Mon.May 30, 2022

Dalhousie researchers find low-voltage NMC532 cells have higher energy density than LFP, very long lifetime

Green Car Congress

Researchers led by Professor Jeff Dahn at Dalhousie University in Canada report that low-voltage NMC cells—particularly those balanced and charged to 3.8V rather than ≥4.2V—show —show better coulombic efficiency, less capacity fade and higher energy density compared to LFP cells and are projected to yield lifetimes approaching a century at 25 °C. An open-access paper on their work is published in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society. Single crystal Li[Ni 0.5 Mn 0.3

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Star Wars and electric vanlife converge in ID.Buzz show cars

Green Car Reports

Volkswagen has rolled out two ID.Buzz electric vans steeped in Star Wars—and part of a collaboration with Lucasfilm and the recent debut of the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” series on Disney+. Like the series, the ID.Buzz is arriving later than originally anticipated.

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Mixing crumb rubber from recycled tires with bitumen halves rate of sun damage to roads

Green Car Congress

New research has found that mixing rubber from used tires with bitumen can halve the rate of sun damage to roads. Researchers at RMIT University in Australia collaborated with Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) to discover the ideal blend that is both UV-resistant and withstands traffic loads, with the potential to save governments millions on road maintenance annually.

Elon Musk lauds China for leading the world in renewable energy and EVs


Elon Musk has given credit to China for its hard work in renewable energy and electric vehicles. The Tesla CEO’s points were shared on both Twitter and Weibo. Few seem to realize that China is leading the world in renewable energy generation and electric vehicles.

CATL to supply LFP batteries with Cell-to-Pack technology to Solaris

Green Car Congress

CATL will supply lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries equipped with novel Cell-to-Pack (CTP) technology to Solaris to power its bus models in a bid to facilitate bus electrification. CATL’s LFP battery system features exceptionally long battery life and high thermal stability. By removing the conventional module packaging, the CTP technology increases the battery energy density and payload of the e-bus, making it a good option for sustainable city transportation.

Elon Musk finally names Tesla’s main rival—and it’s way bigger than the auto industry


It’s easy to fall into the Tesla vs. legacy auto narrative. Since the days of the original Roadster, it appeared that Tesla was this company that was determined to make a change by forcing the automotive industry to go electric.

DeLorean’s Alpha5 EV is a gull-winged sport coupe that does 0-88mph in 4.35s


DeLorean has released the first non-teaser images of their upcoming electric vehicle, along with a model name: Alpha5. The car’s official public release will come tonight, Monday, at 9pm Pacific time , and DeLorean plans to show it at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 18. more….

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Tesla and others lobby for federal funding of charging infrastructure for electric trucks


Tesla, along with other EV companies and environmental groups, is lobbying for some of the federal funding going to EV charging infrastructure to be used to deploy charging stations for electric trucks. more….

Tesla showrooms in Shanghai to reopen after restrictions lift on June 1


Tesla showrooms and other Shanghai businesses are expected to reopen and resume work after the city’s new rules take effect on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. Local Shanghai officials stated that the city would eliminate the whitelist that companies need to qualify for to resume work and production.

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Aptera has more than 22,000 reservations for its solar electric car with up to 1,000 miles of range


Aptera announced that it has now received more than 22,000 reservations for its solar-powered electric car, which get to 1,000 miles of range, as it gets closer to production. more….

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Goldman Sachs predicts price drop for key battery metals like cobalt, nickel, and lithium


Prices for key battery materials may have been rising as of late, but Goldman Sachs believes that some price drops are in order. The prediction was outlined by Goldman analysts Nicholas Snowdon and Aditi Rai in a note on Sunday.

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World’s first flying electric taxi boat, the Candela P-8 Voyager, unveiled in Venice


Stockholm-based Candela , the world leader in hydrofoil electric boats that fly above the surface of the water to consume significantly less energy, has just unveiled its newest electric watercraft: the Candela P-8 Voyager.

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Stellantis partners with Toyota on large commercial van with electric variants


On Monday, May 30, Stellantis and Toyota Motor Europe (TME) announced the launch of a large-sized light commercial van (LCV) for Europe. Stellantis will build the large LCV, and it will be sold in Europe using the Toyota badge. The companies have teamed up in the past on a compact-and mid-sized LCV.

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Tesla needs to deliver on promise to deploy solar and batteries at Supercharger stations


Elon Musk has long promised that Tesla will deploy solar and batteries to all its Supercharger stations in order to reduce their dependence on the grid. It has yet to happen, and now we are seeing some examples of why it should happen sooner rather than later. more….

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Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai has reached 70% of its pre-lockdown weekly output levels: report


Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai has effectively reached 70% of its pre-lockdown weekly output levels. The milestone came as Tesla added a second shift of workers to augment Giga Shanghai’s vehicle production capabilities.

