Thu.Jul 07, 2022

Researchers produce green syngas using CO2, water and sunlight

Green Car Congress

Researchers from the University of Michigan and McGill University in Canada report photochemical syngas synthesis using a core/shell Au@Cr 2 O 3 dual cocatalyst in coordination with multistacked InGaN/GaN nanowires (NWs) with the sole inputs of CO 2 , water, and solar light.

Water 396

Tesla leads in EVs and BYD tops plug-in sales globally, but VW's in the passing lane

Green Car Reports

For years, BYD sold the most plug-in vehicles of any other automaker—even Tesla. Tesla still leads in what we—and likely most shoppers—consider electric vehicles, however, despite a confusing set of recent headlines declaring BYD at the top in EVs.

BYD 148

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Moscow rolling out all-electric bus fleet in New Moscow district

Green Car Congress

Moscow, which overall has the largest electric bus fleet in Europe ( earlier post ) has 8 separate bus fleets—all of them consisting of a mixture of e-buses and diesel buses. Now, the Russian capital is deploying its first all-electric bus fleet in the New Moscow district.

Fleet 351

Nio hits 1,000 battery swapping stations, announces 500-kw fast-chargers for Europe and China

Green Car Reports

Chinese automaker Nio on Wednesday announced completion of its 1,000th battery swapping station. The announcement was part of Nio's second annual Power Day presentation, where the automaker also announced an ambitious charging expansion plan.

Volkswagen Group software company CARIAD selects BlackBerry QNX for its software platform

Green Car Congress

CARIAD, the Volkswagen Group’s software company, has selected BlackBerry QNX technology as one component of its software platform VW.OS. Announced as part of Volkswagen Group’s NEW AUTO strategy, CARIAD is developing a unified software platform that consists of VW.OS, the Volkswagen Cloud VW.AC

Tesla Megapack demand evident in latest Giga Nevada photos


Demand for the Tesla Megapack remains strong based on the latest photos of Giga Nevada. Recent photos from OttoPilot reveal that Tesla is preparing for many Megapack shipments soon.

Nevada 114

GE Appliances deploying fleet of electric trucks from Einride in Kentucky, Georgia, and Tennessee

Green Car Congress

GE Appliances (GEA), a Haier company, is deploying a fleet of electric freight vehicles on routes between the company’s inbound warehouses and its manufacturing facilities in Kentucky, Georgia, and Tennessee.

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Shell to start building Europe’s largest renewable hydrogen plant: Holland Hydrogen I

Green Car Congress

Shell Nederland B.V. and Shell Overseas Investments B.V., subsidiaries of Shell plc, have taken the final investment decision to build Holland Hydrogen I, which will be Europe’s largest renewable hydrogen plant once operational in 2025.

Wind and solar produce more electricity than nuclear for the first time in the US


For the first time ever, wind and solar produced 17.96% more electricity in the month of April than nuclear power plants. . more…. The post Wind and solar produce more electricity than nuclear for the first time in the US appeared first on Electrek.

Wind 114

Driving 13 miles across a state line could save a dollar per gallon of gasoline

Green Car Congress

by Michael Sivak, Sivak Applied Research. AAA publishes a daily map that divides the states into five groups, depending on the average price of regular gasoline.

Fisker creates “Fisker Finance” with JPMorgan Chase and Santander


Fisker has announced that through its mobile app, customers will soon be able to finance their vehicle via a partnership with JPMorgan Chase Bank in the US or Santander Bank in Europe.

Fisker 114

LLNL-led team to use microorganisms to separate and purify rare-earth elements; biomining

Green Car Congress

Using naturally occurring and engineered proteins and bacteria, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) scientists and collaborators will separate and purify rare-earth elements for use in the defense sector.

Tesla Giga Texas to receive EV parts from Pass Automotive Mexico


Stephan Matz, the general director of Pass Automotive Mexico, has stated that his company will be providing parts for Tesla’s electric vehicles. The executive noted that Pass Automotive’s production of Tesla parts is expected to begin later this year.

Texas 114

Nikkei study finds Toyota with huge lead in solid-state battery patents

Green Car Congress

Nikkei partnered with Tokyo research company Patent Result to analyze solid-state battery patent applications submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization and another group. The study looked at applications turned in between 2000 through the end of March from 10 countries and territories. The study found that Toyota Motor is by far the leading holder of solid-state battery patents with 1,331 known patents. Panasonic Holdings is a distant second with 445 patents.

2000 186

Elon Musk suggests Tesla will make ‘highly configurable Robovan’ for people and cargo


Elon Musk suggests that Tesla will make a “highly configurable Robovan” to transport both people and cargo. The comment comes after the CEO announced that Tesla will make a dedicated electric vehicle to work as a “robotaxi.”. more….

Northvolt raises $1.B to support factory rollout plans in Europe; close to $8B since 2017

Green Car Congress

Northvolt signed a $1.1-billion convertible note to finance its expansion of battery cell and cathode material production in Europe to support the rapidly expanding demand for batteries.

2017 167

Volkswagen breaks ground on $20 billion battery investment


Volkswagen announced on Thursday that it would invest more than 20 billion euros ($20.38 billion) alongside its partners in a battery cell business, creating 20,000 jobs and reaching annual revenues exceeding 20 billion euros by 2030.

Comau to deliver high-speed automation solutions for fuel cell and electrolyzer manufacturers; increasing volumes, decreasing costs

Green Car Congress

Comau, part of Stellantis, is integrating its technology and automation expertise to manage the assembly and production of fuel cell components and electrolyzers. Comau’s portfolio includes technology and systems for electric, hybrid and traditional vehicle manufacturing, industrial robots, collaborative and wearable robotics, autonomous logistics, dedicated machining centers and interconnected digital services and products able to transmit, elaborate and analyze machine and process data.

