Wed.Nov 24, 2021

DHL Express is piloting first hydrogen truck throughout Deutsche Post DHL Group

Green Car Congress

DHL Express is the first within Deutsche Post DHL Group to test hydrogen-fueled trucks for the long haul.

Hyundai Seven concept sets the board for future of Hyundai and Ioniq EVs

Green Car Reports

Hyundai's future is going to look like a chess set, and with everything from rook and bishop to knight and king, it'll all be tied together. That's according to Hyundai design boss, Simon Loasby.


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Researchers show economic, environmental and grid-resilience benefits of converting diesel trains to battery-electric

Green Car Congress

In the US, diesel freight trains emit 35 million metric tons of CO 2 annually and produce air pollution that leads to $6.5 billion in health costs, resulting in an estimated 1,000 premature deaths each year.

Precept concept is becoming Polestar 5, due in 2024

Green Car Reports

The Polestar Precept concept will morph into a new flagship dubbed Polestar 5, scheduled for a 2024 launch, Polestar announced Tuesday. Confirmation came with the release of the third of a series of videos on the Precept concept's design.

DoD to prototype commercial hybrid conversion kits for tactical vehicles; XL Fleet and Volta Power

Green Car Congress

The US Army’s Project Manager Transportation Systems (PM TS), part of Program Executive Office for Combat Support & Combat Service Support (PEO CS&CSS), has partnered with the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to prototype a hybrid conversion kit for tactical vehicles.

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Tesla unveils $20,000 Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit for Model S Plaid


Tesla has unveiled the first new track-ready accessory kit for Model S Plaid: a $20,000 Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit. more… The post Tesla unveils $20,000 Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit for Model S Plaid appeared first on Electrek.

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WinGD says its engines will be able to run on methanol from 2024 and ammonia from 2025

Green Car Congress

Swiss engine designer WinGD, a leading developer of two-stroke low-speed gas and diesel engines used for propulsion power in merchant shipping, said that its engines will be able to run on methanol and ammonia from 2024 and 2025 respectively.

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BMW i Ventures invests in Upstream Security to accelerate the development of connected vehicle cybersecurity solutions

Green Car Congress

Israel-based automotive cybersecurity and data management company Upstream Security recently closed a Series C round which includes BMW i Ventures as a new investor.

Tesla is offering free Supercharging in off-peak hours to help alleviate holiday traffic


Tesla announced that it is offering free Supercharging during off-peak hours in California to help alleviate holiday traffic and avoid long wait times at Superchargers.

BAE Systems introduces next-gen HybriGen Power and Propulsion system for marine applications

Green Car Congress

BAE Systems has launched its next-generation power and propulsion system for the marine market.

Learn about EV battery recycling breakthroughs in this free 15-minute webinar


More than 1 million electric vehicles are now driving on US roads. What will happen when those cars go out of service? The plan is to recycle their batteries. more… The post Learn about EV battery recycling breakthroughs in this free 15-minute webinar appeared first on Electrek.

Renault Group takes 21% stake in axial flux e-motor company Whylot

Green Car Congress

Renault Group has acquired a 21% minority stake in Whylot , a company based in the Lot region of France that has developed an innovative axial flux automotive e-motor. This acquisition of a stake in the French start-up reinforces the existing strategic partnership between the two companies.

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IONITY and Blackrock investing €700 million to add 5,500 new fast chargers across Europe


European charging network IONITY has announced a major investment of €700 million to expand its number of fast chargers across the continent. The ensemble joint venture between several major automakers will more than quadruple its current footprint from 1,500 fast chargers to 7,000 by 2025.

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Volvo Cars Tech Fund invests in optical and imaging technology start-up Spectralics

Green Car Congress

Volvo Cars has invested in the optical and imaging technology start-up Spectralics through the Volvo Cars Tech Fund, the company’s venture capital investment arm. The investment gives Volvo Cars access to promising technology at an early stage of development.

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Elon Musk has now unloaded about $10 billion of Tesla (TSLA) stock


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has sold more Tesla (TSLA) stock this week, bringing the total he has now unloaded to about $10 billion. More sales are expected to come. more… The post Elon Musk has now unloaded about $10 billion of Tesla (TSLA) stock appeared first on Electrek.

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FREYR Battery joins Fair Cobalt Alliance

Green Car Congress

FREYR Battery, a developer of clean, next-generation battery cell production capacity, has become a member of the Fair Cobalt Alliance (FCA) to underscore FREYR’s commitment to developing a sustainable global battery industry. The FCA is a multi-stakeholder action platform committed to developing responsible and fair supply of artisanal mined cobalt from the Democratic Republic of Congo, creating and diversifying sustainable livelihoods for surrounding communities.

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Tesla increases prices globally as supply chain issues persist


Tesla has increased Model 3 and Model Y prices in several more international markets, including some critical ones like China and Canada. Pressure from supply chain problems is assumed to be responsible.

