Sun.Jan 09, 2022

Gemilang International to deliver 140 electric school buses to California

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Gemilang International Limited (GML) will deliver 140 units of fully-electric school buses to California in 2022. Based in Johor, Malaysia, GML has designed and manufactured coaches and assembled buses for more than 30 years.

Toyota plans solid-state battery debut in a hybrid by 2025—future Prius?

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Toyota's planned solid-state batteries will debut not in an EV, but in an upcoming hybrid, an executive said in a recent interview with Autoline.

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SLAC, Stanford researchers use cryo-EM to make first high-res images of wet SEI of Li-ion battery

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Researchers from the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC) and Stanford University have made the first clear, detailed images of the solid-electrolyte interphase (SEI) layer in the wet environment of a working Li-ion battery by using cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM).

Li-ion 227

Tesla Giga Texas could start Model Y production in 7-10 days: Wedbush analyst


Wedbush Managing Director and Senior Equity Analyst Dan Ives recently posted a rather interesting estimate for Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas project. According to the Wall Street veteran, Giga Texas may very well be capable of starting Model Y production over the next 7-10 days.

Texas 114

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence: The west needs to build LFP battery capacity for the technology to go global

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Tesla’s embrace of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries has propelled the chemistry into the mainstream of the automotive industry. Automakers including Volkswagen, Daimler, and Ford have also adopted the cost-effective technology in their lower-range EVs. However, more than 90% of the world’s LFP battery cell manufacturing capacity is based in China, according to Benchmark Mineral Intelligence’s Gigafactory Assessment.

SpaceX preparing for third rideshare launch with dozens of small satellites


One week after SpaceX and the world’s first orbital launch of 2022, the company is a few days out from its second launch of the year – this time carrying dozens of small satellites for a variety of rideshare customers.

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After warning and ‘F’ rating from BBB, electric scooter & e-bike company GoTrax responds


We’ve all heard it: “Supply chain issues” It’s one of the main reasons for disruptions to so many industries across the spectrum.

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Citroën, Peugeot and Opel Selling EV-Only MPVs In Europe In 2022


The list includes the e-Rifter, e-Traveller/e-Expert, e-Berlingo, e-Spacetourer, Combo-e Life, Vivaro-e Combi, and Zafira-e Life

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Seasonal Tips: Getting the Best Range from Your EV

Clean Fleet Report

Taking the Worry Out of Electric Driving All Year. Electric vehicles have been around since the 1800s , but it’s only recently that we’ve seen significant improvements to EV batteries and the nation’s charging infrastructure. Today, EVs are both popular and accessible to the general public.

Range 72

China: Zeekr Delivered Almost 4,000 Cars In December 2021


Geely's new premium EV brand is quickly ramping-up

China 109

StoreDot Gets Patent For Self Healing Battery Technology

Get Electric Vehicle

The technology detects defective cells, isolates and fixes them without affecting the EV’s driving experience. The developments in EV battery technology is happening at a very rapid pace.

Porsche Taycan Coupe Is Drop-Dead Gorgeous


Just a render, but how awesome would it be if Porsche actually made this

Gemilang International:140 Electric School Buses To US Schools, Tesla Joy — How Much Did Tesla Battery Drain When Left Unplugged for 32 Days?

EV Obssesion

Electric Buses Gemilang International Set To Deliver 140 Electric School Buses To US Schools Tesla Batteries Tesla Oracle: Here’s how much battery is drained if a Tesla is left unplugged for 32 days Tesla Joy YouTube Tesla Joy,, How Much Did Tesla Battery Drain When Left Unplugged for 32 Days?

Ionity Achieved Target Of 400 Stations One Year Late


The initial plan was to complete 400 stations by the end of 2020, but it took one more year

2020 105

Responding To The Washington Post Hatchet Job On Electric Cars & Winter Driving


An editorial writer and columnist for the Washington Post wrote a screed attacking electric cars this week. His heavily slanted piece was filled with misinformation. Here's the truth about driving an electric car in winter.

Report: CATL's New Battery Plant In Shanghai Already Supplies Tesla


The site is located just about 3 km from Tesla Giga Shanghai

How Long Can A Tesla Keep You Warm In A Frozen Traffic Jam? “Dirty Tesla” Finds Out


In an opinion piece in the Washington Post (which Steve Hanley already skewered), the author wrote about the recent icy traffic disaster on I-95 in Virginia but imagined a scenario where the only vehicles were EVs.

Mountain Pass Performance Checks Out Tesla Plaid Track Mode


Let's see an overview and a little bit of testing

Tesla 104

Tesla China Shares Video On How Safety Comes First At Tesla


Tesla China shared a new video on its YouTube channel that highlights the important focus on safety that Tesla is well known for. The video led with a clip of CEO Elon Musk speaking on how important it is to put safety first. “We really believe at Tesla that safety has to come first.

Tesla Model S Plaid Track Mode Update Vs Drag Strip Mode


How do these two features compare? What's the difference in zero to 60 mph times

MPH 99

Me & My Model 3 Goin’ Cross-Country …


… with 2 big electric bikes on the back. Why are we going cross country? We have houses in Wisconsin and in Northern Utah, our daughter has a Southern Utah house, and another daughter lives in North Carolina with her family.

Report: No AMD Ryzen Retrofits For Older Tesla Model 3/Y


New changes will be gradually phased into all Tesla Model 3/Y by the end of Q2 2022

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Gemilang To Deliver 140 Electric School Buses To California Schools


Gemilang International Limited is planning to deliver 140 fully electric school buses to schools in California this year. The company, based in Johor, has been designing and manufacturing coaches and buses for over 30 years.

US Utilities Form Partnership To Advance Charging Infrastructure


Through the process of merging and expanding, the partners can focus on accelerating public fast-charging

Tesla Owner Mines Up To $800 A Month In Crypto With His Car


CNBC has shared the story of Siraj Raval, an owner of a Tesla Model 3 who has tried various ways of mining cryptocurrencies.

Right-Hand Drive Tesla Model Y Spotted In The UK


Customer deliveries are expected to begin shortly

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