Fri.May 29, 2020

Successful first flight of the world?s largest all-electric aircraft: Cessna Grand Caravan 208B

Green Car Congress

magniX, a company developing electric propulsion systems for aircraft, and AeroTEC, a leading independent company focused on aerospace testing, engineering and certification, announced the successful flight of an all-electric Cessna Grand Caravan 208B.

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Pasadena claims to have the largest public EV fast-charging station in the US

Green Car Reports

Most places in the United States are lucky to have just one EV fast-charging outlet. Pasadena, California, isn't like most places. Located in the state with more electric cars than any other, Pasadena now claims to have the largest fast-charging station in the U.S.

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Pozna? orders 37 more Solaris electric buses

Green Car Congress

MPK Pozna? in Poland has ordered 37 electric buses made by Solaris. The zero-emission vehicles will be delivered in the second half of 2021. The buses will join 21 Solaris electric busesthat have been carrying Pozna? residents for a few months now.

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Ford isn?t worried about low gas prices fueling EV avoidance

Green Car Reports

Ford could be seen as giving mixed signals about its dedication to fully electric vehicles in the next decade. On one hand, it’s definitely invested.

2020 91

Gaussin and Total developing 1st full electric aircraft refueler transporter; Saft batteries

Green Car Congress

Engineering company Gaussin and energy major Total are jointly developing the first full electric aircraft refueler transporter (ART FULL ELEC). Planned for the Airbus industrial site in Toulouse, this prototype will be capable of towing two fuel tankers, with a fuel capacity of 30 tons each.

2020 100

Dual-nozzle hydrogen dispensers could help get fuel-cell drivers on their way faster

Green Car Reports

Hydrogen stations for fuel-cell vehicles remain rare, but French company Air Liquide is introducing higher-capacity stations that could at least cut waiting times for drivers.

2020 90

WinGD wins type approval for biggest and most powerful LNG engine; first application in CMA CGM ultra-large container ships

Green Car Congress

WinGD (Winterthur Gas & Diesel) has received type approval for the biggest and most powerful LNG-fueled engines yet built.

2020 91

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Oleophobic hydrophobic magnetic sponge selectively soaks up oil, sparing water and wildlife

Green Car Congress

A Northwestern Engineering-led team has developed a highly porous smart sponge that selectively soaks up oil in water. With an ability to absorb more than 30 times its weight in oil, the sponge could be used to clean up oil spills inexpensively and efficiently without harming marine life.

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Choosing your fuel type: Petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric, which one is best for you?

Green Cars News

When it comes to cars, choosing which fuel type meets your needs best is more important that it’s ever been

2020 41

KAUST team develops method for reliable prediction of abnormal ignition phenomena

Green Car Congress

Researchers at KAUST’s Clean Combustion Research Center have developed a method to predict and to avoid undesirable combustion events in advanced engines, such as knocking and super-knock. In a recent study, published in the journal Combustion and Flame , they report that their predictions implicate the composition and temperature of the initial mix of fuel and air.

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Volkswagen intensifies e-mobility activities in China with additional ?2B investment; JAC Volkswagen and battery-maker Gotion

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen plans to increase its share in JAC Volkswagen, its joint venture for e-mobility. Around €1 billion is to be invested. This amount includes the acquisition of 50% of JAG, the parent company of the Volkswagen partner JAC, and an increase in the stake in JAC Volkswagen from 50 to 75%. By gaining management control, Volkswagen is paving the way for more electric models and infrastructure. Furthermore, Volkswagen will acquire a 26% stake in battery manufacturer Gotion High-Tech Co.,

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