Sun.Jun 06, 2021

New ORNL novel composite catalyst for cost-effective ethanol-to-jet-fuel conversion

Green Car Congress

The well-established, cost-competitive ethanol market provides an opportunity to shift the composition of jet fuel and other fuel products away from petroleum.

Ford is making more Mustang Mach-E electric SUVs than gasoline Mustangs

Green Car Reports

Many longtime Ford Mustang fans weren’t exactly thrilled to see the fully electric Mach-E SUV made a Mustang. Considering all the rave reviews—including here at Green Car Reports, where it won our annual Best Car To Buy award—the electric Mustang has earned its place in the lineup.


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Curtiss-Wright delivers flight test hardware for Eviation’s Alice all-electric aircraft

Green Car Congress

Curtiss-Wright Corporation has delivered the primary flight control actuators and control electronics to Eviation Aircraft for the all-electric Alice aircraft, as it prepares for first flight. Curtiss-Wright’s high-power density electromechanical actuators (EMA) provide Eviation with a modular, distributed solution that enables a flexible control architecture. Alice is a small aircraft (9 passengers plus 2 crew) designed for commuting.

Shelby 179

Tesla cancels Model S Plaid+ ahead of event: What about 520+ miles of range?

Green Car Reports

Just four days ahead of a debut event for the refreshed Model S lineup and high-performance Model S Plaid model, Tesla has abruptly canceled plans for the top Plaid+ version. In a tweet Sunday afternoon, CEO Elon Musk announced the cancellation, and added that the Plaid “is just so good.”

Miles 130

Volvo Cars global sales up by 43% in May; plug-ins accounted for 23.7% globally

Green Car Congress

Volvo Cars achieved its eleventh consecutive month of sales growth as the company’s global sales increased by 43% in May, compared with the same month last year. In May, Volvo Cars sold a total of 64,111 cars, up from 44,830 cars in the same period last year. The growth was mainly driven by a strong demand in the US and, in Europe, a recovery from a sales drop in May last year related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Global 170

Elon Musk announces Tesla is canceling Model S Plaid+, don’t really need more than 400-mile range


Elon Musk has announced that Tesla is canceling the new Model S Plaid+ as he believes that the new Plaid version is “just so good” But what about the 520 miles of range?

Miles 114

Elon Musk: Tesla FSD V.9 will be ‘Pure Vision,’ coming within next three weeks


Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter earlier today that the company’s next software release of the Full Self-Driving Beta will be based on Tesla’s recent adoption of a “pure vision” approach.

Tesla 112

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Tesla Model S Plaid+ canceled, Musk says there’s ‘no need’ for it


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that the automaker will not produce the Plaid+ Model S. Earlier this year, Tesla announced that it would release the Plaid and Plaid+ Model S and Model X vehicles, a refresh to its two flagship vehicles.

Tesla 112

1966 GM Electrovan Fuel Cell Vehicle Was Ahead Of Its Time


It had a range of between 120 - 150 miles and it could hit 60 mph. eventually

MPH 102

Tesla Model S Plaid delivery event invites roll out


Tesla Model S Plaid delivery event invitations started rolling out over the weekend. The event will take place on June 10 at the Fremont Factory. The invites set the event’s date in stone. Initially, Elon Musk stated the delivery event would take place on June 3.

Tesla 77

Citroën Introduces ë-Jumpy Hydrogen Van


The company says that it's for about 8% of companies that need more than 300 km of range or have no time to recharge

Tesla works with global shipping company to digitize data and “stabilize logistics networks”


Tesla is helping Chinese state-owned company COSCO Shipping digitize its vast shipping data. COSCO has agreed to share shipping data with Tesla so the EV maker can test the system in the Chinese company’s Shanghai port. “We

NYX hx electric scooter review 

Electric Vehicles India

NYX hx electric scooter review . Nyx Hx is available in three variants currently. The first variant Nyx er range is 60km, the second variant Nyx er range is 120 km and the third variant Nyx er range is 200 km. Currently, Hero Electric is selling Hero Nyx with a 200 km of range to b2b partners.

Tesla Model 3 Towing Camper: What You Need To Know, Range, Cost


How much range will you lose? How much will charging cost? Can you charge while camping

Opinion: Will Self-Driving Cars Eventually Repossess Themselves?

Clean Fleet Report

New Technology Raises New Legal Questions. Story by Martin Banks. More than 1,400 autonomous vehicles from more than 80 companies are being tested on U.S. roads. As they continue to make headlines, their presence raises a few questions about how they might change society.