The world’s first electric timber truck has been delivered in Sweden, and it can haul 80 tons


In what the companies are calling a “world’s first,” commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania AB has delivered its first electric timber truck to SCA – Europe’s largest private forest owner.

Sweden 113

Kia Niro EV: Spacious family cabin with cheapest V2L on market

The Driven EV News

The rugged new Niro EV is in fact a spacious FWD that offers the most affordable option with vehicle-to-load capacity on the market. The post Kia Niro EV: Spacious family cabin with cheapest V2L on market appeared first on The Driven. Electric Cars EV News Reviews Kia Niro EV

Kia 107

VW breaks ground on first EV cell “gigafactory,” starts PowerCo battery business

Green Car Reports

Volkswagen officially broke ground Thursday on what it’s nicknaming SalzGiga—VW’s battery factory at Salzgitter, Germany, that will serve as a hub for global battery activities and vertical integration of the battery supply chain.

Polestar 2 gets improved charge curve, still lags behind rivals like Tesla


In a recent test following an OTA update, the Polestar 2’s new charging curve was revealed. But while the all-electric car’s charging speed has improved tremendously since its release, it still lags behind rivals.

Volvo 106

Xiaomi rumored to have bought 200 BYD Han vehicles for collecting self-driving data

CN EV Post

A blue vehicle with the words "Xiaomi Pilot Test" on its body has been spotted on the street, giving Xiaomi's car-making progress a lot of attention. The post Xiaomi rumored to have bought 200 BYD Han vehicles for collecting self-driving data appeared first on CnEVPost.

BYD 101

Kia wants to sell 5,000 electric utes a year in Australia, but needs local targets

The Driven EV News

Kia plans to sell 5,000 electric utes a year in Australia, but it also wants to sell 20,000 ICE utes too. The post Kia wants to sell 5,000 electric utes a year in Australia, but needs local targets appeared first on The Driven. Electric Cars EV News Policy electric utes Kia

Kia 94

NIO App now has 400,000 daily active users

CN EV Post

For an app of this user size, it can be considered good media even compared to the automotive industry vertical, according to NIO's president. The post NIO App now has 400,000 daily active users appeared first on CnEVPost. For more articles, please visit CnEVPost. NIO NIO App

Volvo launches all-electric medium-duty truck range in Australia

The Driven EV News

Volvo Trucks Australia has opened sales for its entire range of all-electric medium-duty trucks for local transport operators, including new Volvo FL and FE Electrics. The post Volvo launches all-electric medium-duty truck range in Australia appeared first on The Driven.

Volvo 92

VW battery gigafactory, Nio battery swapping, Tesla still tops BYD in EVs: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Is Tesla or BYD the top global EV seller? Nio has hit 1,000 battery-swapping stations, in what is far from an experiment. And VW is building its first of many big EV battery factories. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

BYD 92

Starlink Maritime is now available for ocean-going vessels.


SpaceX announced a new Starlink product. Starlink Maritime will provide oceangoing vessels with up to 350 Mbps download while at sea. And it’s not just ships and boats that would benefit.

Tesla is preparing to open up Superchargers to non-Tesla EVs in the US later this year


Tesla is preparing to open up its Supercharger network to non-Tesla electric vehicles in the US later this year, according to a memo from the White House. more…. The post Tesla is preparing to open up Superchargers to non-Tesla EVs in the US later this year appeared first on Electrek.

Chinese team develops EV powered solely by solar energy

CN EV Post

The EV has 8.1 square meters of solar panels and generates a maximum of 7.6 kWh of electricity per day on a sunny day. The post Chinese team develops EV powered solely by solar energy appeared first on CnEVPost. For more articles, please visit CnEVPost. Industry Solar Power

Cox Automotive sales report optimistic about current car market


Despite constant media attention on recessions and or other poor market behavior, some indicators show that the automotive sales market remains fairly strong.

EV myths busted: The most common electric vehicle misconceptions

Drive Electric

Electric vehicles are more popular in New Zealand than ever! With increasing numbers of car manufacturers introducing electric models and the launch of the Clean Car Discount in 2022, EVs are now a common sight on our roads. However, there are still plenty of misconceptions about electric vehicles.

VW breaks ground on new battery factory, will invest €20b into “PowerCo” spinoff


VW has announced another big battery investment, this time committing €20 billion to battery production through 2030 with a new battery production spinoff named “PowerCo.”.

Researchers examine deep sea mining for rare earth elements

Innovation News Network

Researchers examine the new possibility of deep sea mining for rare earth elements to combat supply chain vulnerabilities. Rare earth elements (REEs), such as lanthanum and cerium, are vital components in many everyday and emerging technologies, including smartphones and clean energy.

Want to downsize a car but not ready for a bicycle? Here’s why you need a seated electric scooter


Gas prices are ridiculously high and they just keep climbing. Your car isn’t getting any cheaper, but buying a new electric car also isn’t in your budget (and let’s face it, putting one more car on the roads isn’t helping anyone either).

Elon Musk is raising awareness about birthrate decline


Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has said many times that he loves humanity. So it’s not surprising that he is concerned about the low birthrate. Eight billion people may seem like a lot but Elon Musk is right in his concerns.

VW adding more banks to Porsche IPO

Baua Electric

Volkswagen Group has added a slew of additional underwriters as it pushes ahead with the planned initial public offering of its Porsche sports car unit, people with knowledge of the. Read more. The post VW adding more banks to Porsche IPO appeared first on Bauaelectric Auto News.