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Japan team evaluates battery-assisted low-cost hydrogen production from solar energy

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Researchers from Japan’s NIMS (National Institute for Materials Science), the University of Tokyo and Hiroshima University have jointly conducted a techno-economic analysis for hydrogen production from photovoltaic power generation (PV) utilizing a battery-assisted electrolyzer.

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@LATimes Thanks For Hiring @Sammy_Roth To Cover Energy & Community Choice Power! Now Tell Us Why The Majority Of Eligible Cities Said NO To Choice & Cleaner Power #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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UC Berkeley team develops 3D printing with light: Computed Axial Lithography

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Researchers at UC Berkeley have developed a method—Computed Axial Lithography (CAL)—that can synthesize arbitrary geometries volumetrically through photopolymerization. In brief, it uses light to transform gooey liquids into complex solid objects in only a matter of minutes.

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Fuel Cell Technology: Is it really BS or what?

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Is fuel cell technology just an expensive distraction that diverts research and development dollars away from electric car battery research? Or are fuel cells a helpful tool for reducing global carbon emissions

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Volkswagen adds third tank to Polo and Golf natural gas models; new TGI engine for Golf

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Volkswagen has equipped its natural gas models of the Polo TGI and Golf TGI with a third natural gas tank made of specially coated, high-strength steel. The Golf’s tank has a volume of 23 liters and increases the total CNG tank volume to 115 liters, or 17.3

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Forget light poles, British firm to build chargers from cable boxes

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The future of electric-car charging may be down in the trenches. At least British broadband provider Liberty Global hopes so. The company, which owns Virgin Media, plans to start a pilot project using Virgin Media's cables and trenches that run to thousands of neighborhoods around Britain. Since they already have power, Liberty Global says they. charging

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MAN propane-fueled ME-LGIP to power Chinese VLGC

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Jiangnan Shipyard, owned by China State Shipbuilding Corp (CSSC), has ordered an LPG (liquefied propane gas)-burning MAN B&W 6G60ME-LGIP engine in connection with the building of an 86,000-m 3 VLGC (Very Large Gas Carrier) for Tianjin Southwest Maritime (TSM), the Chinese shipping company.

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Extreme E electric off-road racing series to begin in January 2021

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Brazilian professional racing driver and team owner Gil de Ferran and entrepreneur Alejandro Agag officially launched the new Extreme E all-electric racing series. De Ferran will serve as the Chairman of Extreme E; Agag is founder and CEO of Formula E.

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EPA adds climate skeptic to science board

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Science at the EPA has been a topic of much debate, and a lot of turmoil since President Trump took office. In that way, the addition of eight new members to the agency's much discussed Science Advisory Board isn't surprising. What may more surprising to some is the makeup of the new members announced Thursday. Most of the new members are. EPA air pollution

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Pertamina and Eni to collaborate on low-carbon products and renewable energies; Indonesian bio-refinery

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Pertamina and Eni signed a Memorandum of Understanding to investigates synergies of their respective technologies, expertises and know-how, for jointly evaluating new collaboration opportunities in the areas of circular economy, driver for strategic development for Eni and its subsidiaries Syndial (Environment) and Versalis (Chemicals). The parties are willing to discuss collaboration opportunities in low-carbon products and renewable energies development.

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Commentary: Tesla races to outrun perfect storm from tax credit, production, cost hurdles

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Tesla's earnings call on Wednesday showed the company making money—but struggling to keep doing so. Based Tesla's financial reports as well as its recent moves to restructure its model lineup and cut prices in response to a cut in federal tax credits for its buyers, there are a few things that must keep CEO Elon Musk up at night: The company. Elon Musk

Top five things we learned this week…

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Notice anything? If you’re a regular reader of our newsfeed, we’re sure you’ll already be aware that it’s been a big week for us

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Tesla squeeze, broadband charging, EV education, EPA science: Today's Car News

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The British parent of Virgin Media plans to use Virgin's broadband wiring to build public electric-car charging stations. Electric-car charging info site Chargeway sets up its first installations in Portland, Oregon. And the EPA appointed a noted skeptic of climate action. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Portland, Oregon, startup Chargeway. EPA charging Today in Car News