Thu.Feb 03, 2022

MIT engineers create 2D polymer that self-assembles into sheets

Green Car Congress

Using a novel polymerization process, MIT chemical engineers have created a new two-dimensional polymer that self-assembles into sheets, unlike all other polymers which form one-dimensional chains. Until now, scientists had believed it was impossible to induce polymers to form 2D sheets.

GM aims for 400,000 EVs through 2023, confirms Silverado EV at more than 110,000 reservations

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General Motors plans to deliver 400,000 EVs through 2023, CEO Mary Barra said during a financial call detailing the automaker's 2021 financial results.


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Researchers detect broad range of emerging synthetic antioxidants in dust in e-waste recyling centers

Green Car Congress

Manufacturers add synthetic antioxidants to plastics, rubbers and other polymers to make them last longer. However, the health effects of these compounds, and how readily they migrate into the environment, are largely unknown.

Waste 343

Jaguar will get its own "absolutely bespoke" EV platform called Panthera, CEO reveals

Green Car Reports

Jaguar will get its own EV platform under Jaguar Land Rover's Reimagine electrification plan, JLR CEO Thierry Bolloré said in an interview with Autocar published Tuesday. Called Panthera, the new platform will be "absolutely bespoke," Bolloré said.

Forth and Mobility Development partner to launch national EV carsharing program; affordable model for underserved communities

Green Car Congress

Forth and Mobility Development Group are creating a national partnership to launch the Affordable Mobility Platform (AMP), which will establish electric vehicle (EV) carsharing based at affordable housing sites in at least five states over the next two years.

Quick spin: 2022 Ford E-Transit van makes all-electric fit for the upfit

Green Car Reports

Even as companies see an electric shift of their van fleets as a net positive, they face a tricky coexistence: making the most of them alongside the gas and diesel vans that keep trucking.

Fleet 131

Ford posted record electrified vehicle sales in January

Green Car Congress

Ford electrified vehicle sales in January grew almost 4 times faster than the overall electrified segment. With a total of 13,169 vehicles sold, Ford electrified vehicles were up 167.2, with share up 5.0 points to 10.9% of segment. The Mustang family of vehicles, Mustang and the all-electric Mach-E, produced sales of 8,041—up 76.3% over last year. Mustang Mach-E sales totaled 2,370, while turning on dealer lots in just 14 days, with a mix of 27.3 percent GT.

Sale 244

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FREYR Battery concludes frame agreements for > 90% of raw material requirements for initial plants in Mo i Rana

Green Car Congress

FREYR Battery has entered into nine frame agreements with key suppliers for the supply of battery materials required for the Customer Qualification Plant (CQP) being built in Mo i Rana, Norway. The remaining four frame agreements are in the final stages of negotiations.

Norway 217

SpaceX launches third Falcon 9 rocket in 72 hours, breaks fairing reuse record


In one fell swoop, SpaceX has successfully launched the third Falcon 9 rocket in less than 72 hours, broken payload fairing reusability record, and placed the 2000th operational Starlink satellite in orbit.

Russia 114

Toyota Research Institute succeeds in programming vehicle to drift autonomously around obstacles

Green Car Congress

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) researchers have successfully programmed a vehicle to drift autonomously around obstacles on a closed track—a world first.

Toyota 217

Tesla Gigafactory Texas’ solar panel installation sees quick progress


Just days since reports emerged that the first solar panels in Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas facility were being set up, the number of solar panels that have already been installed at the roof of the massive electric vehicle production facility has grown significantly. .

Texas 113

Koenigsegg introduces Quark Raxial Flux motor, David inverter and Terrier torque-vectoring e-drive unit

Green Car Congress

Koenigsegg is continuing its in-house technology development and advanced electromobility component offerings.

Motor 217

Tesla applies to build giant new cathode factory for battery production next to ‘Gigafactory Texas’


Tesla has applied to build a giant new facility, seemingly to produce cathode materials for battery manufacturing, next to “Gigafactory Texas” in Austin.

Austin 112

Volvo Cars global sales drop 20.2% in January; electrified cars accounted for 31.7% of total

Green Car Congress

Volvo Cars reported sales of 47,561 cars in January, a decline by 20.2% compared with the same month last year. While production has continued to gradually improve, retail deliveries were held back due to an increase of cars in transit. The supply situation continues to ease, but component shortages will remain a constraining factor, the company said. Sales of Volvo Cars’ Recharge (electrified) models increased by 11.5% in January year-on-year to 15,071 units, accounting for 31.7%

Porsche Taycan outsells all ICE cars in Norway, EVs take 83.7% market share in Jan.


More Porsche Taycans were sold in Norway than internal-combustion-engine (ICE) cars in January 2022. The Taycan outsold fossil-fueled vehicles like the Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic. Porsche sold 185 vehicles in total last month.

CATL and TES join forces to deliver after-sales services on battery products

Green Car Congress

China-based battery giant CATL has selected technology lifecycle solutions company TES to deliver after-sales services for its battery products. This initial agreement will see TES Sustainable Battery Solutions service CATL’s clients, who use its energy storage solutions in 12 countries within Asia-Pacific (APAC). The rollout will be delivered over three phases, providing after-sales services to CATL’s clients.