Legal 60

Tesla Model S Plaid+ Is Cancelled Elon Musk Says


Ordinary Plaid supposedly good enough

Tesla 90

Curtiss-Wright Delivers Flight Test Hardware for Eviation’s Alice All-Electric Aircraft

EV Obssesion

DAVIDSON, N.C.–(BUSINESS –(BUSINESS WIRE)–Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE: CW) today announced that it has successfully delivered the primary flight control actuators and control electronics to Eviation Aircraft for the all-electric Alice aircraft, as it prepares for first flight.

Watch How Tesla Autopilot Allegedly Saved This Tesla Owner's Life


According to this Tesla owner, the Autopilot technology avoided a crash in a truly amazing way

Tesla 89

CHEAPR Revisions Implemented At Last

EV Club of CT

New Rules Take Effect on June 7th Revisions to the CHEAPR EV purchase incentive program approved in February are going into effect on June 7th. This was announced at the CHEAPR board meeting on June. Read more.

Blue Bird Celebrates Sale Of 500 Electric School Buses


The company expects that by 2030, nearly 100% of sales will be EVs

EV News: Zero Registration Fees for EVs, Netherlands PHEV Market, & Hyundai to Stop ICE

Get Electric Vehicle

Today we have a collection of Electric Vehicle News (EV News) for you. The news is related to electric vehicle registration, the hyundai’s plan to stop the development of gasoline powertrains, the PHEV market in the Netherlands. #1

2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo: Specs And Prices


A high-end electric all-rounder

Future-proofing EV Charging with the Right Management Platform – Part 1


The electric vehicle charging industry is thriving, there is no doubt about that. Business opportunities abound, while technical challenges keep industry players on their feet.

Parts 52

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Range Tested In The Worst Conditions


High speeds, heavy rain, 12-13°C and heating doubled energy consumption to over 300 Wh/km (483 Wh/mile

Miles 59

BMW Launches the i4 Sedan


BMW recently revealed the i4, a sedan that focuses on driving dynamics while still being a decent EV. Together with the release of the iX crossover, this represents a major leap toward BMW’s goal of selling 50% EVs by 2030.


A Look Inside Tesla's 'Giga Press' At IDRA Open House


It's hard not to be fascinated by this amazing innovation

Tesla 59

Tesla Cybertruck On The Horizon For China


It looks like Tesla is preparing to sell the Cybertruck in China.

Hyundai Motor Group's A-Segment Model To Be Powered By BorgWarner


BorgWarner’s integrated drive module to be used by the group from 2023

Will Tesla’s $1B Investment In Australian Minerals Inspire Australia To Start Refining Its Own Lithium With Renewables


Recently, Tesla announced that it was going to spend $1 billion or more on Australian minerals, and Tesla’s Chair Robyn Denholm shared some interesting information about how her home country processes lithium. It doesn’t.

Analysis: Honda e Fast Charging Dissapoints


It aspires to be a premium EV, but fast charging performance is not strong

Honda 56

Tesla Model 3 Service 15,000 Miles In


What Tesla Model 3 service do you need after 15,000 miles and two years? I'll run through everything I've had and am told I'll need soon.

Volvo Sold Over 15,000 Plug-In Cars In May 2021


The share is the highest in Europe - 40% of the brand's volume

Did Elon Musk Secretly Create A Union For Tesla And Name It “NOTA Workers Union?”


The National Organization of Transformative Automakers (NOTA) Workers Union is a union that describes itself as workers who are changing the world, and coming together with a list of demands. How this union relates to Tesla is pretty evident when you visit the website. I wonder if Elon created it. If it’s not Elon Musk, […].

DÆrik Checks What Else Changed On The 2021 Tesla Model Y


The latest Model Y has a few small improvements over the ones produced a year ago

Tesla 52

Tesla: Better, Faster, Stronger (Video)


This is a short and sweet spec ad that YouTuber Billy Crammer made for Tesla. The video is set to a remix of one of my favorite songs from Kanye West, “Stronger,” in which the lyrics are rather empowering — incorporating the idea that what doesn’t kills us makes us stronger.

Win A Tesla Powerwall At The ALTNRGSHOW In Austin


The Tesla Owners Club of Austin shared that it is hosting the Kilowatts booth at the ALTNRGShow, which is an acronym for alternative energy show, in Austin. The event will take place on June 12 and 14 from 9 am to 5 pm and is sponsored by Wells Solar and Electrical Services.

“The Adventures of Starman” Is Back, Exploring Backstory & Kicking Some Evil Big Tech Behind


February 6, 2018. That is when it happened. SpaceX launched its first tri-booster Falcon Heavy rocket. First, we saw two boosters simultaneously land on earth, a display so phenomenal that some actually thought it was fake.