Sun.Feb 17, 2019

Siloxene as promising silicon intercalation anode for Li-, Na- and K-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

Researchers in France have shown the versatility of siloxene, a 2D silicon structure (Si 6 O 3 H 6 ), as an anode material for Li-, Na- and K-ion batteries.

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2021 Ford Mach E: What we know about 300-mile electric SUV

Green Car Reports

Grab some of the pony-car attitude and affordability of the Ford Mustang. Put it into a fully electric vehicle that channels some of what makes the Tesla Model 3 Performance so much in demand, versus other EVs. Support it and nurture it. On a much-simplified level, that’s the recipe behind Ford’s electric vehicle project, which will. Mach 1

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ITA: Tin in Li-ion batteries could represent significant new use

Green Car Congress

The International Tin Association (ITA) released a new report detailing its latest research on potential new market opportunities for tin in lithium-ion batteries. ITA concluded that if tin does gain market share, lithium-ion batteries could grow to represent a significant new tin use in the 2025-2030 timescale—up to 60,000 tonnes per year by 2030.

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A brief history of… Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Green Cars News

Like so many 21-year olds, the Mercedes A-Class has been through several trials and tribulations to emerge as the very rounded machine it is today

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2019 Ford Focus ST gets power boost

Green Cars News

An all-new Ford Focus ST has been revealed and is set to arrive in summer

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