Mon.Apr 06, 2020

Enovix raises $45M; working to develop its 3D Silicon Lithium-ion technology for EV market

Green Car Congress

Enovix Corporation has secured $45 million in new funds to produce and commercialize its 3D Silicon Lithium-ion Battery. The funding sources include a major new strategic investor, current investors (including T. Rodgers and York Capital), and non-dilutive funding from market-leading customers.

2020 336

Future Hyundai electric cars might clean the air while they charge

Green Car Reports

Electric cars produce no "tailpipe" emissions, but what if they could also help clean up existing air pollution? The Hyundai Prophecy concept shows a way for future electric cars to gain that ability.

2020 100

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Photocatalytic optical fibers convert water into hydrogen

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of Southampton have transformed optical fibers into photocatalytic microreactors that convert water into hydrogen fuel using solar energy.

2020 307

McLaren plug-in hybrid sports car could have 20-mile electric range, arrives late 2020

Green Car Reports

A McLaren plug-in hybrid sports car with 20 miles of electric range could arrive later this year, according to Autocar magazine. The sports car, which is expected to sit on a lower rung of the McLaren lineup, will debut this summer, with first deliveries later in the year, according to the report.

2020 88

Aalborg U study finds biogas and biomethane reduce dry biomass consumption by up to 16%

Green Car Congress

Replacing dry biomass-derived fuels with biogas and biogas-derived fuels in certain sectors of the energy system can reduce dry biomass consumption by up to 16% when used for power, heat or industrial sectors, according to a new study by researchers By Aalborg University in Denmark.

2020 292

Gas prices continue to drop with demand, amid uncertainty over oil supply

Green Car Reports

As the COVID-19 pandemic flared in some U.S. cities and stay-at-home orders applied to the vast majority of the nation last week, it’s not surprising that a lack of demand and a glut of supply continued to drive gas prices downward.

2020 86

Fortescue and ATCO to explore the deployment of hydrogen vehicle fueling infrastructure in W Australia; renewable H2

Green Car Congress

Fortescue Metals Group and ATCO Australia have signed an agreement to explore the deployment of hydrogen vehicle fueling infrastructure in Western Australia.

2020 227

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Toyota establishes Toyota Green Energy to conduct renewable energy power generation business

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation, Chubu Electric Power Co., and Toyota Tsusho Corporation agreed to establish Toyota Green Energy LLP for the purposes of obtaining and managing renewable energy sources in Japan and supplying electric power from renewable energy sources to the Toyota Group in the future.

2020 212

The top ten best road trip movies

Green Cars News

Life is about the journey, not the destination

2020 46

Skoltech researchers develop titanium fluoride phosphate cathode material for potassium-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

Researchers from the Skoltech Center for Energy Science and Technology (CEST) in Russia have developed a new cathode material based on titanium fluoride phosphate which enabled achieving superior energy performance and stable operation at high discharge currents in potassium-ion batteries.

2020 209

Coronavirus: Showroom shutdown sees UK new car market down 44%

Green Cars News

UK new car registrations fell by almost half (44.4%) in March as the coronavirus crisis caused showrooms to close for a large portion of the month

2020 32

Ricardo report analyzes global development of high voltage fast charging for EVs

Green Car Congress

A new report published by Ricardo highlights the rapidly changing landscape for fast-charging electric vehicles, and the implications for vehicle makers, supply chains, charging infrastructure providers and equipment manufacturers.

2020 170