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@LATimes Reprint Of Associated Press Story Lacks Context & #ClimateCrisis Reality So #JoeTakesOnTheNews Once Again Fixes Their #NewsFail

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Hyundai Motor Group develops first performance control for commercial EVs using weight estimation

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Hyundai Motor Group has developed a system that estimates the gross vehicle weight of a light duty commercial electric vehicle and optimizes performance accordingly.

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Get Real @LATimes Of Dirty El Segundo, Everyone But You Knows That Los Angeles Is Still Chinatown, Jake #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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GM plans its own nationwide charging network with Bechtel

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General Motors, the nation's biggest automaker, is teaming up with construction giant Bechtel to build thousands of chargers around the U.S. with the aim of promoting adoption of electric cars.

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IEA: steep decline in nuclear power would threaten energy security and climate goals

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With nuclear power facing an uncertain future in many countries, the world risks a steep decline in its use in advanced economies that could result in billions of tonnes of additional carbon emissions, according to a new report by the International Energy Agency.

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Byton readies for China production of $45K US-bound electric SUV

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Not too long ago, Byton was another longshot electric vehicle maker with some good ideas.

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Mathematically-designed graphene has improved electrocatalytic activity for hydrogen production

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An international research group has improved graphene’s ability to catalyze the hydrogen evolution reaction, which releases hydrogen as a result of passing an electronic current through water. They designed a mathematically-predicted graphene electrocatalyst, and confirmed its performance using high resolution electrochemical microscopy and computational modelling. The findings were published in an open access paper in the journal Advanced Science.

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Cornell team suggests engineered bacteria could address current limitations of energy storage technologies

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Raising the penetration of renewable —an intermittent—sources of energy into the grid will require large scale electrical energy storage and retrieval. However, at present, no existing technology provides such storage and retrieval at a low financial and environmental cost.

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Corsa-e electric hatchback is part of Opel's first move independent of GM

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Opel revealed last week that it will sell an all-electric version of the latest Corsa hatchback, its first new car after almost a century as GM's European subsidiary.

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Volkswagen further strengthens activities in China with market entry of SEAT and Smart City Project; smaller EVs

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The Volkswagen Group is further expanding its business in its most important market, China, with the entry of SEAT, a member of the Volkswagen Group, and the Smart City Project. Volkswagen Group China, SEAT and the Chinese auto manufacturer JAC, which together form the joint venture JAC Volkswagen, continue to drive SEAT’s market-entry strategy. The Spanish brand aims to enter the Chinese market in the coming two to three years.

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What matters most when fast-charging on a road trip? Take our Twitter poll

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In the rollout of the 2019 E-tron quattro SUV, Audi is making the claim that rated range might not be the most important thing on a road trip. The E-tron is rated at just 204 miles of estimated range, so the German automaker has some steep ground to gain versus Tesla.

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Horizon Fuel Cell doubles fuel cell power density

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China-based Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies announced that its latest high power and high power-density automotive fuel cell stacks made using the company’s patent-pending graphite bipolar plates with thickness of 1.1mm exhibit performance superior to that of conventional metal bipolar plates and typical graphite bipolar plates.

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Byton details, GM chargers, Opel electric, what readers want in fast charging: Today's Car News

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GM is planning an electric-car charging network. Chinese self-driving electric-car startup reveals more details about its upcoming models. Opel announces its first independent electric car. And our latest Twitter poll asks readers what's most important to them in fast-charging their electric cars.

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Nouryon and Gasunie study scale-up of green hydrogen project to meet aviation fuels demand

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Nouryon and Gasunie are studying an expansion of a planned green hydrogen unit at Delfzijl, the Netherlands. The feasibility study follows a deal to convert sustainable electricity into green hydrogen for SkyNRG. The plant, which would convert renewable electricity into green hydrogen via water electrolysis, could be scaled up from 20 megawatts to at least 60 megawatts—allowing for production of 9,000 tons of green hydrogen per year.

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Top five cars could you afford if you gave up smoking

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Smoking is a dying habit, or so we’re told

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UCI-led study finds crowd-sourced crash alerts beat corresponding Highway Patrol reported crashes

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A new University of California, Irvine-led pilot study finds , on average, Waze “crash alerts” occur two minutes and 41 seconds prior to their corresponding California Highway Patrol (CHP)-reported crash. These minutes could mean the difference between life and death. A paper on the work is published in JAMA Surgery. According to our research, it takes emergency medical service (EMS) units an average of seven to 14 minutes to arrive on scene after a 911 call.

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Honda e 2020: Side-camera mirrors offered as standard

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Honda has confirmed that the side-camera mirror system on its new electric vehicle will be available as standard when the car enters production

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Video review: BMW X5

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Offering drivers one of the most advanced and all-road-capable BMWs yet, we sent Howard Ritchie to test drive the new BMW X5 40i in the day and night, with a stop off at the Priory Hotel & Spa in between

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