Sun.Jun 16, 2019

ETH Zurich: carbon-neutral fuel made from sunlight and air

Green Car Congress

Researchers from ETH Zurich have developed a novel technology that produces liquid hydrocarbon fuels exclusively from sunlight and air and have demonstrated the entire thermochemical process chain under real field conditions.

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Tesla Model X highway patrol car ready to chase Australian bad guys

Green Car Reports

If there are two things you learn about police cars from watching cop shows on TV, it's that they should be both fast and stealthy to sneak quickly into sketchy situations. What better option than a Tesla Model X?

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C40 Cities: urban consumption-based emissions must be cut by 50% by 2030, 66% for high-income areas; buildings, food, transport, clothing, electronics, appliances, aviation

Green Car Congress

A report released by C40 Cities finds that consumption-based emissions from nearly 100 of the world’s big cities already represent 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Without urgent action, those emissions are projected to nearly double by 2050.

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Oxis Energy to build plant for mass production of Li-sulfur cells

Green Car Congress

OXIS Energy will establish the first manufacturing plant for the production of electrolyte and cathode active material specifically for the mass production of lithium sulfur cells. The plant will be built at the Kenfig Industrial Estate Port Talbot in Wales. OXIS has signed a 15-year lease with United UK Real Estate Investment Industrial Holdings Limited to develop the plant.

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