Fri.Oct 05, 2018

Harvard team finds large-scale US wind power would cause warming that would take roughly a century to offset

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All large-scale energy systems have environmental impacts, and the ability to compare the impacts of renewable energy sources is an important step in planning a future without coal or gas power.

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VW confirms it’s planning for solid-state batteries by 2025

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Solid-state batteries sometimes sound a bit like the missing link that would punt electric vehicles soundly into mainstream acceptance. The list of potential virtues for solid-state tech, which would replace the polymer/gel electrolyte commonly used in lithium-ion cells with a solid one, is impressive: a longer driving range; smaller packaging; Batteries battery pack solid-state cell

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IEA: Petrochemicals set to be the largest driver of world oil demand

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Consumer Reports ranks Tesla Autopilot second among self-driving systems

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In the latest ranking of automaker self-driving systems, Tesla's popular Autopilot system ranked second to Cadillac's Super Cruise system. The ratings come from Consumer Reports, which tested the cars on its test track and on local highways, in both lead and following positions. The organization rated the systems on their capability and ease of. self-driving cars

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Audi unveils e-tron FE05 for new Formula E season

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Audi unveiled the newly developed Audi e-tron FE05 for the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. Because of the new electric racers’ greater range, the drivers will compete with only one race car for the first time.

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Electric cars are clean, but can they be profitable? New report casts doubt

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A flood of new electric-car models is washing into the market in the next year as automakers scramble to meet regulatory demands for electric cars around the world—not to mention scrambling to compete with Tesla. The challenge, as with Tesla, is whether they can sell those cars at a profit. A new report by AlixPartners, a worldwide business

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Zunum Aero selects Safran turbine for hybrid electric commercial aircraft

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Boeing- and JetBlue-backed Zunum Aero has selected Safran Helicopter Engines as the turbine provider for its hybrid electric commercial aircraft, which will be available in the early 2020s. Earlier post.)

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Volkswagen intends sales of 150K e-cars by 2020; 100K ID, ID SUV; >1M in 2025; more on MEB

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Volkswagen intends to sell 150,000 e-cars—of which 100,000 will be the ID and ID SUV—by 2020, according to Thomas Ulbrich, Member of the Volkswagen Brand Board of Management, E-Mobility division. As one point of comparison, customers bought 54,451 Nissan LEAFs EVs in fiscal year 2017—a 15% increase from 47,423 a year earlier. Speeding up the shift to e-mobility will help us to meet the extremely ambitious CO 2 targets that have been set in Europe, China and the USA.

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One size won't fit all for future Kia EVs

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For an automaker that’s pitching itself toward the fun side of the Hyundai Motor Group, the tone for the automaker’s sizable electric push soon sounds altogether like pants. “It’s all about what fits,” said Michael Winkler, director of powertrains for Kia in Europe. By the end of next year, Kia will offer in the U.S. Plug-In Hybrids

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Colour guide: How much difference does colour make to a Mercedes C-Class?

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Colour guide: How much difference does colour make to a Mercedes C-Class

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Tesla Autopilot, VW solid-state batteries, and Kia electric cars: Today's Car News

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The Tesla Autopilot system gets outranked by a rival. VW confirms plans for solid-state batteries. Future Kia electric cars are about what fits the market. Volvo's parent company is reportedly in talks with Toyota over hybrid systems. And will electric cars hurt automaker profitability? All of this and more on Green Car Reports. Tesla's Autopilot

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Revitalised Aston Martin aims to leave investors neither shaken nor stirred

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The name’s bond, share bond… and that’s enough of the poor Sean Connery impressions, so let’s get down to thinking about Aston Martin’s initial public offering (IPO

Audi A1 revealed in Paris: Offers subtly retro looks with modern performance

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Since its debut in 2010, the compact Audi A1 has been a big success for the brand

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Weekly Wheelspin: Paris pizazz, the best of Bond and a green-fingered motorist comes a cropper

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It’s been a busy week for the news desk here at, with the Paris Motor Show taking up most of our time over the last few days

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