Sat.Apr 17, 2021

Volkswagen starts up second line for MEB batteries in Braunschweig

Green Car Congress

The Volkswagen Group Components plant in Braunschweig is significantly expanding its production of battery systems for the latest electric vehicle generation.

‘Tesla Killers’ are like Bigfoot: They don’t exist and they never will


The term “Tesla Killer” should be retired for the rest of time. For years, automakers across the world have released their introductory electric cars into the quickly growing EV sector.

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EPA GHG Inventory shows US GHG down 1.7% y-o-y in 2019, down 13% from 2005

Green Car Congress

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its 28 th annual Inventory of US Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks (GHG Inventory), which presents a national-level overview of annual greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 to 2019.

2005 270

Awesomely Weird Alibaba EV of the Week: $5,800 solar-powered electric family car


If you’re already sold on the many benefits of driving an electric car, then you’re probably in the pro-solar-energy camp as well.

Cheap 114

GM and LG Energy Solution investing $2.3B in second Ultium Cells manufacturing plant in US

Green Car Congress

Ultium Cells LLC, a joint venture of LG Energy Solution and General Motors, will invest more than $2.3 billion to build its second battery cell manufacturing plant in the United States. The facility will be located in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

Tesla with Autopilot engaged approaches 10x lower chance of accident than average car: here’s the data


Elon Musk claims that Tesla with Autopilot engaged approaches 10 times lower chance of accident than the average car. Here’s the data he is basing this claim on.

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Uniper to make Wilhelmshaven German hub for green hydrogen; green ammonia import terminal

Green Car Congress

Under the name “Green Wilhelmshaven,” Germany-based international energy company Uniper plans to establish a German national hub for hydrogen in Wilhelmshaven and is working on a corresponding feasibility study. Plans include an import terminal for green ammonia. The terminal will be equipped with an ammonia cracker for producing green hydrogen and will also be connected to the planned hydrogen network.

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Sinopec Capital to invest in and partner with LanzaTech; direct production of chemicals from wastes and residues

Green Car Congress

Sinopec Capital, as the industrial investment arm of Sinopec Group—one of the world’s largest integrated energy and chemicals companies—announced an investment in LanzaTech with a focus on promoting direct production of chemicals from waste carbon. Petrochemicals account for around 12% of global oil demand—a share that is expected to increase. LanzaTech’s platform takes pollution and recycles it, eliminating single-use carbon.

Waste 163

Karma GS-6 review, Aptera performance, EQS reveal, MX-30, hybrids before Prius: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

Which automaker has a Canadian compliance car with just 94 miles of range? Which plug-in hybrid isn’t staying on dealer lots because demand remains so strong? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending April 16, 2021.

Volkswagen launches ID.6 SUV in China, and only in China


Volkswagen has announced the launch of the new ID.6 all-electric SUV. The vehicle is a mainstay in the German automaker’s plan to infiltrate some of the Chinese electric vehicle market that has quickly established itself as one of the most competitive globally. Volkswagen’s ID.6

China 76

EAV Launches ‘2Charge’ Electric Ultra-Lightweight Commercial Vehicle in Conjunction with Spin

EV Obssesion

EAV to launch ‘2Charge’ electric ultra-lightweight commercial vehicle in conjunction with Spin for optimizing public hire e-scooter operations in the UK FIRST OF ITS KIND ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT VEHICLE IS AIMED AT E-SCOOTER COMPANIES NEEDING TO REDEPLOY E-SCOOTERS TO MEET DEMAND AND TO REPLACE BATTERIES.

Road Test: 2021 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited

Clean Fleet Report

Making a Case to Consider a Sedan. Great style. Drives as well as it looks. Gets more than 50 mpg. Now in its second year, the 2021 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid sets the bar high for five-passenger sedans. With the coupe-like design, the sleek lines will cause you to pause about buying a crossover SUV.

