Thu.May 19, 2022

Ford receives AISI award for use of steel lightweighting in Mustang Mach-E

Green Car Congress

The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) awarded the “Automotive Excellence Award” to Ford Motor Company for its advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) innovations in the all-electric 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E.

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Electrify America signs on for 75 MW of solar, says it commits them to net-zero

Green Car Reports

Electrify America announced Wednesday that it’s buying into enough solar to more than offset the energy the network delivers to EVs from its charging hardware.


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Volvo Trucks opens its first battery plant; cells and modules from Samsung SDI

Green Car Congress

Volvo Trucks is opening its first battery assembly plant. Located in Ghent, Belgium, the plant will supply ready-to-install batteries for Volvo Trucks’ full electric heavy-duty trucks. This investment shows our strong commitment to electrifying truck transportation.

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Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 recalled for rollaway concerns

Green Car Reports

A total of 19,743 Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 electric cars are being recalled over rollaway concerns. Separate recall notices from Hyundai and Kia both state that a "software error in the Shifter Control Unit" in affected vehicles could disengage park, allowing vehicles to roll.

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Zhejiang Methanol Hydrogen and Element 1 partner to deliver hydrogen generation technology to Greater China

Green Car Congress

Element 1 Corporation (e1NA), Zhejiang Methanol Hydrogen Technology (ZMHT) and Zhejiang Element 1 (e1China) have formed a joint venture company—Zhejiang Hydrogen One Energy Technology Co.,

Kia sees electric vans as key products for mobility, autonomous tech

Green Car Reports

Kia is betting big on electric vans, and it's jumping in with plans to build a new factory within its existing Hwaseong, South Korea, manufacturing complex dedicated to the production of them.

Daimler Truck’s all-electric Freightliner eCascadia enters series production in North America

Green Car Congress

After well more than one million-miles (1.6 million kilometers) of testing in daily customer operations, Daimler Truck and its US Freightliner brand recently unveiled the all-electric eCascadia that will enter series production in 2022. Built on the best-selling heavy-duty truck platform in North America, the new battery-electric Freightliner eCascadia provides customers with a zero-emission version of the industry-leading Cascadia.

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Electrify America enters into 15-year VPPA for 100% renewable energy for network

Green Car Congress

Electrify America entered into a 15-year virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) with developer Terra-Gen to build a solar photovoltaic renewable energy generation project in San Bernardino County, California called Electrify America Solar Glow 1. The new solar project is expected to generate 75 MW at peak solar capacity or an estimated annual production of 225,000 Megawatt hours.

Tesla releases new Full Self-Driving Beta update, and it’s a big one


Tesla has started to push a new Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software update with improvements based on over 250,000 training video clips from its fleet. Based on the release notes, it’s a big update. more….

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Kia to establish its first electric PBV plant in Korea

Green Car Congress

Kia Corporation will establish a new manufacturing facility dedicated to producing electric Purpose Built Vehicles (PBVs). The intelligent new production hub for PBVs will be located within Kia’s existing Hwaseong manufacturing site in Korea.

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Four EU countries set a massive offshore wind target of 65 GW by 2030


Four EU countries – Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands – jointly announced yesterday that they have set an offshore wind target of at least 65 gigawatts (GW) by 2030 and then intend to more than double that combined total to 150 GW by 2050.

Amsterdam adding 84 VDL Citea electric buses; option for 130 more

Green Car Congress

GVB, the public transport company of Amsterdam, is further expanding its electric fleet with 84 new generation VDL Citeas. These vehicles, based entirely on an electric powertrain, will be deployed from 2023 onwards.

Tesla (TSLA) stock has fallen and some important investors appear to panic


Tesla’s (TSLA) stock has fallen significantly in the last few months, and even more so over the last week with the broader market and being removed from the S&P 500 ESG Index. Now some important investors appear to panic, and one is asking for a stock buyback program from Tesla. more….

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Goodyear offering second tire with soybean oil; Endurance WHA

Green Car Congress

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company announced a new formulation of its popular Endurance WHA waste haul tire made with a renewable soybean oil compound. The Endurance WHA is now made with soybean oil, which replaces a portion of the petroleum-based materials used in its production.

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The Boring Company San Antonio Loop’s net revenue expected to be $25M per year, fares to start at $10


On Wednesday, May 18, The Alamo Regional Mobility Authority (RMA) board was briefed on more details about The Boring Company’s (TBC) proposed tunnel from the San Antonio International Airport to downtown.

Neste introduces co-processed marine fuel in partnership with Nordic Marine Oil; up to 80% GHG emission reduction

Green Car Congress

Together with its partner Nordic Marine Oil, Neste is piloting a new Neste Marine 0.1 Co-processed marine fuel in Scandinavia, a solution helping the maritime sector to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The ISCC PLUS-certified marine fuel enables up to 80% GHG emission reduction over the lifecycle compared to fossil fuels without compromising the product quality and performance. Neste Marine 0.1 Co-processed is based on Neste Marine 0.1 low-sulfur marine fuel. Neste Marine 0.1

Some Tesla customers are now expecting a 2-year wait for their new Model X


It appears that Tesla customers who ordered a refreshed Model X are in for a longer-than-expected wait. As shared by several Tesla reservation holders online, the company has updated their estimated Model X delivery dates once more.