Tesla updates Supercharger map with many new upcoming stations and timelines


Tesla has released an updated version of its Supercharger map with many new upcoming stations added and updated timelines for expected completion. The automaker aims to triple the size of its Supercharger network.

Tesla 112

Ford partners with Sunrun to create home energy system centered on F-150 Lightning


Ford and Sunrun are working together to create a home energy storage solution that’s centered around the F-150 Lightning.

F-150 109

Candela’s flying electric speed boats are expanding further around the world


Stockholm-based Candela’s hydrofoil electric boats are renowned for their ability to efficiently fly across the surface of the water. Now they’re flying even further around the world as the company continues its international expansion.

Lucid begins DreamDrive wide roll out: Release Notes (Part 1)


Lucid has started rolling out Software Version 1.1.4, which contains new features for DreamDrive, the company’s ultra-intuitive advanced driver assistance system.

Parts 94

After only 4 years, this Texas-based electric scooter company just sold its millionth scooter


The electric scooter company GOTRAX has just announced a major milestone: selling one million electric scooters. And it accomplished it in just four years of operations.

Texas 103

Tesla files for cathode plant at Gigafactory Texas for battery production


Tesla applied for a permit to extend Gigafactory Texas with a building to produce cathodes for battery production. The Giga Texas cathode plant will likely contribute to Tesla’s 4680 production plans in Austin. .

Texas 83

These countries pay people to ride bicycles and e-bikes to work. Shouldn’t the US too?


It may sound foreign to Americans, but being paid to cycle to work on a pedal bicycle or electric bike is common in many countries. more… The post These countries pay people to ride bicycles and e-bikes to work. Shouldn’t the US too? appeared first on Electrek.

Tesla to release over-the-air software update to fix seat belt chime malfunction on 817k cars


Tesla is rolling out an over-the-air software update to fix a seat belt chime issue that may result in drivers not being aware that they are not buckled in.

GM continues to pepper the EV world with more news (albeit few cars) in earnings report


We need an electric Camaro just to keep up with the news cycle over at General Motors (GM). Following its annual and Q4 earnings report, GM has shared further news about its electrification strategy which includes updates to already announced EVs, as well as hints to a new one.

What to Expect from Ford’s Q4 2021 Earnings Call Today


Ford Motor Company ( NYSE: F) will report its Q4 2021 Earnings today.

Ford 83

Tesla has to ‘recall’ 817,143 vehicles due to seat belt reminder problem, fix is an over-the-air software update


Tesla has to ‘recall’ 817,000 vehicles, but fortunately for the company, the problem is another one that can simply be fixed with an over-the-air software update. The problem is the seat belt reminder alert can fail to activate under some conditions.

IIHS to develop nighttime AEB evaluation after study finds emergency braking systems make no difference in the dark


A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that pedestrian crash rates were lower when vehicles were equipped with pedestrian automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems.

2019 83

Jaguar introduces premium ‘Black Pack’ option for I-Pace with gloss black 22?wheels, rear spoiler, air suspension, and Amazon Alexa


Jaguar has shared a new premium upgrade option to its I-Pace electric SUV that delivers gloss black finishes to much of its exterior, in addition to a rear spoiler and air suspension. Furthermore, Amazon Alexa voice control has now been integrated into Jaguar vehicles, beginning with the I-Pace.

SUV 83

SpaceX’s first converted Falcon Heavy booster already preparing for next launch


SpaceX has rapidly recovered the first converted Falcon Heavy ‘side core’ after its first Falcon 9 launch and landing, kicking off preparations for its fourth launch less than two days after its third.

As 3G service begins to shutdown, JuiceBar is offering a ‘Trade Up Program’ to replace other companies’ dated EV chargers with 4G models


North American charging network JuiceBar is looking to expand its footprint of 4G EV chargers by swooping in to replace 3G models that will soon become obsolete.

AI and Machine Learning Salaries Drop

Cars That Think

Overall, 2021 was a good year for tech professionals in the United States, with the average salary up 6.9 percent to US $104,566, according to online recruitment firm Dice. Dice released these numbers last month as part of its annual Tech Salary Report.

Austin 106

Lightning eMotors enters into agreement with GM to electrify Class 3 to 6 commercial vehicle platforms


Lightning eMotors , a specialist in purpose-built commercial EVs and electric conversions, has announced a new agreement with General Motors (GM).

Norwegian Startup Fresco Shows Eight-Seater 1,000-Km / 620-Mile EV


The company’s new vehicle is not a sedan, but a large crossover/people carrier called XL

The European Commission wants to label nuclear and gas as ‘green’ – and many say that’s greenwashing


The European Commission wants to label some natural gas and nuclear power plants as sustainable, calling them “transitional” sources of energy in rules proposed yesterday.

Power 83

Competition Spurs Robotics and AI Innovations for Maritime Challenges

Cars That Think

This is a sponsored article brought to you by MBZIRC Maritime Grand Challenge. Strategies for driving innovation, whether on the corporate or the sovereign-state level, is wrought with challenges.

GEN3’s OutCross fat tire e-bike sees first discount to $1,400, more in New Green Deals


While normal e-bikes are great for simple communtes, if there’s dirt, sand, or other obstacles in the way of reaching your destination, traditional offers might not be up to the task.

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