Thu.Jun 16, 2022

Cadillac CELESTIQ to be built at GM’s Global Technical Center

Green Car Congress

General Motors will invest more than $81 million into the company’s Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, to prepare the campus to build the Cadillac CELESTIQ ( earlier post ).

Toyota Compact Cruiser EV shows electric off-roaders don't have to be so huge

Green Car Reports

Electric off-roaders unveiled for the United States market so far have been huge, but the Toyota Compact Cruiser EV concept shows that doesn't have to be the case.


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NIO launches smart electric mid-large SUV ES7; up to 579 miles of range CLTC

Green Car Congress

NIO held a product launch event that premiered the ES7, a smart electric mid-large SUV, and the 2022 ES8, ES6, and EC6. NIO ES7 inherits the second generation high-efficiency e-drive platform with the SiC power module. 0 to 100 km/h acceleration is within 3.9 seconds.

Miles 285

Dynamic debut set for very quick EV6 GT: Kia’s most powerful car

Green Car Reports

Kia has revealed that the UK’s Goodwood Festival of Speed will be the first place its EV6 GT will be seen in motion.

Kia 134

SAFE and the EC report recommends policies to advance adoption of vehicle-to-grid technology

Green Car Congress

SAFE and the Electrification Coalition (EC) released a report highlighting policy opportunities to accelerate the adoption of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. As electric vehicle (EV) adoption accelerates across all vehicle classes, V2G capability can help manage system load and provide power back to the grid during times of need, thereby strengthening the resiliency of the US electric grid.

Grid 270

Tesla prices rise by thousands, again: Model Y now starts at $67,190

Green Car Reports

Tesla has again raised prices of its vehicles in its U.S. home market—this time amounting to price hikes of $2,000 to $6,000, but sparing some models.

Price 128

Alcoa investing $51M to boost aluminum production at Mosjøen Smelter in Norway

Green Car Congress

Alcoa Corporation announced a $51-million project to increase the production capacity at its Mosjøen smelter in Norway by 14,000 metric tons per year (mtpy).

Norway 226

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Ford recalling certain 2021-2022 Mustang Mach-E vehicles; high voltage battery main contactors may overheat

Green Car Congress

Ford is recalling certain 2021-2022 Mustang Mach-E vehicles because the high voltage battery main contactors may overheat, causing the vehicle to lose drive power. The defect affects 48,294 vehicles.

Tesla (TSLA) significantly increases its electric car prices across its lineup


Tesla (TSLA) has significantly increased the prices of its electric cars across its entire lineup with some models going up by as much as $6,000. more…. The post Tesla (TSLA) significantly increases its electric car prices across its lineup appeared first on Electrek.

Price 101

bp to take a 40.5% stake and operatorship of the AREH green hydrogen hub megaproject in the Pilbara

Green Car Congress

bp will acquire a 40.5% equity stake in and to become operator of the Asian Renewable Energy Hub (AREH) , which has the potential to be one of the largest renewables and green hydrogen hubs in the world.

Repowering Gladstone

EV Obssesion

Gladstone Ecofest, with the motto Repowering Gladstone, has a history of promoting environmental issues, but also difficulty attracting electric vehicles to the event. Locals seem reluctant to display their Teslas (yes, there are some in this huge coal export hub).

Coal 94

NEO Battery Materials, Applied Carbon Nano Technology to partner on CNT coating for Si anodes

Green Car Congress

NEO Battery Materials signed a Collaboration Agreement (CA) with Applied Carbon Nano Technology Ltd. ACN) to advance NEO’s pending patent related to carbon nanotube (CNT) coating technology for silicon anode materials. NEO and ACN will collaborate to expand mutual business opportunities in the electric vehicle (EV) industry including the CNT conductive additive market that is experiencing accelerated growth.

Carbon 180

Sony and Honda create joint EV company, and Sony gets top billing


Sony and Honda have officially signed a joint venture agreement to establish a company to build electric cars together. The new company will be called “Sony Honda Mobility Inc.,” notably giving Sony top billing over the established automaker. more….

United announces investment in, commercial agreement with Dimensional Energy; CO2-to-SAF

Green Car Congress

United and United Airlines Ventures (UAV) announced an investment in and commercial agreement with Dimensional Energy. Dimensional Energy, which recently received a $3.1-million award from ARPA-E ( earlier post ), has developed a reactor and catalysts to convert CO 2 and hydrogen from water into syngas for use in the Fischer-Tropsch process. Under the commercial agreement, United has agreed to purchase at least 300 million gallons of SAF over 20 years from Dimensional.

Tucson 174

Tesla is sending untrained employees to work on cars as service becomes problematic


Tesla is sending some of its employees who are not in service and are untrained to work on cars into service centers to fix vehicles. It looks like Tesla’s service issues are bigger than we thought. more….

FREYR Battery concludes separator materials agreement through 2028, option to 2031

Green Car Congress

FREYR Battery entered into a reservation agreement with Changzhou Senior New Energy Materials Co., and Senior Material (Europe) AB to supply battery materials for its Customer Qualification Plant (“CQP”), currently under construction in Mo i Rana, Norway, as well as for the company’s planned combined Gigafactory 1 & 2. Subject to the terms and conditions of the reservation agreement, Changzhou Senior New Energy Materials Co.

Norway 174

Study finds more than a quarter of charging stations were nonfunctional


A new study found that more than one out of four public charging stations in the Bay Area were nonfunctional when tested. Depending on your own experience that may sound like a lot, or a little…. more….

