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Study links carbon fiber microstructure to Li insertion mechanism in structural batteries

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Carbon fibers have already beeen demonstrated as high-capacity Li-ion battery anodes, opening the way for their use as structural electrodes—i.e., simultaneously carrying mechanical load and storing electrical energy.

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Octogenarian Senator DiFi Dodges & Hides As She Proves She Doesn’t Give A S**t About Californians #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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2018 142

Graforce plasma electrolysis for efficient generation of hydrogen from industrial waste water; partnering with Audi

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Berlin-based Graforce Hydro GmbH, the developer of a plasma electrolyzer—the Plasmalyzer —is applying its technology for the highly efficient generation of hydrogen from industrial waste water.

2018 118

Google Maps adds electric-car charging locations

Green Car Reports

In a banner day for electric-car drivers, Google announced on Wednesday that it will add electric-car charging stations to Google Maps. The app will now show Tesla Supercharging stations as well as ChargePoint, EVgo, Blink, and SemaConnect networks in the U.S. as well as networks in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. It will not include. Charging Networks

Daimler Financial Services makes strategic investment in Soul Machines; artificial and emotional intelligence

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Daimler Financial Services, the financial and mobility services arem of Daimler AG, has made a strategic investment in Soul Machines—a New Zealand company re-imagining how humans connect with machines—further to develop the combined use of artificial and emotional intelligence.

2018 106

BMW i4 will resemble 4-Series Grand Coupe–with big battery

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BMW plans to launch perhaps its most mainstream electric car, the i4, in 2021, about a year after the iX3 electric crossover utility goes on sale. BMW chairman Harald Krüger told British auto magazine Auto Express that the long-awaited i4 will be treated as a variant of the company's 4-series Gran Coupe, a mid-size 4-door hatchback similar in. Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

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Lower-cost Tesla Model 3: Does 260 miles, $45K before incentives split the difference?

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Those who’ve waited faithfully for the more affordable $35,000 version of the Tesla Model 3 to be built could finally get what they’ve been wanting soon—especially if they live in California, don’t mind a little more battery than what they’d planned for, and are okay with a creative view on the bottom-line numbers

2018 85

China-based autonomous driving company Momenta receives a new round of funding at a valuation over $1B

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Momenta , a China-based autonomous driving company, has secured a new round of funding from industry-leading strategic investors and government funds at a valuation north of $1 billion, making Momenta the first autonomous driving unicorn company in China. Existing investor NIO Capital and Pagoda Investment increased their investments. Strategic investors, including Tencent, government funds from Shanghai and Suzhou, China Merchants Group, and CCB International participated in this round.

2018 82

2019 Jaguar I-Pace gets official range, MPGe ratings

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Now that it has finally delivered the first retail example of its I-Pace, Jaguar has released official range and MPGe estimates for this new luxurious electric crossover. As we reported on Monday, the I-Pace is rated at 234 miles of range, a little short of the 240 that Jaguar indicated it was aiming for in earlier press drives. For comparison. Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

2018 84

Volvo Group detects premature degradation of NOx emissions control component; in talks with EPA, CARB

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The Volvo Group—a global manufacturer of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines, but not Volvo Cars—has reported that it has detected that an emissions control component used in certain markets is degrading more quickly than expected, which could cause the engines to exceed emissions limits for nitrogen oxides (NO x ).

2018 74

2020 BMW i4, Google Maps chargers, Jaguar I-Pace efficiency, Tesla factory: Today's Car News

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Tesla acquires land in Shanghai. Jaguar releases MPGe and range numbers for its new I-Pace electric crossover. Google Maps adds electric-car charging locations. And BMW reveals details of its upcoming electric i4. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Tesla announced it has now acquired the land in Shanghai to build its long-awaited second. Google Maps

Have you ever done the ‘Dutch reach’? It could save someone’s life…

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Ever heard of the ‘Dutch reach’? Well, considering it’s going to be promoted in the Highway Code, it’s probably not what you’re thinking

2018 60

Tesla secures site for Chinese factory

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In the midst of escalating trade wars, Tesla is moving ahead with its plans to build a factory in China. The company announced on Wednesday that it signed a "land transfer" agreement with the Shanghai government for a 212-acre plot to build its proposed Chinese factory. The land transfer agreement opens the way for Tesla to start construction on. China Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

2018 78

Review: Abarth 595 2018

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The Fiat 500 remains extremely popular, even after 10 years on the market

2018 47

Don’t doze and drive: Drivers are dangerously confused by autonomy, says Thatcham

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It’s pretty safe to say some form of fully autonomous vehicle will make it on to the UK’s road network in the not-too-far-away future

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