Fri.Nov 29, 2019

Audi boosts range and efficiency in e-tron; extra 25 km in WLTP

Green Car Congress

Audi is introducing a standard technical update for its first all-electric product, the e-tron. This combines optimized drive system hardware with software adjustments to improve efficiency. As a result, all versions of the e-tron SUV will come off the assembly line with an extra 25 kilometers (15.5

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How many Mustang Mach-E electric SUVs will Ford build? We’ve got numbers

Green Car Reports

In presentations before and during the launch of the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E, the company said several times that the electric SUV that expands its pony-car range wasn’t a compliance car.

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Pierburg introducing efficient high-voltage components for fuel-cell applications

Green Car Congress

Fuel-cell systems are a challenging technology that, much like combustion engines, require sophisticated thermal management and supplies of air and hydrogen.

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Fisker prices Ocean electric SUV at $379 per month

Green Car Reports

Fisker's new mainstream Ocean SUV may still be more than a year away, by optimistic time frames, but the company's marketing machine has been hard at work. Fisker Inc. announced its flexible lease program Wednesday, and even told us how much it will cost.

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Weizmann Institute team engineers E. coli to eat carbon dioxide

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel have created a strain of the bacterium Escherichia coli that grows by consuming carbon dioxide instead of sugars or other organic molecules. The findings point to means of developing, in the future, carbon-neutral fuels. An open-access paper on the work is published in the journal Cell. Researchers converted the common lab, sugar-eating (heterotrophic) E.

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Top five things we learned this week

Green Cars News

On this week, 54 years ago, the government introduced an experimental speed limit of 70mph on motorways

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BMW Group to build future MINI E vehicles in China with Great Wall Motor

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group and Great Wall Motor have launched a new joint venture—Spotlight Automotive Limited—and are building a joint plant in China, where the BMW Group will produce future fully-electric models of its MINI brand.

2019 90

Skeleton Technologies launches SkelCap SCA0300 ultracapacitor platform

Green Car Congress

Skeleton Technologies, a European provider of ultracapacitors and ultracapacitor energy storage systems for automotive, transportation, and grid applications, is bringing to market a new ultracapacitor product platform, the SkelCap SCA0300, to address the fast-growing markets in manufacturing and warehouse logistics.

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