Sun.May 01, 2022

Independent study confirms cost savings & emissions advantages for heavy-duty trucks running ClearFlame’s engine technology

Green Car Congress

ClearFlame Engine Technologies, a startup developing net-zero engine technology ( earlier post ), announced the publication of an independent study that finds ClearFlame’s technology could help fleet owners and other heavy-duty truck operators lower total costs while meeting sustainability goals sooner than currently available alternatives.

US plug-in vehicle sales hit a record high in Q1, led by Tesla and California

Green Car Reports

Electric vehicle sales were at a record level both in California and nationally, according to numbers released by the California Energy Commission and interpreted by the electric vehicle advocacy organization Veloz this past week.

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BMW outlines iFACTORY production strategy; transformation to e-mobility; Plant Debrecen first CO2-free plant

Green Car Congress

BMW’s iFACTORY production strategy defines the future orientation of plants and production technologies at the BMW Group and meets the challenges of the transformation to e-mobility. Automotive manufacturing of the future requires a new, holistic way of thinking.

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Tesla Giga Shanghai has resumed over 80% production


Tesla Giga Shanghai has resumed over 80% production along with several other companies, according to Chinese official Zhang Hongtao — the chief engineer of the Shanghai Economics and Information Technology Commission.

Nornickel and Rosatom sign cooperation agreement; possible lithium mining JV to develop Kolmozerskoye

Green Car Congress

Russia-based Nornickel, the world’s largest producer of palladium and high-grade nickel and a major producer of platinum and copper, has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom (Rosatom). The parties agreed to cooperate in several areas.

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Here are the best electric bikes you can buy at every price level in May 2022


Here at Electrek , we have spent countless hours performing detailed hands-on testing of hundreds of electric bicycles. This dedication to real world e-bike testing has helped us find the best electric bikes on the market for just about any budget.

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Umicore to supply high-nickel cathode materials to ACC in Europe

Green Car Congress

Umicore and Automotive Cells Company (ACC)—a joint company between Stellantis, Mercedes-Benz and TotalEnergies together with its subsidiary Saft—have signed a long-term strategic supply agreement for EV cathode materials in Europe. Umicore will supply ACC’s future large-scale European battery plants with next-generation high-nickel cathode materials out of its greenfield production plant in Nysa, Poland.

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Elon Musk NFT created to commemorate his aide to Ukraine during war


The Meta History: Museum of War has raised $850,000 so far from NFT-artworks to support Ukraine during the war. The NFT artwork included one special piece dedicated to the aid Elon Musk has provided the country during this turbulent time.

Dueling electric motorcycles set new cannonball run record in daring race across the US


Two electric motorcycles and their determined riders recently set off to strike a new cannonball run record, racing in opposing directions across the US in a bid to reach the opposite coast first.

DEED sets records

Electric Auto Association

More than 200 Drive Electric Earth Day events draw big numbers. Drive Electric Dayton’s Trotwood, Ohio DEED event at Trotwood-Madison High School. Drive Electric Earth Day (DEED), with more events across the U.S. and internationally in 2022 than ever before, was a success by all measures. “Of

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Next-Gen Alfa Giulia Imagined As Electric Crossover


The Giulia is going electric, but it could also be changing bodystyle

Utilities Are Taking an EV-industry Leadership Role


Utilities are emerging as dominant players in the global race to electric vehicle adoption beyond just the power supplier. Unlike many new entrants in the e-Mobility market, utilities are starting with significant competitive advantages: They are already in every single customer’s home.

2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance Shines In 70 MPH Range Test


The brand new car was able to cover 280 miles (451 km

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54% of States Had a 2021 BEV Sales Share of Less Than 2% — 2021 State EV Sales Data Now Available

EV Adoption

2021 was a huge year for overall electric vehicle sales in the US, but only California (13.4%) and the District of Columbia (11.2%) had a combined BEV and PHEV sales share of at least 10%.

Stellantis Will Produce Electric Cars In Serbia


The group intends to produce in Serbia a new electric model, starting in 2024

The Names of Leading Electric Cars


What’s in a name? Vehicle names have always been an important part of the mobility mystique. Fodder for songs: “Little Red Corvette” by Prince, “Roadrunner” by The Modern Lovers, and “Red Barchetta” by Rush, just to name a few.

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Tesla Model 3, 2 Years & 50K Miles: What Does Car And Driver Think?


Car and Driver helps you decide if you should buy a Tesla Model 3

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The End of the European ICE Age


A recent report from Boldt and Avere examined the state of progress of European automakers’ attitudes to the uptake of electric vehicles. Although there was some reluctance to go first, it appears now that there is a greater aversion to be the last to introduce and promote EVs.

$100K Tesla Model S Totaled In Crash: TeslaCam Footage Used As Evidence


A built-in dashcam can prove very valuable in proving your innocence

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Tesla Model 3 Owner Catches Body Shop Replacing His Car Parts After Renting It On Turo (Video)


A new video of a Tesla Model 3 has emerged on the video hosting platform TikTok that shows the owner of the car paying a surprise visit to a body shop only to find his rented out car with a replaced bumper and opened front trunk (frunk). Frank Valdez, who is a realtor, investor, and […].

Is Tesla's Sales Model Poised To Transform The Auto Industry?


Tesla has been breaking production and delivery records despite obstacles that are hindering the industry as a whole

5 Ways To Cut Oil & Gas Use Through Clean Transportation (Video)


There’s never been a better time to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Oil and gas prices are skyrocketing as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with gas prices exceeding $4 a gallon in the United States in March 2022 and more than $10 a gallon in other countries.

Tesla Model 3/Y White Interior: Does It Last? 2.5 Year Review


It looks good, but does it wear easily

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 Tesla’s Unconventional Sales Model Could Mark the End of Traditional Car Dealerships


As the world gradually shifts to electric vehicles, the auto industry is also beginning to witness the decline of the decades-old dealership model.

Tesla Thrives In Italy As Broader Plug-In Market Falls In March


Originally published on opportunity:energy. It was widely expected, and it’s finally happened. While most European car markets keep posting new records and continued monthly growth for plug-in car sales, Italy’s is getting stuck in a rout of its own doing.