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Upstream Security: cyber hacks could cost auto industry $24 billion within 5 years

Green Car Congress

Cyber hacks might cost the auto industry roughly $24 billion within five years, according to a new study by Upstream Security , which specializes in cloud-based security protection.

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German automakers commit to massive battery purchases, sidestep some hard realities

Green Car Reports

Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, last week revealed that it will be buying $23 billion in battery cells by 2030. What it didn’t fully reveal—its sources for those cells—says as much, if not more about a point of unease among German automakers. Battery packs—and specifically the cells inside—are the single. Batteries Mercedes-Benz VW Daimler

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GM researchers demonstrate hierarchical electrode architectures for high energy lithium-chalcogen rechargeable batteries

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Lithium-chalcogen batteries—e.g., lithium-sulfur (Li-S) and lithium selenium (Li-Se) systems— are promising candidates for high energy electrical storage solution.

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2019 Hyundai Kona Electric price tag meets Chevy Bolt EV, beats it come April

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If you happen to be in California, rejoice; the 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric will arrive at dealerships in January, at just $37,495. That brings the effective total to $29,995 for the Kona Electric, provided you have enough taxable income to receive the full the federal electric vehicle tax credit. Now for the bad news: Although other. Batteries Pricing

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24M raises $21.8M to accelerate SemiSolid battery development and deployment; round led by Kyocera and ITOCHU

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24M , part of a team that received $3.5 million in funding from ARPA-E in 2016 to further the development of the next generation of high-energy-density, low-cost batteries ( earlier post ), has raised a $21.8

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Nio ES6 makes appearance in China, on sale June

Green Car Reports

Chinese electric automaker Nio introduced its second, most mainstream, model at an event in China on Saturday. The Nio ES6 is a small-to-midsize crossover vehicle, which, according to Nio's optimistic specs, could deliver 258 miles range from its standard 70-kilowatt-hour battery, or 289 miles from a bigger 84-kwh battery, on the most-optimistic. Nio Nio ES6

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Infiniti readies electric SUV concept for Detroit auto show

Green Car Reports

Tesla has rocked the luxury car market in the U.S. to its core with the Model S and Model X, and is now doing the same to the aspirational lower end of the car market and even the mainstream market with its Model 3. That's the place where automakers like Acura, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, and Lexus have thrived for decades. In response, Infiniti is

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Volkswagen bundling all intelligent driver assistance technologies under new umbrella brand IQ.DRIVE; heading to autonomy

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen is bundling its entire range of intelligent driver assistance technologies under the new umbrella brand IQ.DRIVE. Before Christmas, Volkswagen will be launching a 360° marketing campaign for the new brand in Germany, consisting of TV commercial and posters as well as printed and online advertisements. Other European markets are to follow next year. In January 2019, special IQ.DRIVE models will appear in European dealerships.

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Electric Infiniti, Hyundai Kona Electric price, Nio ES6, German batteries: Today's Car News

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Infiniti plans to introduce a concept version of its first production electric car at the Detroit auto show next month. Hyundai announces pricing for its upcoming Kona Electric. Chinese electric startup automaker Nio reveals its second production model. And German automakers announce big investments in batteries. All this and more on Green Car. Nio ES6

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Review: Renault Megane RS

Green Cars News

Few hot hatches have had to deal with such a weight of expectation as this third generation Renault Megane RS

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2018 Renault Megane R.S. now available to lease

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The 2018 Renault Megane R.S

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