Sun.Dec 12, 2021

IEF, IHS Markit: deepening underinvestment in hydrocarbons raises specter of continued price shocks and volatility

Green Car Congress

Underinvestment in oil and gas development extended into a second year in 2021 even as global energy demand rebounded, raising the prospect of price shocks, scarcity and growing energy poverty, according to a new report by the International Energy Forum (IEF) and IHS Markit.

Price 342

Ford plans to triple production of Mustang Mach-E by 2023

Green Car Reports

Amid a push to become the largest producer of EVs by later in the decade, Ford plans to triple production of the Mustang Mach-E electric SUV by 2023.

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VERBIO begins production of biomethane from corn stover in Iowa; first-large scale plant in US

Green Car Congress

VERBIO has commenced production at its new plant in Nevada, Iowa. The plant will generate biomethane from corn stover (maize straw), and is the first large-scale commercial plant in the US to use the technology developed by VERBIO.

Iowa 327

Tesla Semi burns rubber and shows off turning circle in new Giga Nevada sighting


Back in November, PepsiCo CEO Ramon Laguarta remarked that his company was expecting its first Tesla Semi deliveries in the fourth quarter.

Nevada 114

€33.7M AgiloDrive2 project for electric motor production launches

Green Car Congress

Consortium leader Schaeffler, along with with 17 partners (automotive and industrial supplier) has launched the AgiloDrive2 research project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

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Is It Really That Difficult To Charge An Electric Car?


Charging an EV is as simple as plugging in and waiting, though there's much more should know

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Giga Carbon Neutrality secures contract for 200 hydrogen and battery EV trucks and machinery in China

Green Car Congress

Giga Carbon Neutrality (GCN) has secured a contract to supply 200 hydrogen and battery EV powered heavy trucks and associated engineering machinery from The People’s Government of Ejin Horo Banner, an administrative division of Ordos City of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in China.

China 212

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Road Test: 2022 Kia Carnival SX

Clean Fleet Report

Goodbye To the Minivan. Kia is out of the minivan business and is shaking up things with the all-new 2022 Carnival. The Korean car company will remind you it is not a minivan but an MPV or Multi-Purpose Vehicle.

Kia 66

Rumor: GM Might Invest Over $3 Billion In EV Projects In Michigan


On the table are a new battery gigafactory, and retooling of an existing plant to make electric pickups

CARB Approves Updated Regulations Requiring Most New Small Off-Road Engines Be Zero Emission By 2024

EV Obssesion

Elon Musk: That Is Not The Tesla Cybertruck's Production Wiper Blade


Tesla Cybertruck will get a different solution, and side mirrors will be removable

Why Do So Many US Drivers Want At Least 300 Miles of Range Before Considering the Purchase of an Electric Vehicle?

EV Adoption

Almost every survey of US consumers from the last several years that asked some form of the question: “What would it take for them to strongly consider buying an electric vehicle?”

Range 52

GM's First Ultium Battery Gigafactory Appears Almost Completed


It will produce 30+ GWh of EV batteries annually

GM 94

Driving across America in a Soviet car

Gavin Shoebridge

Like so many car enthusiasts, ever since I was a kid I’d always wanted to do a big road trip across the[.]. The post Driving across America in a Soviet car appeared first on

More Rivian R1S Prototypes Seen In the Wild


With and without camouflage


Electric Airplanes To Start Taking Off In Australia


The home of the koala, the kangaroo, and Qantas is about to launch the world’s first all-electric, zero emissions airline. “We believe there will be a revolution in aviation and we want to be at the forefront,” Aaron Shaw, chief executive of Sydney Seaplanes, said.

Carlos Ghosn: Nissan's Electrification Plan Is Too Slow


"The market is telling you we are completely writing off the combustion engine

New Mexico EV Enthusiasts Successfully Expand Charging Network With GoFundMe


While DC fast charging is about to expand greatly in New Mexico, the eastern part of the state is still pretty barren. Level 2 charging is hard to come by, and even a Tesla would struggle to drive from Albuquerque or Santa Fe to Carlsbad.

EV Range/Charging Race: Tesla Model 3, EV6, ID4, Mach-E, Ioniq 5


It's one of the most epic and informative EV range and charging races we've ever seen

Range 91

The DOJ’s Investigation Into Short Selling Is A Good Thing For Investors


The U.S. Department of Justice has launched a criminal investigation into short selling by hedge funds and research funds, Reuters reports. This is a good thing for all investors, especially for those of us who invest in companies that we feel will make a positive impact on our lives and the world.

Sandy Munro Checks Out Tesla Model S Plaid Ahead Of Teardown


The first impressions appear to be very positive

Tesla 91

Plugin Vehicles = 23% Of New Car Sales In France


The Dacia Spring was last month's best selling EV and the 6th best selling car overall in France.

Chevy Electric Silverado Coming In 2023 As GM Amps Up EV Investments


EV Charging Stations — Level 2 Charging


Want to learn about home EV charging stations and which to get? Here's our 2021–2022 guide!