Mon.May 18, 2020

HydroWing, Tocardo partner on production of hydrogen from tidal power

Green Car Congress

HydroWing, in partnership with Tocardo, introduced the THyPSO (Tidal Hydrogen production, Storage and Offtake), a concept that creates green hydrogen from the sea, contributing to the wider global decarbonization of energy systems.

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Very fast electric-car charging will require a new generation of cables?and cable cooling

Green Car Reports

As onboard chargers and DC fast-charging stations get more powerful, cables could become the limiting factor in electric-car charging speed. Supplier Huber+Suhner has developed a next-generation cable that should enable faster charging.

2020 111

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Groupe Renault working on ~20 blockchain projects

Green Car Congress

Groupe Renault has identified some 20 projects to deploy blockchain technology. These projects concern, in particular, the traceability of financial transactions and communication with equipment manufacturers and the sales network. Some of these will be deployed soon.

2020 129

2021 Toyota Sienna minivan goes all-hybrid

Green Car Reports

The idea of minivans at the center of American suburban life is as obsolete as video-rental stores or answering machines.

2020 91

Osaka researchers find formate dehydrogenase reduces CO2 directly to formic acid

Green Car Congress

Professor Yutaka Amao of the Osaka City University Artificial Photosynthesis Research Center and Ryohei Sato, a 1 st year Ph.D. student of the Graduate School of Science, have shown that the catalyst formate dehydrogenase reduces carbon dioxide directly to formic acid.

2020 116

2021 Toyota Venza is hybrid-only, and an urbane alternative to the RAV4

Green Car Reports

Toyota was going to do it eventually. The carmaker announced in 2017 that, by 2025, every one of its vehicles will have an “electrified” option—almost inevitably a hybrid version, in Toyota’s EV-resistant parlance.

2020 91

Researchers show coordination polymer glass membranes can produce as much energy as liquid-based counterparts in fuel cells

Green Car Congress

Scientists at Kyoto University’s Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS) have developed a new coordination polymer glass membrane for hydrogen fuel cells that works just as well as its liquid counterparts with added strength and flexibility.

2020 112

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Tritec Marine and Stena collaborate on new LNG bunker concept: SAFE Bunker

Green Car Congress

Tritec Marine and Stena LNG have collaborated to create the innovative SAFE Bunker concept. SAFE Bunker is an LNG bunker/feeder vessel of payload capacity of 7,500 m 3 with 2C type tanks and offsets accommodation.

2020 88

All-hybrid Toyotas, Lightyear One solar roof, cooler charging cables: Today?s Car News

Green Car Reports

Toyota has introduced new versions of the Venza utility vehicle and Sienna minivan, and they’re hybrid exclusive this time. The Lightyear One is one step closer with a production deal for its solar roof. And new high-power charging cables can handle more miles per minute and keep cool.

2020 80

Guidehouse Insights: blockchain-based EV charging & grid integration market to show 78% CAGR from 2020-2029

Green Car Congress

A new report from Guidehouse Insights provides forecasts for blockchain-enabled charging hardware deployment, electricity demand from blockchain-based platforms, and revenue from electric vehicle (EV) charging and integration applications through 2029. Traditional energy stakeholders increasingly are experimenting with blockchain technology.

2020 78

Driving after lockdown: It’s probably time you learned the ‘Dutch Reach’?

Green Cars News

Ever heard of the ‘Dutch Reach’? No, it’s not a way of hugging while still avoiding social distancing

2020 62

US DOE launches $230M Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has launched the Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program (ARDP) within the Office of Nuclear Energy (NE). ARDP is designed to help domestic private industry demonstrate advanced nuclear reactors in the United States. For the Fiscal Year 2020 budget, Congress appropriated $230 million to start a new demonstration program for advanced reactors.

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New ‘faster’ Volkswagen Golf GTI roaring its way here

Green Cars News

Volkswagen has promised the new Golf GTI will be faster and more digitally focused than its predecessor

2020 52