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IIHS study finds GM front crash prevention systems cut police-reported crashes

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2019 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid: First drive of 17-mile, 35-mpg plug-in crossover

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To understand the complicated path for Subaru’s first plug-in hybrid, first we needed to hike a mile in the automaker’s shoes. OK, more like 10 miles, actually—driving the 2019 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid gingerly up a dusty, bouldered, steep trail, past signage cautioning: “off-road vehicles only,” most of it without the

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Rosenbauer and Berlin Fire Dept to develop hybrid fire truck; project eLHF

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Rosenbauer Deutschland, a company of the Rosenbauer Group, and the Berlin Fire Department plan jointly to develop a hybrid electric fire engine in the next two years.

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EPA announces tighter smog regulations on heavy trucks

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The EPA has loosened or eliminated a lot of regulations since President Trump took office, but last week the agency announced it would tighten regulations on emissions of nitrogen oxides from heavy trucks such as semis. The EPA notes that smog-forming NOx emissions from heavy trucks fell 40 percent between 2007 and 2017 after the agency last. emissions Trucks EPA air pollution

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ICL team assesses relative costs of carbon mitigation for 12 H2 production paths; trade-off between cost and level of decarbonization

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A team at Imperial College London has examined the relative costs of carbon mitigation from a lifecycle perspective for 12 different hydrogen production techniques using fossil fuels, nuclear energy and renewable sources.

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Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn reportedly arrested over financial misdealing

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Nissan Group CEO Carlos Ghosn, widely credited as the father of the Nissan Leaf, allegedly lied about his salary to investors and used company assets for personal use, the automaker said Monday. Nissan announced that an internal investigation of Ghosn and a top deputy, American Representative Director Greg Kelly, uncovered the reported fraud. Carlos Ghosn

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BASF and GAC R&D Center co-develop 3 electric concept cars; debut at Auto Guangzhou 2018

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BASF and the Research and Development Center of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. GAC R&D Center) introduced three co-developed electric concept cars at Auto Guangzhou 2018, featuring futuristic designs that address the diverse needs of China’s drivers.

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Bath University and SAIC Motor team up to investigate gasoline particulate filter performance

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The University of Bath and SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre are collaborating on a project to identify the most efficient conditions for the optimum performance of gasoline particulate filters (GPFs), to help minimize vehicle impact on the environment. The ‘GPF Burn rate and Low Temperature Reactivity’ project will last 14 months and utilize the University’s state of the art Chassis Dynamometer in its Centre for Low Emission Vehicle Research (CLEVeR).

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Faraday Future sues investor claiming takeover "plot"

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The story of Faraday Future keeps getting stranger. After making a splash at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2017 and announcing plans to build a giant new factory in Las Vegas, then virtually disappearing when it ran out of money, the company was revived with a new investment this year, bought a much smaller factory in California, produced. Faraday Future

Video review: Ford Mustang 5.0 V8

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Delivering sleek new styling, sophisticated engine and suspension upgrades, as well as advanced driver assistance technologies and more customisation options, the new Ford Mustang offers exhilarating performance and a fun-to-drive experience like no other

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Ghosn out at Nissan, VW I.D. names, Faraday Future soap opera: Today's Car News

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Nissan announced it planned to remove Chairman Carlos Ghosn after an investigation revealed alleged financial misdealing. VW has no fun trademarking names for its new series of I.D. electric cars. The EPA plans to tighten emissions rules on heavy trucks. And cross-lawsuits reveal the underlying machinations in the Faraday Future saga. All this and. emissions EPA VW Carlos Ghosn Faraday Future

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Top five EVs and hybrids for under £350 per month

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Yes government grants are no longer available for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and the one available for pure EVs has been reduced from £4,500 to £3,500, but the fact remains that these vehicles offer a glimpse into the future of motoring

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2019 Toyota Corolla: What you need to know

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Toyota has now revealed all three body styles of its new Corolla – the hatchback, saloon and estate

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