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Velotric Discover 1: $400 Off This Value City Cruiser eBike [Video]


The Velotric Discover 1 is a great value electric city cruiser with surprising quality given the entry to mid level price. There’s so much to love about this bike, but the look, is undoubtedly the first positive impression. The Discover 1 has a wonderful build that blends utility and aesthetics.

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DeLorean Alpha5 Electric GT Takes Revived Brand To The Future


DeLorean is back with a big 2+2 coupe that can cover 300 miles on a single charge and sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds

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Olympian Motors company is making Electric car.

Electric Vehicles India

Olympian Motors is making old-style cars into Electric cars as we all know till today everyone is passionate about buying a classic model but due to limited production, they cant people cant make their dream true. and we all know classic models cars ruled the Automobile industry in old days.

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General Motors Wants Fleet Customers To Buy EVs, Not ICE


The company’s fleet department has reportedly managed to get 370 companies to order 85,000 Chevrolet Silverado EV work trucks

Guoxuan semi-solid state batteries ready for mass production

Push EVs

The Chinese battery maker partly owned by Volkswagen, Guoxuan, also known as Gotion Hi-Tech will start mass producing its first generation of semi-solid state battery cells later this year. Let’s see some details of Guoxuan’s first generation semi-solid state battery packs.

Normal Firefighters Put Out A Battery Fire Inside The Rivian Plant


Nobody was hurt but the Normal Fire Department asked for backup from nearby Bloomington

New DeLorean EV brings Green Power Back to the Future

Green Authority

DeLorean Motor Company has officially revealed its upcoming EV, the Alpha5. It’s an all-new take on the classic stainless steel-clad sports car made famous by the Back to the Future film trilogy. While it may not have a nuclear reactor, it does has two gullwing doors revealing four seats.

Nissan US Dealers Told To Stop Taking New Orders For 2023 Ariya


Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta explains that it is better to limit orders to what can realistically be delivered in a timely manner

Tesla’s Elon Musk shares his support for past candidates, explains why he’s voting Republican in November


Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared some interesting tidbits about his past political leanings, as well as the reason why he’s voting Republican this coming November. Musk posted his thoughts about the matter on Twitter this Monday.

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£30,495 Ora Funky Cat First Edition To Kickstart UK Sales This Fall


The electric compact hatchback will be called Ora Funky Cat in the UK and will launch the EV-only brand in the market

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Tesla Model 3 Bootcamp 2022 with Tesla Owners Club of Australia


Written by David Waterworth from notes by attendee Paul Wildman Tesla Model 3 Bootcamp 2022 was TOCA’s first Bootcamp since 2019, due to the pandemic and other time demands. How the world has changed for EV enthusiasts in the last 3 years!

Harley-Davidson's Serial 1 Introduces The BASH/MTN Electric Mountain Bike


This rugged electric mountain bike is ready to take you beyond the confines of the urban jungle

Civil Society Calls on EU Policymakers to Support More Ambitious Car & Van CO2 Targets


Electric cars are crucial to significantly and rapidly reduce our oil consumption, say 51 NGOs from 12 countries ahead of crucial vote on raising emissions standards. Originally published on Transport & Environment.

New Teslas Not Delivered Due To Charging Port ECU Shortage


The vehicles are fully assembled otherwise, but they need this one missing part to be completed

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Indy 500 — Will Gasoline Alley Become Electric Avenue?


Is the Indy 500 ready for electric race cars? Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles indy 500 racing

Rivian R1T Owner Attempts To Calculate Real-World Off-Road Range


He takes his very own R1T on a 100-mile off-road drive and then tallies up the numbers

Range 107

Clean Technology Activities Can Be A Small Part Of The Solution To School Violence


Like all of our readers, I’m pretty sad right now, and that’s an understatement. The horrible mix of emotions that comes with hearing about what happened in Uvalde, Texas is indescribable, but I don’t have to describe it because you’re experiencing it too.

Tesla Model 3 After One Year And 9,000 Miles: What You Need To Know


If you're considering a Tesla Model 3, this couple has plenty of details that could prove helpful

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Ford Joins First Movers Coalition, An Effort To Reduce Impact Of Metal Production


Ford recently announced that it is joining the First Movers Coalition, an initiative that aims to get large companies to adopt clean technologies early so they can get off the ground faster.

Strom Unveils The City M 2.0, A Practical And Affordable City E-Bike


Timeless styling meets modern-day technology

Volkswagen Is Planning An Electric Station Wagon, The ID.7 Tourer


Remember the Volkswagen ID Vizzion concept? It regularly appeared alongside ID.3 and ID.Buzz prototypes, and like most early designs, looked pretty exotic. And, like most designs as they move from auto show to final production version, the design has become more tame over time. But unlike the ID.3

Report: Tesla Giga Shanghai Plant Restores 70% Of Pre-Lockdown Output


Full capacity might be achieved in June

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