Timeless Vehicle to Grid Electric Vehicles to the grid. Known as REVS (Realizing Electric Vehicle-to-grid Services) Electric Trains, Autonomous Vehicle News Former SpaceX Engineers Raise $49.55

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Watch Tesla Model 3 In Snow: FWD Vs RWD Vs AWD Comparison


The Performance version of the car was tested in the Track Mode with 100% rear, 100% front or 50/50 power distribution

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Deutsche Post Offsets CO2 Emissions For Letter Mail Transport


Deutsche Post Group DHL has announced that it’s offsetting carbon dioxide emissions for letter mail transport in 2022 at no extra charge.

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Want Home Backup Power? Don't Buy A Tesla Powerwall, Buy A Truck


A comparison of the Ford F-150 Lightning to the Tesla Powerwall leads to a surprising conclusion

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VETERIA21 Project Will Transform Thermoplastics For Use In EV Battery Casings


The VETERIA21, which is being developed by AIMPLAS, a plastics technology company located in Spain, is focusing on advanced manufacturing processes to obtain sustainable materials for the electric vehicle industry. The goal is to reduce the weight in electric vehicles, starting with battery casings.

Tesla Model 3 Review: How Is It Holding Up At 132,000 Miles?


Some people are worried EVs won't last as long as gas cars, perhaps due to concerns about battery degradation

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Is Switzerland’s Electric Vehicle Story A Preview For The Rest Of The Globe?


For a long time, Norway was the ultimate trendsetter when it came to the future of electric vehicle adoption. Now there’s another country worth admiring. Known for exquisite chocolates, fine watches, secretive banks, and Roger Federer — Switzerland is now making some waves on the EV scene.

160 Made In Germany Tesla Model Y Spotted At Tesla Giga Berlin


Also, new graffiti art appeared on a stairwell

Redwood Materials To Launch Anode Copper Foil Production


Redwood Materials is planning to start up its anode copper foil production facility in the first half of this year and start shipping to customers, the company reports.

See Tesla Model Y Handle Deep Snow: Off-Road Assist & Slip Start


What's the best way to tackle deep snow in a Tesla Model Y

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The Unknown Unknowns of Vehicle-to-Grid Tech


Since June 2020, a team from the Australian National University in Canberra has been investigating the possible integration of electric vehicles into the grid.

Watch Rivian R1T Vs Toyota Tundra Snow Wheeling Adventure


Three challenges - "snow bog", ditch crossing and staircase

Excuse Me, Can I Use Your Car To Stabilize & Power The Grid?


We’ve got some more findings to dive into based on the Interim Social Report from the Realizing Electric Vehicle-to-Grid Services (REVS) trial in Australia.

Sony Wants To Transform EVs, Is Looking For New Alliances


The tech giant wants to change cars into mobile entertainment pods and is seeking technology partners to help make it happen

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6 Sustainability Stories to Watch in 2022 — From Promises to Action


Originally published on WRI’s Resource Institute. By Sadof Alexander During these unprecedented times, there’s a great deal of uncertainty about the future.

Factorial Energy Raises $200 Million From Mercedes And Stellantis


The cash will help to accelerate commercialization of Factorial's solid-state batteries

Large Corporations Present EV Blueprint To Top Auto Manufacturers


Members of the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance have presented a roadmap for developing the types of EVs that companies plan to buy in the US over the next five years to top automotive manufacturers, Ceres, a nonprofit that works with capital market leaders to solve sustainability challenges has announced.

Interview with GreenPower Motors CEO Fraser Atkinson


GreenPower Motors recently announced its plans to manufacture zero-emission all-electric school buses in West Virginia, and CEO Fraser Atkinson took the time to sit down with me and share some details of this plan and also what inspired him to found GreenPower.

She’s On Her Second Tesla Model S


Way, way back in 2019, which seems like about seven years ago at least, I interviewed a woman living in Europe about her Tesla Model 3. That time was obviously pre-Covid-19; the world today is quite different in many ways.