Mon.Aug 12, 2019

EPA grants 31 small refinery exemptions for RFS

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EPA is granting 31 small refinery RFS exemptions for the 2018 compliance year, as well as 6 denials. The estimated volume of gasoline and diesel exempted is 13,420 million gallons; the estimated renewable volume obligations (RVO) exempted is 1,430 million RINs.

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Automotive supplier tests immersion-cooled batteries for EVs

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The two biggest challenges for electric cars—battery life and charge times—come down to battery cooling.

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Resolution Copper project advances in US permitting; one of largest and deepest copper mines in US

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Rio Tinto’s Resolution Copper project in Arizona has achieved a major permitting milestone with the release of an independently prepared Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the project. The review was conducted by the US States Forest Service (USFS) over a six-year period.

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BMW 5-Series plug-in hybrid gets wireless home charging deal

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Americans soon will have a fully automaker-supported car that supports inductive wireless charging. BMW announced Friday that it will soon offer inductive charging in the 2019 BMW 530e iPerformance. In BMW’s current nomenclature, that’s the plug-in hybrid version of its 5-Series sedan.

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Purdue team developing pre-chamber technology for cars for ultra-lean combustion

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Purdue University researchers are developing pre-chamber technology for automobiles to replace conventional spark plugs and enable more reliable ultra-lean combustion. In the pre-chamber approach, a tiny chamber—a pre-chamber—is filled with a mixture of fuel and air.

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Nio looks to shed other businesses to keep building cars

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After laying off 70 workers and closing an office in the U.S., Chinese automaker Nio is searching its cupboards for cash. EV sales have foundered in China this year after generous subsidies expired. and several companies have delayed or abandoned expansion plans.

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Researchers observe new way for metals to bend

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A team of researchers has observed a new mechanism for metallic bending. The discovery not only upends previous notions about how metals deform, but could help guide the creation of stronger, more durable materials. AN open-access paper on the study is published in the journal Nature Communications. This creates new opportunities for materials design. It adds another parameter we can control to enable strength and ductility.

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Continental presents action plan for immediately reducing lead in electronic components in cars

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Continental has submitted a plan of action to the Lower Saxony Ministry for the Environment, Energy, Construction and Climate Protection with which the company intends immediately to reduce the lead content in some of its electronic components to legally prescribed maximum quantities in accordance with the End of Life Vehicles Directive. In addition, the plan contains a voluntary commitment to reduce the quantities of lead in the company’s electronic components beyond statutory requirements.

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French company makes EV conversions easy for old clunkers

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Off-the-shelf EV conversions aren't just for classic cars like Prince Harry's Jaguar anymore. French startup Transition One plans to make it easy to convert a wide variety of average old cars in the country to electric power by building a standard conversion kit. The company says the kit will fit several top-selling models in Europe, including the. conversions

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Government doubles funding for on-street EV chargers

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Government funding for on-street EV chargers is set to double, the Department for Transport (DfT) has announced

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