Quick Charge Podcast: April 17, 2021


Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from Electrek. Quick Charge is available now on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , TuneIn and our RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. more… The post Quick Charge Podcast: April 17, 2021 appeared first on Electrek. Electrek

Volkswagen Reveals ID.6 CROZZ And ID.6 X


It will be sold only in China

China 99

Kia Increased Sales of Electrified Vehicles & Registers Slight Q1 Growth

EV Obssesion

Kia’s European market share holds stable at 3.7

Kia 65

Watch Wicked Donuts Done With A Tesla Model 3


The Model 3 shreds those tires like crazy

Tesla 94

Sitting on the Electric Fence? MG offers additional £750 Incentive for Electric Car Newcomers

EV Obssesion

Test drive a new electric MG and get £750 off 10-day test drive event allows no-obligation road tests for potential EV converts Simply book a test drive and download the voucher Almost a third of new MGs sold so far in 2021 are pure electric All new MGs come with 7-Year Warranty The UK’s affordable EV […].

See Four GMC Hummer EVs Crab-Dancing In The Street


What just happened here

GMC 87

FBI taps Tesla Sentry Mode footage to help catch man behind alleged hate crimes


It appears that some members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are now becoming familiar with Tesla’s built-in security features like Sentry Mode, which allows vehicles to record videos from their cameras to actively monitor their surroundings.

General Motors Reveals EV Investment Map For U.S.


General Motors invests billions in electric vehicles, EV plants and battery plants in the U.S.

Feature: A Closer Look at the Kenguru EV

Clean Fleet Report

An Electric Car with a Special Purpose. It’s built for one type of passenger. The electric vehicle market has seen incredible growth in the past decade. There were 7.2 million EVs on the road in 2019, despite there being less than 20,000 in use just nine years earlier.

Should Police Cruisers Be Fully Electric Cars? Is It Economical?


There are plenty of advantages of using electric cars for police departments, but some argue they're too pricey

Humble One: World’s First Solar-Powered Production SUV

Get Electric Vehicle

We know that most carmakers are now moving to EVs and strategizing their future goals based on it, indicating that the global boom in electric vehicles is now a reality.

Solar 52

Lisbon Orders 10 Electric Ferries


Electric ferries have been available for years, but you don’t have see large orders for them (or any orders for them). Lisbon is shaking things up, though. It will be getting 10 electric ferries, with the internal muscle and brains coming from ABB.

Time For Police Cars To Be Electric


Originally published on Tesla Oracle & EV Annex. Is it time for police cruisers to ditch the internal combustion engine? Chief Paul Nikas thinks so — check out his eye-catching new cruiser for the Ipswich Police Department in Massachusetts. Yes, that’s an all-electric Tesla Model Y.

Rolling Back the Rollbacks: Putting Cars & Trucks Back on Track to Meeting Climate Goals


Courtesy of Union Of Concerned Scientists. By Dave Cooke, Senior vehicles analyst, Clean Vehicles Program The White House is getting ready to release the next round of targets for its commitment under the Paris Agreement.

Reasons to Buy Ford Mustang Mach-E, Tesla Model Y, or Volkswagen ID.4


The auto market is an interesting place. There is a tremendous amount of variation.

California Approves $44 Million for San Diego EV Charging


Originally published on the NRDC Expert Blog. By Miles Muller San Diego Gas & Electric will deploy roughly 2,000 new electric vehicle charging stations at apartment and workplaces across the San Diego region, under a $44 million program approved by the California Public Utilities Commission.

You Can Now Buy The New BYD E6 With Blade Battery In Zimbabwe


BYD Zimbabwe recently launched the T3 electric van in the Zimbabwean market. This made it the first company to introduce brand new electric vehicles in Zimbabwe.

The EQS vs EQC: Numbers Can’t Tell A Whole Story (and the U.S. Didn’t Miss Out)


In a recent story, I said that the Mercedes-Benz EQS appears to be the first truly serious EV offered by the company. It seems from the comments that many readers agree, and are happy to see that the vehicle looks to be a decent offering.

Former Google Self-Driving Chief Trolls Tesla Hard: “We Were Doing Better In 2010”


Wowza — that’s a top-tier troll comment to start the weekend. This autonomous driving space is getting especially saucy in 2021. There have been hot comments and battles in logic (ahem, lidar) in the past in this field, but recent snipes from Waymo CEO (until just this month) John Krafcik, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and […]. Autonomous Vehicles Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Green Economy Interviews Investment Aurora Aurora Innovation Chris Urmson Elon Musk Google robotaxis Tesla Waymo