BASF expands CAM production capacity in China to 100 kt/year; multi-ton scale manufacturing for manganese-rich products

Green Car Congress

BASF Shanshan Battery Materials Co., BSBM), a BASF majority-owned company in China (BASF 51%; Shanshan 49%), is expanding its battery materials capacity in Changsha, Hunan Province, and Shuizuishan, Ningxia Province, to meet the fast-growing local and global demands of the electric vehicle (EV) industry. The expansion project will enable BSBM to achieve 100 kt annual capacity for cathode active materials (CAM).

Ferrari Says Majority of Sales Will Be EVs, Hybrids by 2030

The Truth About Cars

Last week, news broke that Ferrari was plotting a third assembly line in Maranello dedicated entirely to EV production. But this turned out to be little more than a preamble for the obligatory announcement that the company would eventually transition toward building electric vehicles.

Check out this solar + green hydrogen mobile nanogrid with a level 2 EV charger


Jackson, Michigan-based Sesame Solar is today unveiling what it claims is the world’s first fully renewable mobile nanogrid – that’s a small microgrid – that runs on solar and green hydrogen. more….

Nikola continues dramatic turnaround with EV battery cell production plans


Nikola Motor Corp. is continuing its dramatic turnaround just eleven months after its founder and CEO was indicted on three counts of fraud.

UPS begins US testing of its cute mini electric vans based on four-wheeled e-bikes


Not do be outdone by the United States Postal Service testing out electric bikes as a viable alternative to mail trucks , UPS is doing its own US-based testing of e-bikes for package delivery. more….

Nio ES7 kicks off new generation of electric SUVs for Chinese automaker

Green Car Reports

Nio on Wednesday the ES7 electric SUV, the first SUV based on the automaker's second-generation vehicle platform. Somewhat larger than the Tesla Model Y, the five-seat ES7 also sports Nio's latest "Design for AD" design language.

Tesla offering Enhanced Autopilot in New Zealand and Australia


Tesla is offering Enhanced Autopilot in New Zealand and Australia, after announcing that it will start shipping Model Y and Model 3 vehicles with Tesla Vision to both countries. . According to Tesla’s website in New Zealand, Enhanced Autopilot will cost NZD$5,700 ($3,615).

GM announces Cadillac Celestiq electric car is going to be hand-built and 3D printed in low volume


GM announces today that the Cadillac Celestiq, the brand’s electric car after the Lyriq, is going to be a hand-built and 3D-printed ultra-luxury low-volume production vehicle. more….

Tesla Model Y completely tanks flood that left another car stranded in China


Teslas are capable of impressive feats. They’re advanced enough to navigate themselves from a highway on-ramp to an off-ramp using Navigate on Autopilot, and they’re able to protect their occupants even in frightening crashes.

Water 83

It turns out humans are responsible for a lot more oil slicks than we realized


A team of scientists developed the first global map of chronic oil slicks in the world’s oceans, and found that more than 90% come from humans – significantly more than previously reported. more….

Tesla adds active Megacharger to Frito Lay in preparation for 100 Semi order


Tesla has installed an additional Megacharger at Frito Lay and PepsiCo.’s ’s facility in Modesto, California, in preparation for the company’s 100 Semi unit order. Frito Lay, a subsidiary of PepsiCo., finalized an order for 100 Tesla Semi trucks in 2017.

Tesla expands Supercharger pilot program for non-Tesla EV owners to a large part of Europe


Tesla expands Supercharger pilot program for non-Tesla EV owners to Denmark, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. The program to give access to the Supercharger network to non-Tesla electric car owners is now in most of Europe. more….

Tesla Supercharges more non-Tesla EVs in Europe


Tesla has expanded its non-Tesla electric vehicle Supercharging Pilot Program in Europe once again to add five new countries. The program allows EVs not manufactured by Tesla to utilize the company’s expansive Supercharger network to charge.

Deep Learning’s Little-Known Debt to The Innovator’s Dilemma

Cars That Think

In 1997, Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen created a sensation among venture capitalists and entrepreneurs with his book The Innovator's Dilemma.

2012 104

Ferrari plans for stable EV transition: 40 percent of sales fully electric by 2030


As part of their Capital Markets Day, Ferrari has laid out their plans to electrify its brand over the coming years, including the introduction of its first EV model in 2025.

Ninebot S-Max self-balancing scooter falls to 2022 low at $1,002, more in New Green Deals


While e-bikes are the go-to for traversing the city in the summer, using an electric scooter is a great alternative that doesn’t take up nearly as much room. The has a range of over 23 miles and doesn’t use a single drop of gas or oil to function.

Buy 63

Nio launches a Model Y competitor with the ES7 SUV


On Wednesday, Chinese EV automaker Nio launched its new ES7 sports utility vehicle, as the competition within China’s EV sector continues to heat up. This is the first SUV application of the “Design for Autonomous Driving (AD).”

SUV 83

Tesla Has Highest Owner Rating Based On Data From Multiple Sites


According to data from Autotrader, Edmunds, HonestJohns, and Parkers, people seem to love their Teslas

Tesla 88

Elon Musk wants to reach 1 billion daily users on Twitter


Elon Musk shared his goal to reach 1 billion Twitter users during an all hands virtual meeting with workers on Thursday, June 16. .


EV Price Wars and the Path to an Electric Vehicle Future

EV Match

With gas prices at a record high and new electric vehicle (EV) models being introduced all the time, it is safe to say our electric vehicle future is approaching more rapidly than ever. But what about those who want to electrify their ride and can’t quite afford to?