Mon.Jul 27, 2020

CSIRO team optimistic about use of nitrogenase in applications such as green ammonia production for carrying H2

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In a review paper published in the journal ChemSusChem , researchers from Australia’s CSIRO conclude that the combination of synthetic biology and materials chemistry will provide many viable options to allow the use of nitrogenase for energy applications, such as the production of green ammonia for use as a preferred liquid carrier for hydrogen.

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Here's why electric vehicles need different tires

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In electric cars, it's not just the powertrain that is different. It's the tires. Electric cars require special tires for a variety of reasons, tire manufacturer Continental said in a press release Friday.

2020 114

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Volkswagen bringing additional partners to Industrial Cloud; 11 in first step

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Volkswagen, together with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and integration partner Siemens, is opening up the Industrial Cloud ( earlier post ) to other manufacturing and technology companies.

2020 112

VW says that the pandemic has made EVs "more inevitable"

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The full impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic remains to be seen, Volkswagen is already predicting that it will be good for electric cars.

2020 112

MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future suggests widespread autonomous driving at least a decade away

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The MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future has released a new research brief examining the future of autonomous vehicles. The brief is part of a series of subject-specific research projects by MIT faculty that will help frame national discussion and policies about work, technology, and how we can create greater shared prosperity in the country.

2020 84

German automakers acknowledge Tesla EV lead, express envy, plot revenge

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Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen have over decades collectively held on to a reputation that they were on the leading edge, as other automakers around the world seemingly scrambled to follow their tech, design, and engineering.

2020 108

Velodyne Lidar and PARIFEX Solutions announce 3-year sales agreement to improve roadway safety

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Velodyne Lidar, Inc. announced a three-year sales agreement with PARIFEX, a leading provider of traffic management and speed measurement systems. PARIFEX uses Velodyne lidar sensors in its traffic monitoring solutions which can help reduce road accident rates and enhance roadway safety. PARIFEX equips its NANO-CAM and NOMAD solutions with Velodyne Puck sensors for real-time tracking of static and moving objects including vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists, while preserving anonymity.

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Hyundai Mipo Dockyard receives green light from Lloyd’s Register for ammonia-fueled ships

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Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co., a unit of Korea Shipbuilding, has been given the green light for its ammonia-propelled ships from Lloyd’s Register. Hyundai Mipo Dockyard intends to commercialize the ammonia-propelled ships by 2025 in cooperation with global engine maker MAN Energy Solutions and Lloyd’s Register. Ammonia has been attracting attention in the shipbuilding industry as an eco-friendly fuel for ships that does not emit carbon dioxide when it is burned.

2020 71

Review: Volkswagen e-Golf

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There might be a new-generation Volkswagen Golf available now, but there won’t be an electric version to replace the outgoing e-Golf model

2020 46

Fisker in discussions to enter Extreme E electric off-road motorsports series

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Extreme E , the new electric off-road motor racing championship, is in advanced talks with Fisker Inc. on a series partnership and potential works team entrance. Extreme E, starting early 2021, is a new electric racing series which will see electric SUVs go head to head in extreme locations around the world—including arctic, desert, glacier, coastal and rainforest—which have already been damaged or affected by climate and environmental issues.

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