Fri.Oct 07, 2022

Honda reveals styling of new Prologue battery-electric SUV; new CR-V hybrid to be gateway vehicle

Green Car Congress

Honda has provided the first look at the exterior and interior styling of the all-new Honda Prologue battery-electric SUV that will come to market in North America in 2024. The Prologue design features clean and simple "Neo-Rugged" exterior and interior styling and ample interior space.

Honda 343

NIO explains why ES7 renamed as EL7 in Europe

CN EV Post

Considering the potentially prolonged litigation with Audi, NIO has decided to use the EL7 model name in Europe for now in order to avoid affecting the interests of customers in Europe. The post NIO explains why ES7 renamed as EL7 in Europe appeared first on CnEVPost.

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GM Defense to develop battery pack prototype for Department of Defense

Green Car Congress

GM Defense, a subsidiary of General Motors, was selected by the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to develop a battery pack prototype for testing and analysis on Department of Defense platforms.

GM 327

Honda reveals size of 2024 Prologue EV, plan to prioritize CR-V Hybrid drivers

Green Car Reports

Honda on Thursday provided the closest look yet at its 2024 Prologue electric SUV, and revealed details about its size and rollout plans.

SUV 101

Electra raises $85M to advance Low-Temperature Iron process; electrochemical refining at 60?C

Green Car Congress

Electra has raised $85 million to produce Low-Temperature Iron (LTI) from commercial and low-grade ores using zero-carbon intermittent electricity.

Boston 305

Honda Prologue EV details, Tesla Semi and Megachargers, PHEVs vs. hybrids: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Plug-in hybrids aren’t the dollars-and-cents no-brainer vs. hybrids anymore, due to the revamped EV tax credit. Honda provides a closer look at its upcoming electric SUV. And will Tesla Megachargers be popping up everywhere now that the Semi is being delivered?

Volvo will supply 20 heavy-duty electric trucks to Amazon in Germany

Green Car Congress

Volvo Trucks will deliver fully electric heavy-duty trucks to Amazon in Germany by year end. The 20 Volvo FH Electric are expected to drive more than one million road kilometers annually. For Amazon, the trucks will play a key role in electrification of longer distances and heavier loads.

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ZeroAvia acquires high-temperature PEM fuel cell company HyPoint

Green Car Congress

UK-based ZeroAvia, a developer of zero-emission solutions for commercial aviation, acquired in full the high-temperature PEM (HTPEM) fuel cell stack innovator HyPoint. Earlier post.) The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. HyPoint’s core innovation is a new turbo air-cooling architecture.

Global opportunities for Argentina’s lithium industry

Innovation News Network

The Wilson Center’s Benjamin Gedan and Sofía Schuchner explore the challenges and opportunities for Argentina’s lithium industry. The post Global opportunities for Argentina’s lithium industry appeared first on Innovation News Network.

New Toyota Highlander turbocharged engine offers more torque and fewer emissions

Green Car Congress

The 2023 Toyota Highlander gas models are equipped with a new, higher-torque, high-efficiency turbocharged engine. The 265-horsepower, 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, which uses balance shafts for super-smooth performance, delivers 310 lb-ft (420 N·m) of torque.

US Department of Defense embracing electric military vehicles using GM’s Ultium Platform


Tactical military vehicles are about to get an electric upgrade. GM Defense, a business unit of General Motors focusing on advanced defense mobility needs, was selected by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to develop a battery pack that can be used for functional electric military vehicles. more….

Vitesco lands battery management systems orders worth more than €2B

Green Car Congress

Vitesco Technologies has recently won several orders worth more than €2 billion for its Battery Management Systems (BMS). One of Vitesco Technologies’ significant contracts will deliver already a wireless communication version of the battery control units for 400V and 800V BEV architecture.

Global warming is likely to blame for increased ocean temperatures

Innovation News Network

A new study has revealed that increased ocean temperatures have likely been caused by global warming as a result of industrialisation. The post Global warming is likely to blame for increased ocean temperatures appeared first on Innovation News Network. Environment Climate Change Earth Observation

Volvo Penta & CMB.TECH expand partnership on dual-fuel hydrogen engines

Green Car Congress

Building on a successful collaboration, Volvo Penta and CMB.TECH are expanding their collaboration to accelerate the development of dual-fuel hydrogen-powered solutions for both on land and at sea applications.

PepsiCo. confirms it will receive Tesla Semi truck on Dec. 1 at two facilities


PepsiCo. confirmed this morning that it is set to receive the Tesla’s electric Semi truck on December 1 at two of its California facilities. “ We can confirm our first electric Tesla Semis Dec.

Vitesco joins Catena-X network

Green Car Congress

Vitesco Technologies, a leading international supplier of advanced drive technologies and solutions for e-mobility has joined the Catena-X Automotive Network. Catena-X , founded in 2021, is the first comprehensive, collaborative and open data ecosystem along the entire automotive value chain.

Caterpillar unveils EVs coming to the construction site


Caterpillar has unveiled four new “electric machine prototypes” they will be showing later this month in Munich, Germany. Construction sites are dominated by diesel-powered machinery; excavators, front-end loaders, trucks, you name it.

Zerova unveils 480 kW charger prototype

Green Car Congress

Zerova unveiled an EV charger with an output of up to 480 kW. The new solution will be able to charge four cars at the same time and will be able to fully charge a vehicle in 10 minutes, and provide 150 km (93 miles) of range in less than five minutes. The 4th Generation Four Gun Charger can be used for both passenger and commercial vehicles, and supports the major charging standards CCS-1, CCS-2, CHAdeMO, and GB.

