Fri.Dec 31, 2021

Samsung SDI launches battery brand PRiMX; high nickel cathode, silicon anode

Green Car Congress

Samsung SDI has launched its battery brand PRiMX (pronounced as Praimax). PRiMX stands for ‘Prime Battery for Maximum Experience.’ The brand was developed under the three keywords, ‘Absolute Quality,’ ‘Outstanding Performance,’ and ‘Proven Advantage.’. Samsung SDI has strengthened quality control for the whole process from battery development to manufacturing and shipping.

Lightyear Two: More affordable solar-supplemented EV coming in 2025 with subscription options

Green Car Reports

The Lightyear One solar-supplemented electric car hasn't started production, but its Dutch maker is already planning a second, more-affordable model.


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Tesla recalling 119K Model S MY 2014-2021, 356K Model 3 MY 2017-2020 EVs

Green Car Congress

Tesla is recalling some 475,000 of its vehicles to address defects in design/assembly. The largest recall is for all Model Year 2017 to 2020 Model 3 vehicles—potentially 356,309 units. The defect with the Model 3 is that the trunk harness is equipped with a solid-core coaxial cable that provides the rearview camera feed for visibility on the center display. The coaxial cable extends or folds as the trunk opens and closes.

2020 257

Tesla Model 3 will be Europe’s best-selling EV of 2021


The Tesla Model 3 will undoubtedly be named Europe’s best-selling electric vehicle of 2021, based on data provided by registration trackers. The Model 3 is Tesla’s first mass-market vehicle, and it was eventually followed by the company’s Model Y crossover.

Business Finland awards Keliber €7M to improve environmental protection in lithium hydroxide production

Green Car Congress

Business Finland has granted Keliber Technology Oy, a Finnish mining and battery chemical company that aims to start the sustainable production of battery-grade lithium hydroxide utilizing its own ore, investment funding of a maximum of €7 million. The funds are designated for the acquisition of technology that significantly improves environmental protection in lithium hydroxide production and also enables the utilization of a side stream from production.

Tesla’s Model 3 and Model S recall expands to China for ‘security risks’


Tesla is recalling Model 3 and Model S vehicles in China, citing “security risks,” China’s market regulator said on Friday, December 31.

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Sumitomo to develop ammonia-fueled bulker with Oshima, explore ammonia fuel business with Keppel

Green Car Congress

Sumitomo Corporation will launch a full-scale project to design and develop an ammonia-fueled dry bulk carrier jointly with Oshima Shipbuilding Co., The ship is expected to be 229m in length, with a beam of 32m and deadweight of 80,0000-81,000MT. Speed is to be 14.3 knots.

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McMaster team reviews progress on hybrid-specific engine technologies

Green Car Congress

A team from McMaster University in Canada has published a comprehensive review of recent progress in low-temperature combustion (LTC), alternative fuels (AF), over-expansion Atkinson cycle, and waste heat recovery (WHR) techniques as applied to hybrid-specific engines. Their open-access paper is published in the journal Energy Reports.

Engine 174

SpaceX closes out 2021 with $1.85 billion in new funding


On the eve of the last day of 2021, SEC filings show that SpaceX has secured another $337 million, bringing the total funding the company has raised this year to approximately $1.85 billion.

Scotland missed 100% clean electricity consumption in 2020 by only 1.4%


In 2011, Scotland set a target of reaching 100% clean electricity consumption in 2020. And last year, the country almost reached its target – 98.6% of gross electricity consumption came from renewable sources, according to the Scottish government’s December energy statement.

2020 114

Schrödinger’s Tardigrade Claim Incites Pushback

Cars That Think

“I don’t like it, and I’m sorry I had anything to do with it,” the physicist Erwin Schrödinger supposedly said of the quantum theory.

Tesla in 2022 is going to be about growth and battery cells


When I think about what Tesla’s upcoming 2022 year is going to look like, I think it will revolve around growth, much like 2021. But there will also be a renewed focus on securing battery cells in an even more competitive landscape.

Report: Tesla Giga Austin To Start Production Next Week


Will it beat Giga Berlin

Austin 112

Riding your electric bike this winter? Read these important tips from the experts first!


Did you just get a new e-bike for the holidays? Or have you already been riding all year but now find yourself met with the cold new reality of winter e-biking? Here are tips from several e-bike manufacturers to get the most out of your e-bike and your winter riding experience.

Why Are They Installing Charging Points Up There On Utility Poles?


