Sun.Apr 17, 2022

Galp and Northvolt select Setúbal for Aurora advanced lithium conversion unit

Green Car Congress

Galp and Northvolt selected the port city of Setúbal, Portugal (southeast of Lisbon on the northern bank of the Sado River estuary) as the location for their Aurora lithium conversion plant ( earlier post ), which aims to become a steppingstone for the development of an integrated lithium-battery value-chain in Europe.

Tesla FSD Beta now has over 100k drivers in the program


Tesla’s FSD Beta program has over 100,000 drivers actively participating, Elon Musk revealed during his TED interview. Musk also stated that Tesla would achieve full-self driving this year — this time, he is more confident. Chris Anderson hosted Elon Musk during his latest TED talk interview.


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Toyoda Gosei develops cellulose nanofiber-reinforced plastic for automotive parts

Green Car Congress

Toyoda Gosei has developed a cellulose nanofiber (CNF)-reinforced plastic with the aim of reducing CO 2 over the lifecycle of automotive components, from raw material procurement and production to recycling and disposal.

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Gas is still expensive. These are currently the best affordable electric bikes we’ve tested.


I know, I know. The whole “Don’t like gas prices? Ride a bike!” sounds annoying and feels impractical for most people. But if you weren’t already aware, there’s a much more practical alternative to conventional pedal bikes: fun and energy-efficient electric bikes!

Lake Resources and Ford Motor Company sign non-binding MoU to negotiate for lithium offtake from the Kachi Project

Green Car Congress

Australia-based Lithium developer Lake Resources has signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ford Motor Company for the offtake of approximately 25,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) of lithium from the Kachi Project.

Tesla turns mobile charger into optional accessory for new vehicle purchases


Tesla has decided to backtrack on its decision to charge an extra $400 for a mobile charging connector for new vehicle purchases, with CEO Elon Musk noting that the item’s price would be halved due to the community’s feedback. Musk’s statement was an understatement.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Prices Rise Significantly Due to Increased Material Costs


UK prices for Ford's electric crossover have shot up

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See How Tesla Autopilot Reacts In Extreme Situations And Crashes


It's interesting to see Tesla Autopilot put to the test over and over in difficult scenarios

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SpaceX reuses Falcon 9 booster for second spy satellite launch in two months


Using the same Falcon 9 booster, SpaceX has successfully completed its second National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) spy satellite launch in a little over two months.

China: In March BYD Plug-In Car Sales Exceeded 100,000


It's not only a new record, but the first six-digit monthly result ever

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As EV Battery Production Charges Up – So Should Your Battery Manufacturing Plant

Schneider Electric EVs

The electric vehicles (EVs) market is going mainstream. Globally, almost 9% of all car sales were electric in 2021, up from just 2.5% in 2019. China and Europe are leading. Read more ».

2019 56

Volkswagen Group Global BEV Sales In Q1 2022: Almost 100,000


However, the volume was noticeably lower than in the previous three quarters, due to supply issues

UK To Add 300,000 New EV Chargers By 2030

EV Info

By 2030, the UK wants 5 times more EV chargers than the number of petrol pumps it has today. There are around 30,000 EV chargers in the UK today. But by 2030, if the government has its way, there will be 10 times as many. It has committed £1.6

Fully Charged Tries Out Wireless Charging And EV Battery Swapping In Norway


Norway is Europe’s most EV-friendly country and they also have the most advanced charging infrastructure too

Asad Madni and the Life-Saving Sensor

Cars That Think

In 1992, Asad M. Madni sat at the helm of BEI Sensors and Controls, overseeing a product line that included a variety of sensor and inertial-navigation devices, but its customers were less varied—mainly, the aerospace and defense electronics industries. And he had a problem.

Porsche Slightly Increased Sales Of Electric Cars In Q1 2022


The Taycan continues to sell better than 911

April 17th update

EV Sales

EV Sales World Top 20 February 2022 - [link] Europe February 2022 - [link] China February 2022 - [link] Germany February 2022 - [link] France February 2022 - [link] Netherlands February 2022 - [link] Autovista 24 articles Toyota electrification efforts [link] UK EV Deep Dive [link].

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Tesla Model 3: Negatives After 4 Years Of Ownership


Rather than going through all of the Model 3's positives, Josh outlined the things he doesn't like

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Pioneering Electric Buses in Pune


A Case Study of Pune’s Initial Electric Bus Procurement and Operations By Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited, Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited, RMI, and RMI India Electrifying public transport is critical to decarbonizing urban mobility.

How To Charge The Hyundai Ioniq 5: A Deep Dive


We cover all the basics, and then some

Tesla Trippin’ to the Vantage Dawn Towers Benowa


Glenn and Sue Hazeldine are very happily married and living at the Vantage Dawn apartment tower in Benowa, Queensland, Australia. However, Sue feels like she has been sharing her husband with someone else. Glenn has been obsessed with Elon Musk for years.

Rivian R1T: How Does It Handle Death Valley National Park?


The Rivian R1T should be able to handle any national park, but what about charging

Is Charger Rage the Next New Thing?


One of the benefits for Electrical Vehicle Owners in Australia is that we can see what is coming. Will that make it easier? Probably not. But for some it means they can be prepared. A few years ago, EV websites were full of photos of Superchargers in Europe and the US being ICEd.

Tesla Ends Lease Buyouts, Stops Providing Charging Cables


Tesla has made a few changes to the customer experience. Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles EV Charging Elon Musk Tesla Tesla charging Tesla leasing Tesla Mobile Connector

Tesla’s Most Noteworthy Achievement Is Not What You Think It Is


Tesla’s most noteworthy achievement isn’t what you might think it is. Although Tesla has several noteworthy achievements, is constantly breaking its own records, and has become the loudest voice for sustainability, there is one achievement that I think is most often overlooked.

Tesla Led The Way, And Now Legacy Automakers — & Their Loyal Customers — Want In


The foreshadowing was everywhere — IPCC reports, the Paris climate agreement, increasingly climate-savvy consumers. Then why did it take so long for legacy automakers to innovate and stay competitive with Tesla?