Sat.Aug 11, 2018

Saturday August 11 2018

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ABI Research forecasts EV mileage share to exceed 20% by 2030, driven by car-sharing fleets

Green Car Congress

A new report by ABI research forecasts that a proportionately higher uptake of EVs in car-sharing fleets, and the higher utilization rates of those EVs, will result in global electric mileage share to exceed 20% by 2030. While consumer adoption of EVs continues to disappoint with only 2% of all vehicles shipping in 2018 expected to be electric, city governments are increasingly becoming aware of their benefits in terms of sustainability, reduced environmental impact, and improved air quality.

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Taking Tesla private, Autopilot testing, Mazda CX-5 diesel, Nissan Leaf batteries: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

Which company got a new diesel approved for U.S. What new feature did the IIHS test? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending Aug. 10, 2018. Friday, we reported on the IIHS tests of self-driving systems, including two versions of Autopilot in two different Teslas. It found. Elon Musk

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