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American Manganese begins testing of lithium-ion battery materials recycling pilot plant

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Canada-based American Manganese Inc. AMY) announced that its processing partner, Kemetco Research, has commenced the processing of a select sample of Li-ion cathode scrap material through Stages 1 and 2 of a pilot recycling plant. Earlier post.)

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@evanhalper Gets The Climate Crisis But @LATimes Still Clueless & Desperately Needs To Hire A Climate Change Editor Who Groks Reality #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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Electrify America releases $300M Cycle 2 national ZEV investment plan; metro charging, autonomous charging, renewable generation

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Electrify America has released its National Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Investment Plan for Cycle 2; Cycle 2 is a 30-month investment period that begins in July 2019.

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USPS tests electric delivery trucks in California: "I didn't hear the mail come!"

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The U.S. Postal Service is adding seven electric delivery trucks to its fleet in Fresno and Stockton, California, a region in the state's central valley known for its poor air quality. The 1.5-ton delivery trucks have been converted to electric power by Motiv Power, a Silicon Valley conversion company. USPS says it expects each truck to save. Truck

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AKASOL expands agreement to supply Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer with batteries for electric buses

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AKASOL AG, a leading German producer of high-performance lithium-ion battery systems, is expanding its long-term framework agreement to supply a Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer with high-performance battery systems for electric buses and trucks.

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Audi e-tron faces battery-related delay in Europe

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Bringing new electric cars to market is harder than it looks. That is perhaps the message from a new report from German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, which notes that Audi is having problems with battery software in its upcoming electric e-tron quattro in Germany, which could delay the car's European launch for at least a month. The car was scheduled

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Propel Fuels to launch EV charging network in California

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Propel Fuels, California’s leading low carbon fuel retailer, plans to launch an electric vehicle (EV) charging network to bring fast and affordable access across the state of California. Propel will begin testing its Propel Power network by Q4 of 2019, with broader roll-out targeted for 2020. The move to low carbon transportation is well underway. People are leaving fossil fuels behind, finding better value in low carbon liquid fuels today, and EV is next.

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Study provides insight into key process in lithium-rich cathodes that both helps and hurts battery performance; oxygen oxidation

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A new study led by researchers from Stanford University and the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has provided insight into a phenomenon that both helps and hurts Li-ion battery performance. Today’s commercial battery materials are only able to release about half of the lithium ions they contain. One solution is to cram cathodes with extra lithium ions, allowing them to store more energy in the same amount of space.

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Green New Deal introduced to Congress aims to cut emissions, create jobs

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Until now, the Green New Deal proposed by various Congressional Democrats has been mostly a theory—the idea that a concerted national push, with significant federal support, could accomplish goals of significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions while spurring the economy and creating widespread green-tech jobs. Thursday afternoon, in a. climate change

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ARPA-E awards $35M to 12 new projects to support medium-voltage devices for grid, industry and transportation

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The US Department of Energy announced $35 million in awards for 12 projects that find new ways to harness medium-voltage electricity for applications in industry, transportation, on the grid and beyond. The selected projects are part of ARPA-E’s Building Reliable Electronics to Achieve Kilovolt Effective Ratings Safely (BREAKERS) program, as well as the latest OPEN+ cohort, Kilovolt Devices.

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Green New Deal, Electrify America expansion, Audi e-tron delay: Today's Car News

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ed Markey introduced the outline of a Green New Deal in Congress. Electrify America laid out plans for its second-round roll-out starting later this year. German reports show the launch of the Audi e-tron could be delayed overseas. And the USPS is rolling out electric delivery trucks to cut pollution. All this and more. Electrify America

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Hubject and Greenlots collaborate to bring app-free and card-free charging to EV drivers

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Hubject is collaborating with Greenlots to deploy its ISO 15118 Plug&Charge technology ( earlier post ) in North America. Customers with new, Plug&Charge-enabled vehicles will no longer need to worry about using an app or card to pay for their charge. This achievement is the result of a partnership between Hubject and Greenlots, a US-based provider of EV charging and energy management software and solutions and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shell New Energies.

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Top five things we learned this week…

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The train (or, well, lease car if we’re being on-brand) rolls on

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