Fri.Jul 20, 2018

How Self-Driving Cars Will Accelerate Electric Vehicle Adoption

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By Haden Kirkpatrick. Over the last two decades, fully electric cars have had, let’s say, a slow start. In 1997, the Toyota Prius was released as the world’s first mass-produced hybrid.

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To nab speeders, Luxembourg deploys faster Teslas

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Speeders beware! If you're traveling in Luxembourg, those blue lights in your mirror could be on top of an electric Tesla Model S. The Luxembourg police bought the two Teslas last September, but has had trouble getting them approved by the Grand Duchy's transportation department due in part to problems with the blue police lights. Now the Model

Water splitting using iron oxide nanotruss structures

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Researchers at Linköping University and Umeå University in Sweden have developed a new and efficient way to use electrocatalysis to produce hydrogen gas from water using electrodes with nanotruss structures of iron oxide. A paper on their work is published in the ACS journal Nano Letters.

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VW electric charger network spreads to Canada

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Mirroring its Electrify America network of public fast chargers for electric cars in the U.S., Volkswagen announced Thursday that it will set up a similar network in Canada—called Electrify Canada, logically enough. Electrify Canada plans to set up 32 DC fast-charging stations in major Canadian cities and along highways across the country. Charging Networks Electrify America

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Forsee Power to supply NMC Li-ion batteries for Alstom Aptis electric bus

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Alstom has selected French battery manufacturer Forsee Power to provide Li-ion batteries for Alstom Aptis electric bus ( earlier post ), scheduled for series delivery from 2019 onwards.

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Filing may uncover plans for hybrid VW Beetle coming soon

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Just a few months ago, we heard that Volkswagen was not planning to develop a successor to the current Beetle but a recent filing shows that it might have one last hurrah for 2019. A June filing by supplier Magneti Marelli shows an instrument cluster that appears almost identical to the current Beetle cluster, but with an all new tachometer window

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BMW introduces full-vehicle computer tomography for prototype development, production and analysis

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BMW Group has introduced computer tomography (CT) into prototype development, production and analysis—a first in the automotive industry. With this technology, the full range of vehicles, from MINI to Rolls-Royce, can now be quality-controlled even in the early stages of development.

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UCSD team sheds light on mechanism of sulfur embrittlement of nickel

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Engineers at the University of California San Diego have shed new light on the atomic-level mechanism of the sulfur embrittlement of nickel, a classic problem that has puzzled the scientific community for nearly a century.

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Report: Trump administration set to roll back emissions regulations as early as next week

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The rollback of federal emissions and fuel economy standards that President Donald Trump promised during his campaign could be released as early as next week, according to a new Bloomberg report. A person familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that the administration will roll out proposals from the EPA and NHTSA, which jointly govern. emissions Corporate Average Fuel Economy

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Study provides insight into mechanism of atmospheric new particle formation in polluted cities

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The formation of new atmospheric particulates—i.e., de novo rather than as direct emissions—via nucleation and growth is a major source of aerosol pollution in terms of number concentration. In spite of a great deal of research, it is still a puzzle why and how such new particule formation (NPF) occurs in a highly polluted urban atmosphere.

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European electric-car sales, VW charging network heads to Canada, and Tesla police cars: Today's Car News

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Electric-car sales stall in Europe. Volkswagen's charging network expands to Canada. And Luxembourg adds Tesla Model S police cars to its fleet. All of this and more on Green Car Reports. A new report shows electric-car sales in Europe haven't grown as quickly as they did in 2017 and growth tumbled 33 percent in the first half of 2018.