Are those better than ground stations

Ola CEO claims it has dispatched all pre-ordered electric scooters, customers disagree


Ola’s CEO Bhavish Aggarwal took to Twitter this morning to announce that the company has now dispatched all of the electric scooters that have been reserved. But many customers disagreed, quickly calling out the CEO.

Watch This Tesla Model Y Rescue A BMW M3 Stuck In The Snow


Interestingly, the BMW M3 had winter tires, while the Tesla did not

BMW 106

Tesla’s trunk latch and rear camera recalls extend to 200,000 more vehicles in China


Tesla has started two recalls of almost 500,000 vehicles in the US due to a problem with its trunk latch and reverse camera. Now we learn that the same recalls are extending to 200,000 more vehicles in China.

China 100

What's Going On With The Tesla Semi?


The big question remains, when will the production ramp begin

Podcast: What 2022 holds for Tesla and electric vehicles


This week on the Electrek Podcast , we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, but this episode is a little different since we look forward to the future at what Tesla’s year could look like in 2022 as well as all the other electric vehicles coming next year.

Europe: Plug-In Cars Captured 26% Market Share In November 2021


The #1 seller for the year is already decided, but the race for #2 between the Volkswagen ID.3 and Renault ZOE is still on

Super73 pulls out of CES amid growing Omicron concerns, delays potential electric motorcycle


Electric bicycle manufacturer Super73 has become the latest company to pull out CES 2022. The news calls into question the potential unveiling of an electric motorcycle from the company.

Report: Several Tesla Model Y Spotted Leaving Giga Berlin Plant


All black, Performance versions. Will they be crash-tested

Tesla 97

Final Drive: 2021 Polestar 1 PHEV

Clean Fleet Report

Powerful, Sleek, Plug-in Hybrid Luxury Coupe. Not the End, But a New Beginning. The Polestar 1, launched in 2019, was the first car released from what once was the performance division of Volvo.


Smart EQ ForFour Production Comes To An End


The brand will get an all-new crossover/SUV in 2022

SUV 96

Nissan Celebrates 35 Years Of Production in England With Electric Bluebird

EV Obssesion

Nissan has been selling cars in England for a long time, far more than 35 years. After starting out only selling 6,000 cars in 1971, they eventually got far past 100,000 cars annually by the 1980s.

PlugShare Celebrates Over 1 Million Downloads in 2021


They've accumulated 3.8 million reviews of public charging locations

The Minigun Tesla Is Cool, But Real Military EVs Are Sorely Needed In 2022


A few weeks ago, I came across a fun video on social media. The Black Rifle Coffee Company installed a pair of miniguns on a Tesla: There’s a much longer version of the video that goes into great detail on everything they did to the Model X, but long story short, the vehicle was not […].

Moscow's 1,000th Electric Bus Hits The Streets


No more new diesels and 600 more BEVs coming in 2022, towards a 100% zero-emission fleet by 2030

Fleet 92

EV Buyer Opts For Lucid Air After Mercedes Dealer Adds $50,000 Markup To EQS


Dealerships are going to cost automakers EV customers if they keep this up. I’ve shared a couple of horror stories that Ford customers have shared with us while also sharing what a Ford salesman thought of some of the horror stories. However, Ford isn’t alone with this problem.

EVs Coming In 2022, BMW, Batteries, And More: EV News Dec. 30


As the year comes to an end, there's never a shortage of interesting EV news

BMW 88

The Top Electric Vehicles In World During Record Sales Month


Global plugin vehicle registrations were up 72% in November 2021 compared to November 2020. There were 721,000 registrations (or 11.5% share of the overall auto market), establishing a new global record for PEV sales.


China: Entry-Level Tesla Model 3/Model Y Prices Go Up


The estimated delivery time for the base cars is 12-16 weeks

Price 87

Tesla Semi Truck – The Latest Developments


News about the Tesla Semi Truck has slowed down in recent weeks, but development is moving fast! Clean Transport Electric Vehicles electric semi-trucks electric trucks Tesla Tesla Gigafactory 1 Tesla Semi

China: Daimler Reduces Its Share In Denza JV With BYD


Under BYD, Denza intends to launch new models in 2022

BYD 86

That Inedible Dish Called the EU Taxonomy — Greenwashing Galore


Greenwashing is not a problem for the green transition, it is THE problem. Originally published on Transport & Environment. By Luca Bonaccorsi, Director, Sustainable Finance Imagine you’ve worked hard on your favourite recipe. Flour, eggs, milk, sugar, chocolate and pears.…

Tesla Model S Plaid To Get Track Mode In OTA Software Update


It might be released soon, according to a report

Tesla 81