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Japan researchers develop all-solid-state batteries with low resistance at electrode/solid electrolyte interface

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A team from Tohoku University and Tokyo Tech have addressed one of the major disadvantages of all-solid-state batteries by developing batteries with a low resistance at their electrode/solid electrolyte interface.

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Elon Musk announces he's considering taking Tesla private (Updated)

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Tuesday he is considering taking the electric car company private. The executive posted on Twitter, "Am considering taking Tesla private at $420 a share." Tesla's stock bounced 7.3 percent Tuesday immediately after the news. Trading was halted for well over an hour on Tuesday. Shareholders could either to sell at 420 or

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Renovo and HERE Technologies form partnership to further open interfaces in automated mobility

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open ecosystem of best-in-class technologies working seamlessly together will be at the heart of the automated transportation systems of the future. That is the shared vision of. Renovo, a mobility software technology company, and mapping and location services company HERE Technologies have entered into a partnership to deploy open interfaces for highly and fully automated vehicles.

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Multi-speed transmissions and turbochargers don't save much fuel–oh, really? Analysis

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In President Trump's plan to freeze fuel economy standards last week, the EPA and NHTSA made a strange statement. They said that two of the main technologies used to improve fuel economy standards—turbocharging and multi-speed transmissions—were not as effective as had been expected. Having studied fuel economy standards from their. EPA NHTSA Fuel Economy

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McKinsey & Co. survey finds huge gap between piloting and deploying digital manufacturing; automotive no exception

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Automakers and their suppliers, like manufacturers in many other industries, have been exploring the potential of digital manufacturing strategies to increase productivity, profitability and decision-making. Audi, for example, just last week announced plans with Ericsson to pilot the use of 5G as a future-proof enabling communication technology for such Industry 4.0 activities. Earlier post.) Field testing will begin later this year at the Audi Production Lab in Gaimersheim, Germany.

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The 7 best plug-in cars for students going back to school

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Today's environmentally conscious students are thinking more about the environment in the choices they make. They still need to get around, but they may be less likely to accept the price of doing so in a car with a tailpipe spewing pollution and greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Many may need to make long trips back and forth to school that. Plug-In Hybrids back to school

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Refreshed Land Rover lineup to include new plug-in hybrid

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Land Rover and its sister company Jaguar each are planning new lineups by 2024 and 2025 respectively. We've heard a lot about Jaguar's plans to launch a gas, hybrid, and electric version of everything it sells by 2025. Land Rover's plans have been more opaque. Now British car magazine Autocar reports that the company will launch four new models by

2019 Blue Badge scheme: Everything you need to know about the hidden disability changes

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The blue badge disabled parking scheme is undergoing its biggest shake-up since it was introduced in 1970, but what exactly will change

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Which modern electric car will be the first classic? Twitter poll results

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Electric cars are changing the automotive landscape, technologically and culturally. Those factors are what often make things classic, whether it's in music, architecture, or automobiles. Various people have weighed in recently on which of today's green cars will become tomorrow's classics, from Hagerty Insurance selecting the Tesla Model S as the. Polls

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Top five car adverts of all time: Do you agree?

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Thierry Henry has returned as Renault brand ambassador, bringing “Va Va Voom” back to UK television screens for the first time since 2011 as part of a Sky Sports sponsorship

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Plug-in cars for students, new Land Rover plug-in, and analysis on turbos and MPGs: Today's Car News

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We round up the best plug-in electric cars for students going back to school. Land Rover plans for a new Evoque plug-in SUV. The EPA says turbochargers and multi-speed transmissions don't save much fuel, but we analyze the claim. And the results are in for our latest Twitter poll. All of this and more on Green Car Reports. It's nearly time for