Tesla’s Elon Musk shares ideas on how the Cybertruck’s “Boat Mode” can work


Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently provided some insights on how the Cybertruck’s planned “Boat Mode” might work. Musk’s suggestions were actually practical, making the idea of a seafaring Cybertruck sound quite feasible.


TRB releases new report identifying deficiencies impacting e-scooter rider safety

Green Car Congress

A new research report released by the Transportation Research Board (TRB), E-scooter Safety: Issues and Solutions , finds that amid a rapid rise in the use and prevalence of electric scooters (e-scooters) on US roads and sidewalks, more must be done to address regulatory, infrastructure and educational deficiencies that are putting riders at risk.

IDRA finishes 9,000-ton Giga Press; Tesla expecting it any day now


IDRA Group announced that it has finished building and testing the 9,000-ton Giga Press that will be used to build Tesla’s Cybertruck. In May, IDRA shared a video detailing the assembly of the massive machine.

Johnson Matthey signs its first fuel cell recycling contract in China

Green Car Congress

Johnson Matthey (JM) has begun fuel cell recycling in China. Located in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province, the plant is refining and recycling the platinum group metal content from membrane electrode assemblies (MEA), a key component of an automotive fuel cell, from Unilia, a leading provider of fuel cell stack technology.

China 150

The world’s largest offshore wind farm is going to get even larger


There are plans in place to develop the UK’s Dogger Bank offshore wind farm in three phases: A, B, and C. It will become the world’s largest offshore wind farm upon completion, with an installed capacity of 3.6 gigawatts (GW).

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Tesla fills up Shanghai South Port Terminal with vehicles amid Q4 export push


The fourth quarter is only a few weeks in, but Tesla China already seems busy exporting vehicles from Gigafactory Shanghai. This is hinted at in recent drone flyovers of the Shanghai South Port Terminal, which has been filling up with Teslas since the quarter started.

China 83

Porsche valuation usurps former parent VW Group as most valuable automaker in Europe


A week after a successful public listing, ringing the bell at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as Europe’s largest IPO by market capitalization, Porsche Group can add another title to its trophy case.

NIO brings its EVs to 4 additional European countries with business model completely different from in China

CN EV Post

NIO introduced three of its latest models -- the ET7, EL7 and ET5 -- to European consumers, but the model that only allows leasing rather than buying has generated a lot of discussions.

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Tesla briefly leaked all upcoming Supercharger locations


Tesla appears to have accidentally leaked all the upcoming Supercharger locations around the world, but it fixed the issue. more…. The post Tesla briefly leaked all upcoming Supercharger locations appeared first on Electrek.

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Starlink support for Ukraine will exceed $100M by end of year


Starlink support for Ukraine will exceed $100 million by the end of the year, Elon Musk said earlier today. The SpaceX CEO’s response was to an article by Financial Times that claimed that the Starlink terminals and services were paid for.

Automaker behind internal combustion engine start says buyers will switch to luxury EVs, good for business


Mercedes-Benz , the German automaker known for pioneering the internal combustion engine, says electric vehicles will be the dominant car on the road, particularly luxury EVs. The automaker’s CEO says he sees the switch to luxury EVs happening step-by-step within this decade. more….

Ford pauses Mustang Mach-E ‘Select’ trim orders due to demand


Ford’s website no longer lists the base Ford Mustang Mach-E’ Select’ trim on its configurator following high demand for the electric SUV. For those looking to purchase a Ford Mustang Mach-E, you may be disappointed to learn that the base model trim is no longer available for order.

Ford 83

BILITI’s 3-wheeled electric delivery vans heading to the continent that needs them most


BILITI Electric has teamed up with e-commerce company JUMIA to deploy its three-wheeled electric vans for parcel delivery. more…. The post BILITI’s 3-wheeled electric delivery vans heading to the continent that needs them most appeared first on Electrek.

India expands electric bus fleet nationally


India is vastly improving its public transportation offerings with 5,000 new electric buses deployed nationally. Switch Mobility and Chalo (India’s most prominent transport tech company) are partnering to deploy 5,000 Switch electric buses throughout India to improve public transportation.

India 82

Podcast: Elon Musk’s Twitter deal, Tesla Bot, Dojo, Tesla Semi, and more


This week on the Electrek Podcast , we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy. This week, we discussed Elon Musk’s Twitter deal and how it is affecting Tesla, Tesla Bot, Dojo, Tesla Semi production, and more. more….

Indian carmakers set to propose import duty rollback, but Tesla will miss out


Indian automakers are finally set on proposing the idea of budging on import duties that would allow foreign automakers to sell cars in the market for a reduced tax. However, the deal is being used as a part of a potential trade deal with Britain, which would not help Tesla finally enter the market.

This is how government overreach could bring the US solar industry to its knees


The Solar Energy Industries Association, the nonprofit trade association of the US solar industry, just flagged a proposed change to the 2024 International Building Code by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that would do more harm than good to the US solar industry. more….

Rivian recalls almost 13,000 vehicles, emphasizes safety as top priority


Rivian is recalling around 13,000 vehicles after discovering a minor structural defect, Bloomberg reported. In a letter to customers, CEO RJ Scaringe said that the recall was because a fastener “may not have been sufficiently torqued.

Polestar (PSNY) has delivered 30K EVs in 2022 so far, but plans to send another 20K deliveries in Q4 alone


About a month before it releases its full financial report for Q3 2022, Polestar has shared some of its global volumes to date, including deliveries.

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