Wed.Dec 26, 2018

@LATimes I learned in High School During the 70s That Coal Miners Get Black Lung. When Are YOU Going To Learn that Coal Miners Are Assassins With No Regard For Their Victims? #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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Forget big V-8s and diesels: Why electric trucks will be great for towing

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Pickups in the U.S. are often sold on the bragging rights of numbers—not the Olympic-sprinter acceleration times and top-speed numbers that sell performance cars, but in how high they can tip the scales in strongman-contest pulling and hauling tasks. For that, the electric pickups on the way from Tesla, Rivian, and others, provided they can. Pickups towing

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Democrats Reoccurring Dream Of Another Great White Hope Gives Mediocre Man Meteoric Media #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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2018 130

Columbia team organizes available scientific evidence on the effects of air pollution on children’s health

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Researchers at Columbia University, with colleagues at Boston University and Abt Associates, have identified concentration-response (C-R) functions for a number of adverse health outcomes in children associated with air pollutants largely from fossil fuel combustion. A paper on their work is published in journal Environmental Research.

2018 85

UX small crossover could spawn fully electric Lexus, trademark move suggests

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Although Toyota isn’t in any big hurry to develop and push out electric vehicles to its dealerships—especially in the U.S., as recent executive comments have suggested—there might be a different trajectory planned for electrifying Lexus showrooms. In a trademark filing earlier this month, found by AutoGuide, Toyota Motor

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Hyundai Motor introducing smart fingerprint technology for vehicles; unlocking and starting

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Hyundai Motor Company announced the first smart fingerprint technology that allows drivers not only to unlock doors but also to start the vehicle. Hyundai plans to implement the technology initially in Santa Fe SUV model that is to be released in select markets on the first quarter of 2019. To unlock the vehicle, the driver need to place a finger on the sensor located on the door handle.

2018 83

Chargepoint partners with Greenlots to expand access for drivers

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Forget five-minute fill-ups. What seems to drive many electric car drivers crazy is making sure the charger they find has the right connector, how fast the charger is (in kilowatts), and whether they have the right credentials to activate it. Without a single one of these parameters, you may not be able to charge. With most charging done at home. Charging Networks ChargePoint Network

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What are your hopes for plug-in cars in 2019?

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People wish for all kinds of things. When it comes to electric cars, there are several types of things green car fans may wish for to get more such cars on the road, from easier charging to more tax credits, to more types of models. Our Twitter poll for this annual time of reflection between Christmas and New Year's asks respondents to weigh which. tax credit Polls

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