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BlackBerry and Magna collaborate on next-generation advanced driver assistance system solutions for global automakers

Green Car Congress

BlackBerry Limited and Magna International Inc. have entered into a multi-year agreement to collaborate on various integrated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) solutions. As part of the agreement, BlackBerry will provide Magna with QNX software including the QNX Software Development Platform , QNX OS for Safety , QNX Platform for ADAS , as well as professional engineering services for system-level integration, performance optimization, and solution validation.

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Elon Musk’s deal with Twitter not ‘on hold,’ company won’t renegotiate from $44bn


Elon Musk’s deal with Twitter, which was agreed upon on April 25 for $44 billion, is not on hold and will move forward, company executives told employees on Thursday.

Tesla is building one of the world’s largest Supercharger stations in the Mojave Desert


Tesla has started building a new Supercharger station in the Mojave Desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas that will likely become tied for the largest Supercharger station in the world. more….

SpaceX begins installing new ‘Raptor 2’ engines on Super Heavy booster


SpaceX has begun installing new ‘Raptor 2’ engines on Super Heavy Booster 7 after the prototype completed a range of tests and returned to the company’s South Texas ‘Starbase’ rocket factory.

Elon Musk accused of sexual misconduct, CEO preemptively called it ‘Democratic dirty tricks campaign’


Elon Musk, CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX, is being accused of sexual misconduct in a new report. Without directly commenting on the case, Musk is hinting that it is part of a campaign of “political attacks” carried out by Democrats. more….

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Elon Musk dubs the S&P 500 ESG as “outrageous scam” after Tesla gets booted from index


Elon Musk is not happy that Tesla, a company whose sole purpose is to accelerate the world’s advent of sustainable energy, has been kicked off the S&P 500 ESG Index, an equity index that tracks and scores companies according to environmental, social, and governance principles.

Tesla might not love California, but California still loves Tesla


Tesla might not love California, or at least not enough to keep its headquarters there, but California still loves Tesla, or at least enough to buy more Tesla vehicles than ever. Tesla sales in California are up 83% this year. more….

Elon Musk to discuss SpaceX Starlink service for the Amazon with Brazil’s President


Tesla CEO Elon Musk will meet with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Friday, May 20. According to Barron’s , Bolsonaro previously stated that he had planned a private meeting “with a very important person who is recognized throughout the world.”

Tesla starts to open up its Superchargers to other electric cars

Discover EV

Tesla opening its network of Superchargers to other makes of electric cars

Hyundai, Kia agree to pump $16.5bn into EV production in South Korea


Hyundai Motor Group and affiliate automaker Kia have agreed to spend $16.5 billion to produce electric vehicles at a new factory in South Korea.

DARPA Wants a Better, Badder Caspian Sea Monster

Cars That Think

Arguably, the primary job of any military organization is moving enormous amounts of stuff from one place to another as quickly and efficiently as possible. Some of that stuff is weaponry, but the vast majority are things that support that weaponry—fuel, spare parts, personnel, and so on.

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Tesla’s 3rd-largest individual shareholder suggests clever strategy for TSLA buyback


The third largest individual Tesla shareholder, KoGuan Leo, advised the company to buy back TSLA shares with its free cash flow. KoGuan believes that Tesla can buy back its undervalued stocks while investing in FSD, the Optimus, and more gigafactories.

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Tesla Building 100-Stall Supercharger Station In Mojave Desert Town


Located between LA and Las Vegas, the charging hub in Barstow, CA, will be the largest one in the country, the town's mayor claims

Boeing Starliner spacecraft successfully returns to flight 29 months after ill-fated debut


More than three years after SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft first safely reached orbit and almost three and a half years after Boeing’s Starliner crew capsule’s ill-fated launch debut, Boeing has finally returned to flight and made it farther than ever before towards a successful test flight.

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Tesla Model X Buyers Are Apparently Waiting Two Years For Delivery


Many who ordered the refreshed Model X in 2021 have now seen their delivery date pushed to 2023

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Elon Musk’s “doppelgänger” from China banned from local social media


Elon Musk’s “doppelgänger” from China, who has been fondly dubbed by the internet as “Yi Long Musk,” has reportedly been banned from major Chinese social media platforms.

Kia To Make Purpose Built EVs At New Korea Plant From 2025


Kia's first purpose built electric vehicle will be a mid-sized model codenamed SW based on a new eS skateboard platform

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Tesla’s Elon Musk sees net worth shrink by $12B amid ESG fiasco, GOP support announcement


Elon Musk recently saw over $12 billion wiped off his net worth following TSLA stock’s recent drop and the S&P Global Ratings’ decision to boot Tesla from its ESG index.

EGO’s 56V 21-inch electric lawn mower makes yard chores easy at $549, more in New Green Deals


Are you still using a gas-powered lawn mower? Well, it’s time to change that and kick that bad habit to the curb. Right now you can pick up. The bundle includes the mower, two 4Ah batteries, and a fast charger, capable of delivering 65 minutes of cutting on a single charge.

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Tesla service manuals are now free, diagnostic software gets price increase


Tesla’s service manuals are now free. Meanwhile, Telsa increased the price of its diagnostic software. In August 2021, Tesla quietly released a set of service subscriptions to help owners work on their vehicles. It paved the way for Tesla owners to repair their cars. .