Sat.May 28, 2022

FEV study highlights aluminum mass reduction dynamics in battery-electric vehicles

Green Car Congress

A study commissioned by the Aluminum Association and conducted by FEV North America, concludes that aluminum offers significant cost savings to automakers as net-zero priorities drive vehicle development, particularly in high volume programs.

Elon Musk’s Twitter stock purchase catches the SEC’s attention


Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Twitter stock purchase has caught the attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The agency sent Musk a letter in April, which has now been released.


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BMW Group opens new automated steel pressing facility at Swindon plant

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group has opened a new automated steel pressing facility at the company’s Swindon (UK) plant.

BMW 238

SpaceX joins Tesla in accepting Dogecoin for merchandise


Elon Musk said his aerospace company SpaceX will soon accept Dogecoin as a payment option for merchandise, joining Tesla, which has accepted the cryptocurrency since January.

Lilium and Livent to collaborate on R&D for high-performance Li-metal batteries

Green Car Congress

Lilium N.V, developer of the ll-electric vertical take-off and landing (“eVTOL”) Lilium Jet, and Livent Corporation , a producer of lithium products for the battery cell industry, will collaborate on the advancement of lithium-metal technology for use in high-performance battery cells.

Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week: $500 Three-wheeled electric motorcycle


Mother Nature may be beautiful, powerful, and mystifying, but it’s Father Time who eventually catches up with all of us. We start out young and eager on our cute little red tricycles, our parents giving us an early push.

LR and partners launch Silk Alliance to develop Green Corridor Cluster beginning with intra-Asia container trade

Green Car Congress

Lloyd’s Register Maritime Decarbonization Hub is working with 11 leading cross-supply chain stakeholders to develop a fleet fuel transition strategy that can enable the establishment of a highly scalable Green Corridor Cluster. Initiated by the Lloyd’s Register Maritime Decarbonization Hub, The Silk Alliance brings together a diverse group of organizations whose collaboration can advance the decarbonization of the maritime industry. These include shipowners, such as MSC Shipmanagement Ltd.,

Asia 174

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Hyundai Tucson PHEV and Kia EV6 reviews, Mach-E and Air recalls, Mercedes' G-Turn: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

Which U.S. city is installing curbside chargers on request? Is it possible that brake dust emissions are higher for EVs? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending May 27, 2022. This week we presented a couple of drive reviews.

Quick Charge Podcast: May 28, 2022


Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from Electrek. Quick Charge is available now on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , TuneIn and our RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. more…. The post Quick Charge Podcast: May 28, 2022 appeared first on Electrek.

Mumbai - Kalaburagi - Mumbai : 1200 km trip in the MG ZS EV

Plug In India

Guest Post By Priyans​ 2022 MG ZS EV electric car owner Mumbai, MH It has been a crazy ride. I just got the car delivered a couple of days ago, and coincidentally I had some work in Kalaburagi, Karnataka.

EPA Announces $5-Billion Program To Make US School Buses Electric


Last week, it announced the first round of funding of $500-million

EPA 114

Eavesdropping on the Brain with 10,000 Electrodes

Cars That Think

Imagine a portable computer built from a network of 86 billion switches, capable of general intelligence sophisticated enough to build a spacefaring civilization—but weighing just 1.2 kilograms , consuming just 20 watts of power , and jiggling like Jell-O as it moves.

Utah 112

Report From China Says Nio Is Hiring For Manufacturing Positions In The US


If this report is true, then it would confirm other rumors that Nio was looking to set up manufacturing in America

Comeback from Hindustan Motors with New Ambassador Electric car.

Electric Vehicles India

Great comeback from Hindustan motors with the new attractive Ambassador Electric car produced with a partnership with a French Auto manufacturing company. Next-gen Ambassador Electric car to Indian Market.

India 78

China: Plug-In Car Sales Amaze Despite Lockdown In April 2022


Five plug-ins managed to break into the overall top 10 for the very first time

CHEAPR Update April 2022

EV Club of CT

Treading Water – Awaiting New Program Implementation The data for April have been posted, a low number of 51 rebates. We are in a holding pattern at this point as we await the particulars of. Read more.

Water 56

China: Nidec Will Build A Huge Factory For 1 Million E-Axles Annually


Nidec's target is to expand its global output to several million by 2025

Global 103

TATA Avinya Unveiled. Top 10 features you should know.


In the month of May 2022, Tata Motors showcased their third-generation car Avinya. It’s a fully futuristic electric car that has never before been introduced by any Indian company to the Indian audience. Avinya has the potential to go beyond its limits and compete in the global luxury car segment.

CATL Will Supply Cylindrical Battery Cells For Next Gen BMW EVs


Is BMW going Tesla's way

Tesla 99

2025-2035: Rewriting The Automotive History

Get Electric Vehicle

A recent report from the Environmental Defense Fund indicates that electric vehicle sales volumes are growing at a rapid pace, signalling an epochal shift in the auto industry over the next decade. The Electric Vehicle Market Update, the fifth in a series of reports tracking EV growth point outs, The disruption of the supply chain during Covid has affected the automobile industry in the last few years.

New Mexico Becomes The Latest "Clean Cars" State


15 states plus the District of Columbia have adopted Clean Cars rules, based on California’s emissions and fuel economy standards

Truck Manufacturers Sue to Continue Polluting


On the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) and their member companies filed a lawsuit to delay a lifesaving California clean truck regulation: the Heavy-Duty Omnibus (HDO) rule.

Musk: Self Driving Cars Next Year


Cars that need no human driver are coming next year, Elon Musk says -- again. Autonomous Vehicles Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Brazil robotaxis Tesla Tesla autopilot Tesla FSD Beta Tesla Full Self-Driving Tesla robotaxis

Nio Planning A US Factory


A US factory may be in the cards for Nio. Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles NIO

Coming Soon To A Campground Near You: The Electric RV


As you get ready to explore the scenic countryside this summer, you wish you could travel in an electric RV. What advances has the industry made? Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Manufacturing electric RVs RVs

DHL Orders Some Volvo Electric Trucks


All over the world, if you want to get something there fast (especially documents), DHL are usually the folks to go to. Americans might not know how big they are, largely because the yellow vans disappeared from our roads in 2008, but before that happened, they were known for being lightning fast.

Why Even Fox Loves The Ford F-150 Lightning


Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in an echo chamber, especially with social media. It’s more fun and less frustrating to deal with like-minded people, and when it comes to electric vehicles, the sheer volume of misinformation just isn’t something anyone has time for.

6,000 Registrations for Funky Cat, 16 Kia e-Niro Ambulances, “Project Thunderball” — EV News Today


The Funky Cat, Kia e-Niro ambulances, the all-electric “Project Thunderball” roadster, and the first ever, genuine, full-speed Electric MOKE — there’s lots of fun EV news to share today, beyond what we’ve written about ourselves. Scroll down to see even more.

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