Sat.Sep 14, 2019

ORNL team develops method to customize wider range of microbes for better biofuel production

Green Car Congress

Scientists at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have demonstrated a method to insert genes into a variety of microorganisms that previously would not accept foreign DNA, with the goal of creating custom microbes to break down plants for bioenergy. A new method uses E.

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Frankfurt concept cars, VW ID 3 debut, deals for Rivian and Rimac: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

Which automaker looked back to the late-’70s hatchback era with an electric concept car? And why is your favorite green-car site interested in a claimed record lap time at California’s Laguna Seca track?

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Ideanomics’ Mobile Energy Group and Petro China partner to develop clean energy fuel stations in Nanjing

Green Car Congress

Ideanomics Inc. and its strategic Mobile Energy Group (MEG) announced a strategic partnership with the China National Petroleum Corporation Nanjing (CNPC or PetroChina) to begin converting existing fossil fuel gas stations in the city of Nanjing. PetroChina is the world’s third-largest oil company and plays a leading role in energy distribution throughout China.

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