Rivian R1S individual order timing updated, but still on track for January delivery start

Green Car Reports

Rivian says its electric SUV remains on track, with first deliveries for some customers starting in January 2022. That's despite some isolated complaints from a few Rivian R1S customers suggesting that order timelines may have been pushed back.

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Tesla (TSLA) sends ultimatum to buyers who keep delaying deliveries


Tesla has started to send an ultimatum to buyers who keep delaying their deliveries as part of a new policy change in the evolving market. more… The post Tesla (TSLA) sends ultimatum to buyers who keep delaying deliveries appeared first on Electrek.

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Tesla is absolutely crushing the competition in California thanks to the Model Y


Tesla may not be recognized by the Biden administration as a leader in the electric vehicle market, but this does not mean that the company is not absolutely dominating the sector.

SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle re-opens orders at low $5,000 price


The SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle’s reservation window had previously closed for new pre-orders. But today the company re-opened reservations while maintaining the original promotional price of $5,000.

Hummer EV range, Hyundai Ioniq design, Polestar 5 flagship: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

The hefty Hummer EV Edition 1 gets rated for range, although it's not quite EPA-official. A flagship Polestar 5 due in 2024 will take closely after the Precept concept. And what does the Hyundai Seven concept say about future Ioniq models? This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

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Kia unveils new Niro revamped from the ground up with sustainability in mind


As anticipated, Kia Corporation has debuted its redesigned Niro, complete with new features focused around efficiency and sustainability. As either a hybrid, PHEV, or fully-electric model, the new Kia Niro represents the Korean automaker’s growing focus on lowering emissions.

PHEV 106

Revealed: Jupiter’s Secret Power Source

Cars That Think

For all its other problems, Earth is lucky. Warmed mostly by the sun, 150 million km away, shielded by a thin but protective atmosphere, the temperature at the surface averages 14 to 15 degrees Celsius—a good number to support liquid oceans and a riot of carbon-based life.

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US to boost current natural gas capacity 6% by 2025 – but why?


Between 2022 and 2025, 27.3 gigawatts (GW) of new natural gas-fired capacity is scheduled to come online in the US, boosting its existing capacity of 489.1 GW as of August 2021, according to the US Energy Information Administration ( EIA ). Here’s where it’s headed.

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Chartered Bike to deploy 2,000 electric bikes & 200 charging stations 

Electric Vehicles India

Chartered Bike to deploy 2,000 electric bikes & 200 charging stations . Chartered Bike a subsidiary of surface mobility company Chartered Speed announced that it will deploy over 2,000 electric bikes and 200 charging stations in Mumbai in the next 3-6 months for various purposes.

Rimac Automobili begins construction on €200M global headquarters in Croatia


Electric hypercar manufacturer Rimac Automobili has officially begun erecting its new €200 million ($224 million) headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia, after breaking ground months ago.

Tesla offers free Thanksgiving Supercharging rates during off-peak hours


Tesla is offering free Supercharging rates during off-peak hours during the Thanksgiving holiday to avoid congestion at its stations. Thanksgiving is commonly known as the holiday that provides the most traffic on American roadways due to excessive traveling.

NIU unveils new electric scooters & bikes at EICMA 

Electric Vehicles India

NIU unveils new electric scooters & bikes at EICMA . NIU the leading electric scooter manufacturer has also taken its several new electric scooters models at the EICMA 2021 Milan Motorcycle Show. Its models include MQi GT EVO electric scooter and an urban electric motorcycle RQi.

Price 81

Schwinn launches new electric bikes that rock cool frame lights for the city and trails


Just about everyone has a memory of riding a Schwinn at some point as a kid. But the fun doesn’t have to stop, especially with the company’s line of electric bikes.

Light 80

Rivian Notifies R1S Reservation Holders Of Delivery Delays


Previously confirmed for January 2022, the earliest deliveries are now pushed back to May–June 2022


Rivian delays deliveries once again, now into 2022


Rivian is delaying future deliveries of the R1T all-electric pickup and R1S all-electric pickup SUV until 2022. Rivian is an electric vehicle startup based out of Normal, Illinois, and founded by CEO RJ Scaringe.

2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 Pickup Enters Production, Costs $112K


Deliveries for the all-electric truck with 329 miles of range begin in December as promised

GMC 114

Alpha Motor Corporation SUPERSAGA electric performance sedan  

Electric Vehicles India

Alpha Motor Corporation SUPERSAGA electric performance sedan .

Mullen Five EV Reservation Limit Raised From 5,000 To 25,000 Units


EV startup says the Five electric crossover's LA Auto Show world debut has led to “overwhelmingly high” demand

Auto 114

Tesla Product Design Director shares critique of Ford’s “fancy” L2 chargers


It is said that imitation is one of the sincerest forms of flattery. When done right, it could even spur innovation. Just look at how the smartphone market evolved from Blackberry-style QWERTY devices to touch-based handsets that followed the template of the first iPhone.

F-150 72

Dodge To Kill Off Hellcats In 2023, Replace Them With EVs In 2024


The manufacturer has teased its electric muscle concept car which is expected to be shown in 2022

Dodge 112