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@DrPatSoonShiong It’s Time To Hire A Climate Emergency Editor for @LATimes & Give Los Angeles The News We Need To Survive In A F *d Climate #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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Mercedes-Benz fuel cell SUV PHEV in production; first units of GLC F-CELL to be delivered by end of October

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By 2022, Mercedes-Benz’ entire product range will be electrified. There will be electric alternatives in every segment from smart to SUV, with well in excess of 130 variants in total, ranging from 48-volt on-board electrical system with EQ Boost to plug-in-hybrids to all-electric vehicles with batteries or fuel cells. As part of the drive to the last option, Mercedes-Benz is putting the GLC F-CELL—a plug-in hybrid combining a 13.5 kWh battery (gross, 9.3

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In This #AgeOfStupid @BillMckibben Op Ed in @LATimes Is Too Erudite & Thoughtful – So I Boiled It Down For You #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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Mercedes breaks ground on US battery factory (Updated)

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Mercedes-Benz broke ground Friday on a new battery factory in the U.S.—right —right next door to its SUV factory in Alabama. The move is an indication that the company plans to build its upcoming all-electric EQC electric SUV in Alabama. The EQC is expected to go on sale in the U.S. as a 2021 model. Mercedes exports many of the SUVs it produces in

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Study suggests air pollution may be linked to heightened mouth cancer risk; PM2.5 and ozone

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High levels of air pollutants, especially fine particulate matter (PM 2.5 ) and to a lesser extent, ozone, may be linked to a heightened risk of developing mouth cancer, suggests a study by a team of Taiwanese researchers. Their open-access paper is published in the Journal of Investigative Medicine. The number of new cases, and deaths from, mouth cancer is increasing in many parts of the world.

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How fast is fast enough for fast charging? Twitter poll results

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In an effort to make electric-car charging as ubiquitous and easy as filling up with gas, fast chargers are coming to malls, gas stations, rest areas and more, and these upcoming chargers are getting a lot faster. Where original fast chargers could replenish less than 65 miles in a half-hour charging session, some new chargers today can do up to. Fast Charging Polls

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Novozymes introduces new yeast product for greater stress tolerance and better ethanol yields

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Novozymes launched its next yeast technology, Innova Lift, for the starch-based ethanol industry. The product follows the launch earlier this year of an ambitious yeast platform, Innova, and the first product, Drive. We are continuing to deliver on our promise to quickly bring innovative yeast and enzymes to a market that is clearly looking for exactly that.

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KIT/IIT team demonstrates suitability of high-entropy oxides (HEO) as conversion materials for reversible energy storage

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Novel materials can considerably improve storage capacity and cycling stability of rechargeable batteries. Among these materials are high-entropy oxides (HEO), the stability of which results from a disordered distribution of the elements. With HEO, electrochemical properties can be tailored, as was found by scientists at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). An open-access paper on their work is published in the journal Nature Communications.

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Tesla again claims higher safety rating than NTHSA gives

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Tesla took a page out of its Model S playbook over the weekend and announced that its Model 3 is the safest car that NHTSA has tested. Only Tesla isn't NHTSA. In a blog post Sunday night, Tesla said it based its findings on NHTSA data, just as it did with the Model S in 2013. The agency’s data shows that vehicle occupants are less likely to. NHTSA IIHS

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Mercedes-Benz S 560 e PHEV now available for ordering

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The third generation of the plug-in hybrid from Mercedes-Benz is due to be launched. Earlier post.) The new S 560 e (combined fuel consumption: 2.6-2.5 l/100 km, combined CO 2 emissions: 59-57 g/km, combined electrical consumption: 20.2-20.0 kWh/100 km) can be ordered from today. The modified components and the intelligent powertrain management’s new anticipatory functions give the customer enhanced electric performance and added convenience due to faster charging times.

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Tesla safety claims, Mercedes battery factory, and Canadian plug-in sales: Today's Car News

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Tesla overstates its safety rating—again. Mercedes-Benz breaks ground on its U.S. battery factory. Canadian plug-in and electric car sales take a dip. And the results are in from last week's Twitter poll. All of this and more on Green Car Reports. Tesla has essentially claimed a higher safety rating for the Model 3 than what the National

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Volvo Cars and NVIDIA to develop AI-capable core computer for next-generation Volvo cars; looking toward autonomy

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Volvo Cars and NVIDIA are partnering on the development of a highly advanced, AI-capable core computer for the next generation of Volvo cars. The core computer is based on NVIDIA’s DRIVE AGX Xavier technology and will allow Volvo Cars to implement an advanced computing platform for its new cars on the forthcoming Scalable Product Architecture 2 (SPA 2) vehicle platform. The first car with the new core computer will appear early next decade.

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2019 BMW X5 available to lease right now

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An all-new BMW X5 is on the way, with lease deals available now

European Council agrees on 35% cut in new car CO2 by 2030

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The European Council agreed on setting a target of a 35% average reduction in CO 2 emissions form new cars by 2030. This position is a basis on which to begin talks with the European Parliament, which just came out with its own target of 40% by 2030 ( earlier post ). The first negotiation meeting between the European Council and the European Parliament is taking place today.

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Trump directs EPA to begin rulemaking to allow E15 to be available year-round

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President Trump has directed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to begin a rulemaking process to expand the sale of ethanol to include E15 (15 vol% ethanol blend) year-round. Proponents of the move hope to have the rulemaking in place for the summer 2019 driving season. In 1978, a Clean Air Act waiver allowed the use of 10 volume percent ethanol in gasoline (E10). Today, almost all gasoline are E10 blends.

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